Cambridge Audio - 650C - CD Player - Black

General Information

It takes CD performance to new heights at anywhere near the price. The Cambridge Audio Azur 650C optimizes a pair of WM8740 24-bit, 192 kHz-capable DACs implemented in a dual differential configuration. Since each channel has its own DAC to process information, completely separate and symmetrical analog filter circuitry can be implemented for excellent imaging. The 650C also features the sophisticated Four-Pole Dual Differential Double Virtual Earth Balanced version of this filter resulting in an incredibly low noise floor, barely measurable distortion and ultimately unprecedented levels of performance. After extensive listening tests, Cambridge Audio's engineers decided that it was possible to raise the performance of the trusted Wolfson WM8740 DAC to even greater levels, So this legendary 24-bit, 192 kHz-capable DAC proudly features once again. But now, it's been coupled to a new version of Cambridge Audio's proprietary Double Virtual Earth Balanced filter topology with Bessel Coefficients resulting in even greater musicality. These Wolfson DACs also feature a selectable digital filter with two settings, enabling you to tailor output to best match your taste. But arguably the most important development is the introduction of an entirely new in-house designed servo solution. Whereas many 'comparable' CD players utilize an inferior CD/DVD-ROM derived drive, the 650C takes full advantage of Cambridge Audio's audio-only, CD transport which is coupled to a new highly sophisticated S3 Custom CD Servo. This third generation audiophile servo employs an all-new chipset and the latest double-sided surface-mount technology for ultra short signal paths with freedom from wire links. The net result gives the 650C extraordinary ability to retrieve maximum digital information while maintaining extremely low jitter, quashing the digital noise that affects your listening pleasure.


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