Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones

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  1. vaziyetu
    "The absolute waste"
    Cons - Extremely weak bass. Absolutely zero acoustic for instruments.
    i'm not sure what brainwavz trying to do with their M series. if they already can do things like beta, R1 or S1 what they're trying to do with their M series ? are they trying to sell some cheap drivers to newbies ? if so, i'm not sure if this is a proper way to make money, really... whatever. i'm happy that mp4nation accepts used product returns. i'm still losing money for the shipping but at least that's something...
    i don't know if they need an advice but here's my advice: wipe out your whole m series from the surface of the earth (but i must note that i still didn't tried m3 or m1 but honestly, i'm not dying to see them). it's quite funny sometimes to read other comments about a product that you just tried. did you read others ? "huge bass boost", "huge bass" and after that, "bass is very well controlled despite the amount". you can read similar comments on mp4nation too... god i must be an alien. really. if this is a bass earphone, what M5 or S series are ? and what the hell is "controlled bass" ? hey, even R1 (which is a pretty mid based earphone) has more bass than this.
    don't even look at "intense bass" huh ? and there was "performance bass" in R3 too (which was a bassweak device) and there was no mentions about the monster deep bass in M5's page ??? what's going on, seriously ? and returning to M2 again, the worst part is not the bass about M2. there's absolutely no acoustic for instrument reproduction in this earphone. every instrument comes from the same layer, wtf is this ?
    M2 is even worse than already trash earphones, surely one of the worst earphones i've seen to date.
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  2. AstralStorm
    "Great sound quality, but bass heavy"
    Pros - Indestructible build, good "musical" sound quality, good soundstage
    Cons - Huge bass boost, cable could be more flexible, no neck cable adjuster, wide nozzle, shallow fit only, weird over-the-ear fit
    These are budget-minded basshead's dream come true. Others might not be satisfied by the bottom-slanted sound, which can be hugely improved with equalization, otherwise they sound dark and laid back. The sound is precise, with engaging musical quality to it. Bass is very well controlled despite the amount. Mids are neither forward nor laid back, perhaps slightly boosted in upper registers. Highs are actually well extended, but overshadowed by the huge bass.
    Brainwavz M2 are very efficient and despite it, don't hiss at all. However, they will pick all stray mains hum.