Cambridge - Sonata - CD30 - Compact CD Player - Black

General Information

The Cambridge Audio Sonata CD30 has been designed to offer truly uncompromising audiophile quality audio in a small, convenient and stylish package. In a world of bulky, full-size audio gear, the compact CD30 is a true gem. And it perfectly matches the dimensions of the Sonata AV receiver and DVD player. The audio circuitry draws on all of Cambridge Audio's previous experience and features high quality components throughout. The S/PDIF coaxial and Toslink digital outputs give you the kind of connection options you usually only find with full-size audio gear. The audiophile CD30 player features an entirely new servo transport solution providing the ultimate platform for which Cambridge Audio is renowned and shuns the DVD-ROM derived design commonplace in this category. The CD30 uses a high grade WM8716 DAC from renowned manufacturer Wolfson for sensational sound and stereo imaging. The slim-line navigator style Azur remote control and easy-to-read front-panel Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) makes operation especially friendly. For added convenience, the CD30 switches on automatically when the CD source is selected from the matching Sonata receiver. Not only does Sonata perform superbly, but it also looks absolutely fantastic thanks to a stunning high-end brushed aluminum finish and is available in either black or silver. The stylish, custom designed metal chassis is only 10.6" wide, allowing the Sonata to fit in spaces that are too tight for full-width components. Under the hood, micro surface-mount circuit technology improves performance by reducing signal paths to the absolute minimum. This produces a highly detailed and rich soundstage. Sonata is ideal for any room in the home and will thrill you with its highly musical performance.


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