Burson Audio HA-160DS Headphone Amp / DAC with USB input

General Information

The HA-160D was built as an all in one machine that fits from a desktop audio setup to a full sized stereo system.. Since its introduction, audiophiles and magazine reviewers everywhere, appreciate it as a benchmark 3 in 1 performer, outgunning its competitors whose prices are much more expensive. Renowned reviewers, musicans and recording artists are using it to assist their creative work and are enjoying its sound everyday.
For headphone audiophiles however, the HA-160D has features that some may never use. Features such as its high end preamp, DAC output and multiple analogue inputs. We also understand that some head-fiers would like it to have a smaller footprint on the desk. Bearing this in mind we have introduced the HA-160DS. It is a streamlined version of HA-160D focused for the desktop head-fiers.

Compared to the HA-160D, the HA-160DS is 16% smaller in footprint and 35% lighter in weight. And with fewer features, it is more affordable. But it is in no way an inferior and cost focused product. It is simply a focused 2 in 1 machine that has all the performance and refinements expected from Burson Audio.

Its DAC is identical to that inside the HA-160D right down to each component used. The headphone is also identical to the HA-160 which we have been refining since 2009. We have also reduced the number of headphone outputs to one and used the best volume potentiometer we could find to ease control while preserving sonic quality. It is housed in a smaller but precision folded 4 mm aluminium casing that is elegant on any desk and works as a singular heat-sink for the entire machine. This case really puts the conventional 1 mm folded steel case to shame.


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