The Cardas Headphone cable was developed specifically for Sennheiser HD-650, HD-600 and HD-580...

Cardas Sennheiser Replacement Cable For HD580, HD600 & HD650

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  • The Cardas Headphone cable was developed specifically for Sennheiser HD-650, HD-600 and HD-580 headphones. It is a shielded, lightweight, flexible, 4 conductor, design.

    It has a Cardas, 1/4 inch stereo phono plug and custom molded headphone plugs which eliminate four soldered connections found in other replacement cables.

    Two types of wiring configurations are available, the standard 1/4" or balanced. They are available in three lengths, 10', 15' and 20'.

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  1. jchandler3
    "Pricey but top notch"
    I'm not big into cables making a huge difference. I feel like, more than any element of audiophilia, the differences can easily be mental and not really there. However, I feel like this cable really brought out the best in my 650s. The thickness and durability is great and I love that I bought a lengthy cable. 
    It might not be worth it to everyone, but it was for me. No regrets.
  2. alexdemaet
    "Cardas Sennheiser upgrade HD650 cable"
    Cardas cables have a good value for the price.
    I can't remember really how they sound anymore since I sold them a couple of years ago.
  3. Sam-Fi
    "Improvements for the HD600"
    Pros - HD600 became more balanced and overall audiophile improvement. Awesome build quality.
    Cons - Ultimitly power cables made more of a difference and I sold it
    This cable improves the extension in both the treble and the bass and gives the whole spectrum a balance reminiscent of Beyerdynamic T1s. The Midrange becomes sweet and tones seem to take on a hue that serves to almost always improve the music. Grain seems to disappear, though transparency is only a little improved. The bass seemed to get deeper and also improved in tone.
    Overall a big improvement in audiophile qualities in the music.

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