Campfire Audio Lyra II

General Information

This is my third set of Campfire Audio IEM's and probably the most surprising. The Lyra II's are very comfortable and when used with the pictured Ortofon silicone tips, product very pronounced bass. The bass was good with the standard tips that come with the Lyra II, but is amazing using the Ortofon's.


Nice! I use Azla Sedna Ear Fit tips, with my Lrya II, and absolutely love these iems. Nice to see them still getting some recognition!
I really like them too. Never an impedance issue with any phone, computer or DAC. While I really like my Andromeda's as well, I do wonder if multi-BA driver IEM's are worth the proper source headache at times...
Interesting headphones with very comfortable sound. But sometimes lost details in Mid
I like them too...It is interesting headphones...I also i test the kisspods airpods pro from very comfortable