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Brainwavz XL Gel Microsuede

  1. FireLion
    Brainwavz XL Gel Microsuede
    Written by FireLion
    Published Jul 20, 2019
    Pros - Tried and tested design with updated materials.
    *Exceptional Value
    *Thick hard hitting sound
    *Innovative use of materials
    *Large Range of materials to choose from if different sound signature is required
    Cons - *Not angled
    Microsuede Gel

    These are the latest take on the Brainwavz XL design which is a large round pad which uses memory foam and high quality materials. They have been made popular through Zeos Pantera's use of them on several headphones in his reviews and are ideal for headphones with round cups like the Superlux 669's, Modern Retro's all the way to AKG K7XX's.

    Here is a description taken from Brainwavz's website on the material, technology and idea behind the new version. These are also available in the oval HM5 style which would go great with a T50RP.

    "Brainwavz XL Gel earpads use our latest Cooling Gel Technology, coupled with a super soft Micro Suede material to bring you the most advanced and comfortable earpads to date. These extra-comfy pads are not only an indulgence, but almost a necessity, with their innovative cooling gel layer helping to combat “sweaty ears” syndrome and make wearing headphones as comfortable and sweat-free as possible."

    So do they feel cool? Yes it's kind of nice especially if like me you live in a hot climate like California. The material is more rigid than the standard pads so it might appear like they won't be as comfortable but don't let that put you off as it seems to contour to the shape of your head after a minute or so. This also creates a better seal than the standard suede pads so it does change how it sounds.

    The first thoughts that came to mind was "whoa" these are dark and deep sounding. These share much of the standard suede's sound signature but It almost has an encapsulated feel about it. Highs and upper mids are dialed back in comparison to lambskin but it's nice with tracks that have lots of squealing guitars.
    It's a generally non fatiguing sound. The sub bass hits almost as hard as lambskin and it also carries most of the mid bass from the standard suede so it hits very deep but with a slightly delayed decay. You end up with a very thick hard hitting sound and I love it.
    The standard suede do feel a bit more open, I would say the sound is somewhere between the standard suede and lambskin variants. Brainwavz decided to use materials in way we have not seen before and kudos to them for the innovation as it certainly works and the result is perhaps the most interesting sound signature of the range of XL pads.
    I also noted that the suede was denser looking than the standard suede I am not sure if that was just because of the cut that was used or that a specific grade of suede is used for the gel

    I actually find that the sound of these to be my favorite of all the XL pads as it hones in the Vibrolabs T50 to my preferred sound signature and it just seems to work with my particular setup. They are generally a little cheaper than the lambskin but about $10 more than the cheaper variants so the question remains, are they worth it? Absolutely!

    Brainwavz XL on Amazon

    Braninwavz XL Gel