BTG-Audio Midnight AKG cable

General Information

BTG-Audio is happy to offer the "Midnight" AKG Headphone cable.

Get a slick black cable that won't cramp the style of your pimpin' Q701's.

Beneath the smooth black sheen of the nylon sleeve is the heart of BTG-Audio, custom fabricated OFC wire. The wire is hand braided in a Milloit braid to help resist interference. The union between the nylon and wire creates this great cable that is soft and very durable. Like a commando kitten!

The AKG plug is Made in the USA with silver plated contacts.

Sleeve color is black, but other colors can be special ordered. [but then it's not a midnight cable :frowning2: ]

If you want something not listed, no problem! I can special order and custom fabricate anything! Get your fix of Viablue, Oyaide, Furutech, or anything else you can think of! Contact for custom orders.

Compatible with AKG:



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