Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition Gold S/N - 0058

General Information

Had originally created this post thinking I could use it to sell, but have since realized I needed to do that elsewhere. These are great IEM's, but I am liking the 2019 OG's a little better.


How are the extra 2 drivers sounding differently to the OG?
They actually have a lot of sub-bass. I like that, but the OG's are more balanced to my ears.
I didn't realize I could not sell these here. I needed to generate more content apparently and will be doing so now.
Do you feel like there’s as much air/soundstage without the crossover? I was really curious about these vs the Solaris
I think there is just as much air, but the slightly more U-shaped sound signature may mask some of that on certain tracks. For me, the green Andro's have a perfect balance of air and a fairly flat signature. I would see if you could demo the Solaris first if you like the sound of a BA design like I do. My Lyra II's seemed to be somewhere in the middle between the gold and green with the signature, but the imaging and sound-stage was very different being a single dynamic design. One more comment on the gold's, they have the best low frequency response control I have ever heard in an IEM or even a headphone.