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Burson V5i-D (not a) Review
Pros: Clarity
Richness of sound
Cons: Price
How to describe sound? It is a wave, a vibration of infinite particles in the air. Simple and still so complicated. It takes years to find your own perfect 'sound', and even then it is only the beginning. There is always something else - it never ends and never let's you go.

Now, for this little exercise of thought, imagine the little stage and a four piece band playing on it. You walk in to this space and sit down. You have been here many times before, and know how the band suppose to sound - which seat to take to get the most out of the performance. You have been here before.

But this time something has changed, and you can't really put your finger on it. What is it? You now close your eyes and start listening.

And you realise, that what ever it is, it opened up the sound, slightly pushing everyone on the imaginary stage further apart, giving them a little more air to breathe - guitars are noticeably sharper, the bass tighter. Then when the kickdrum rumbles in you feel the thumping harder and harder, making your heart beat faster and faster. And finally you are hit by a voice of a lead singer - crisper and more revealing than before - you can hear every little nuance in his voice , every breath that he takes before letting it all out.


A pitch black silence, that little break, like a crack in that wall of sound, makes you realise that this is it, the perfect performance and it is totally worth the price of admission. And then they start all over again.

To be continued..
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Cool first impressions thread. Will you be providing some comparisons to other common op-amp modules?


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