Cambridge Audio iD100 Digital iPod/iPad Dock, Black

General Information

The UK's favourite hi-fi brand has now turned its attention to the iPad and has engineered what it believes to be the most technologically advanced dock yet. The iD100 adds a huge leap in convenience to transform the iPad into a true audiophile device as well as delivering epic results from the iPhone and iPod. Taking a digital audio feed revolutionises what's possible from an iPad and the iD100's carefully considered design allows maximum extraction of every last drop of data from the world's favourite tablet. Supporting all Apple file types including lossless, bit-perfect low jitter digital data is then fed to an external DAC (such as Cambridge Audio's DacMagic) or AV Receiver using its digital input for the best possible digital to analogue conversion. It's not just about music either, the iD100 is designed to support the growing number of users who store or stream video on their devices allowing enjoyment of portable content like YouTube, iTunes, iPlayer and much more on the big screen. And as listening shifts from stored to streaming services, the iD100 maximises the quality of music streaming Apps like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, Last FM and others. For the ultimate in convenience, the iD100 is supplied with a full remote enabling armchair control of iPod content, activation of iTunes syncing and even charging of the connected iPhone, iPod or iPad. By switching off charging, any possible interference between the Apple device and hi-fi system is completely eliminated. Like all Cambridge Audio designs, the iD100 is an object lesson in design simplicity. Constructed from solid aluminium and available in elegant black or silver finishes, the iD100 will be right at home within any home entertainment system and is designed to complement other Cambridge Audio products. The iD100 can accommodate virtually any iPod, iPhone or iPad. It also features an environmentally friendly low power (<1w) standby circuit.


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