C&C X02

General Information

C & C XO2 Features:
1. Professional design, suitable for driving low-impedance headphones high school;
2. With high and low impedance selector switch, gain selector switch, to adapt to a wider range;
3. No channel input and output coupling capacitor, a wider frequency response;
4. Special compensation for more perfect sound, low dive + sound field expansion of compensation to close the compensation, is a wide adaptability of high-fidelity headphone amplifier;
5. In parallel with multiple power tube output stage, the output impedance is low, control and strong. High-impedance state to start boost circuit, the output distortion with high voltage and high impedance headphones to meet the demand-driven;
6. The volume of imported high-quality potentiometer fever potential, ensure sound quality;
7. High-performance lithium polymer battery, with full protection;
8. Built-in smart charging circuit voltage can be while listening to music while charging;
9. Large reservoirs + and more ultra-low resistance solid capacitor decoupling design, power is more pure.
10. Maximum output power: 1000mW +1000 mW;
11. Headphone Adapter Impedance: 8-600Ω;
12. THD + N (total harmonic distortion plus noise): less than 0.01%;
13. Frequency response :0-100kHz / 1dB;
14. Long life: 70 hours low resistance, high resistance 18 hours;
15. Pocket size, Size: 91 * 70 * 22mm (aluminum housing);
16. Weight (including batteries): 150g;
17. Power :100-240V, 50/60Hz; 10V DC.


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