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BQEYZ Spring 1

  1. cherryind
    Bang for the buck. Beautiful !
    Written by cherryind
    Published Jan 23, 2020 at 7:53 AM
    Pros - Lush mids, sparkly, non fatiguing treble, Very wide sound stage, musical
    Cons - Fit might be an issue. You need right tips. Little rolled off sub bass.
    First these are built like tank with smooth finish. Nozzle is slightly larger in diameter so you really need Right tips to get the best out of these! It consists of 3 drivers 1 dynamic, 1 patented piezoelectric driver, 1 inhouse BA by BQEYZ.


    Previously I have used many IEM's the worthy ones are Kanas Pro, Tequila 1, Fiio FH1, Blon, KZ AS10, TinT2, Tin T3, BQEYZ KB100 etc.. (My views are limited to these)

    Paired with LG G7 and Tidal for music. These are 43ohm IEMs so you need better smart phone to power these to their actual potential. LG powers them quite well.

    Tips : The default tips did not fit my ears! None of them. You need proper tips to get the bass and lower frequencies with this IEM. Finally Blon eartips came to the rescue. Spinfit CP100 has similar isolation but better comfort.

    With the right tips, these sound incredible!


    Bass :- These are not for bass heads who like Boat earphones or similar. For audiophiles, these go low (like 30hz) without muddying midrange. Bass is fast, quick like a closed bookshelf speakers with 8 inch well tuned woofer. (Kanas are like ported subwoofer). Bass is one of the finest i have heard after Tequila. Better than Tequila in fact! these don't over do mid bass. Attack is smooth, not hard like Tequila. Simply to put out bass comes when required and then it vanishes.

    Mids :- Lush and very slightly laid back in a perfect way. Giving the required space for instruments to get separated from vocals. I have heard someone humming along with singer in many songs that i have never heard before with any other IEM's i have used! Vocals are perfect. Not too thick or not too thin. very rightly tuned! Vocals go just the same volume with instruments but separated !

    Treble :- Very detailed, very fast, right amount with no sibilance. extends really well giving the air it needs! Kanas sounds little harsh compared to these. These are very smooth and soothing kind of treble with richness.

    Soundstage :- These sound like open headphones! (I have DT990 Pro). Wide soundstage like you are in a open field surrounded with music instruments and singer right in front of you but along with instruments where artist placed them. It extends in depth, height like a holographic stage. Almost similar to Kanas but way better tuned because of treble. Blon sounds like music playing in a room. So you will get the wide signature but is limited to the room. Spring are like you are sitting in open field and sometimes music comes from places you wouldn't expect may be from next field no pun intended [​IMG]

    Imaging :- These image like crazy! There are instances where i was listening to music and felt the singer is singing slight left to the center stage and I went to my monitors to check if this has balance issue but hell no! Actual voice has offset even in studio monitors !

    Timbre : Very rich! My grand mother plays Veena, I have heard it in person so I know the timbre of actual instrument
    these replicate it perfectly ! Its hard to get it in IEM atleast in the ones I've used!

    These are very lush, rich, detailed, open, wide i have ever heard in IEMs i have used!

    You can hear the anatomy of sound.. I have heard guitar plucks after song completes that i have never heard before! Its like you sit right next to the guitar player with ear next to the instrument! Same richness of instrument.

    All three drivers are perfectly crossed at their frequencies.

    well BQEYZ did it again ! With Spring 1
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  2. F700
    Beautiful looking & detailed sounding tribrid IEM
    Written by F700
    Published Jan 6, 2020
    Pros - Built quality
    Detailed, quick and clear sound
    Good amount of bass
    Sensibly priced
    Cons - Requires tips switching to get a good seal
    Recessed mids
    Vocals sound a bit thin
    Can reach the limit of sibilance with some recordings
    Music genre dependent
    Hello everyone,

    Here is my very short review of the BQEYZ Spring 1. Lots has been said about this IEM already. What follows is my 2 cents about these beautiful looking in-ears.

    I bought my pair on AE for USD 115.- during the Black Friday. I think that the MSRP is around USD 139.-. I have no affiliation with BQEYZ.

    I will pass on the technical aspects of this tribrid IEM, it has been covered more than once before. I solely will focus on the sound and comfort.

    The Spring 1 are coming in a classic yet solid package, with seven pairs of tips, including 1x pair of foam. First thing I noticed is the flexible and solid cable. Then, looking at the IEMs themselves, I was positively surprised by the premium built quality. They look and feel great in reality. Pictures don't give them justice I think.


    The stock tips weren't for me. I cannot get a firm seal with any of the provided "Atmosphere" or "Reference" tips. I choose the Final E-tips "clear", which allowed me to get a comfortable seal. The nozzle is pretty long and this IEM really is tips dependent.

    Still, in terms of comfort and insertion, they are better option on the market, at any price point. It's not bad, but it certainly needs some fine tuning in order to sound good.

    I listened to the Spring 1 with my DAP/amp combo Dethonray DTR1/HA-2. A powerful combo that easily drives the BQEYZ flagship.

    My music genres are ranging from pop, ambient, classic rock, OST, electronic, dub, trip-hop, vocals. No classic or country. I like a slight darkish/warmish sound signature with enough details and air in the treble, nonetheless. I get that with the aforementioned source and my Final E5000 and Fibae Black. Even the Blon BL-03 sounds amazing with the Dethonray's stack.

    It also makes a good pairing with the Spring 1. Bass is firm, with good impact. It's not basshead's levels, but it will be plenty sufficient for a lot of people liking a pounding bass with their Electronic or Hip-Hop. We are in presence of a slight U-shape sound signature, as the bass and the treble are elevated to the detriment of the mids, which are quite recessed and sometimes thin sounding with vocal tracks, especially with female vocalists. For example, listening to Kate Bush, Melody Gardot, Alison Goldfrapp, Agnes Obel or Tracy Chapman, just to name a few that comes in mind, I am missing some textures and richness in the mids. I like mine fuller and more forward than the ones offered by the Spring 1. The mids might be light, they remain clear and clean. No issue in that specific aspect. So, the mids are not bad per se, but I would have liked a more balanced or slight L-shape sound signature for that IEM.

    The Spring 1 excels with Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic of all kinds (Techno, Trance, IDM, Drone). The bass and the sparkly treble give you an impression of speed and immediacy that is really enjoyable with modern music genres.

    The treble also can be smooth and the detail retrieval is impressive on the Spring 1. Treble is not harsh, but pronounced anyway. This is where people might disagree, maybe even more than with the mids. They remind a bit of my now sold Fearless S8F. I almost could call the Spring 1 a "baby" S8F, with a tad more bass and thinner mids.

    Still, beware recordings that have been averagely recorded or poorly mastered. The sibilance is never far away and can even appear depending on the source you are using. For example, Elbow's "The Takeoff And Landing Of Everything" album is not a easy listen. Guy Garvey pushes the "Sssss" on some tracks a bit to much on this album and it is quite painful to hear it with the Spring 1. I don't experience that with such amplitude with my others IEMs. Julianna Barwick's "Magic Place" also represents a challenging listen at times. She has an angel voice and is able to go very high. The recording's quality is okay, but the high tones can get quite hot, when Julianna pushes her voice.


    End words

    The BQEYZ Spring 1 represents an interesting offering below USD 150.-. Cable is great, built quality is fantastic, but comfort could be better and needs to be improved with the tips available in the box.

    Soundwise, I recommend this set to people who like a V-shape or U-shape sound signature, listening to modern music genres, where a potent bass and sparkly treble make the music shine. Amateur of male, but especially female vocalists, you might want to look elsewhere if you are into full, forward an/or emotional mids like I am.

    I was hesitating to give them a 4.5 note, but the Chi-Fi game will be taken to the next level in 2020. A 4.25 would have been accurate, though.

    The BQEYZ Spring 1 represent a good alternative and a nice addition to my small IEM collection. I will keep them for that and like them for what they are.

    Thanks for reading.
  3. Sunstealer
    Close but no cigar.
    Written by Sunstealer
    Published Dec 25, 2019
    Pros - .


    Overall quality

    Balanced with treble lift / mild U shape profile (see below)
    Cons - .

    Grill modification may be necessary

    Edgy highs after grill mod



    Unboxing and Contents

    A paper sleeved bookcase box. Contains a nice leatherette case, a good quality 8 core 3.5mm 2 pin 0.78mm cable (I think it is silver-plated copper), a metal carded selection of “atmosphere” and “reference” silicone tips and a pair of wide bore foam tips. An exercise in economic yet luxurious packaging.


    Design and Fit

    The earpieces themselves are rather slippery matt black powdered aluminium. The styling is tasteful and restrained with gold detailing. The 2 pin sockets are flush. There are 2 vents on the medial surface. The tribrid design (single piezoelectric, BA and dynamic drivers) is harder than some to drive (43 Ohm) thus some smartphones may struggle to get the best out of these. I burnt them in for 100 hours and definitely heard a difference. I started with my trusty biflange CP240 Spinfits but found that the bass was attenuated, along with some mid-bass bleed and sharpening of the treble. Generic wide bore foams worked a treat and allowed the Spring 1 to shine. The earpieces fit my ears well and are not heavy or uncomfortable.


    iBasso DX220, AMP1Mk2, AMP8, High gain, filter 3, Mango OS
    Effect Audio Ares 8W, Electro Acousti Cu/AgAu 8W, Fearless Audio 7N SPC 8W, NiceHCK 16-3, Noble 8W OCC.
    The Spring 1, all hardware and cabling are my own.



    The best all-round cable was copper – balanced or unbalanced (apart from the Ares, see below). The sub-bass is controlled and full, with no mid-bass bleed. The mids are natural and neutral. Both female and male vocals have body and a great timbre. The treble is a treat – clear but never shrill or sibilant. A real joy to listen to – non-fatiguing, musical and lively. I found that the Ares was drier in tone, with less sub-bass but crucially the vocals felt a little nasal. The highs were crystal clear with beautiful separation and definition though. I suppose the Ares was partway between a copper and SPC cable in nature. This has been the case with most other IEMs I have tried (with the exception of the Empire Ears Studio Reference). The Fearless imparted neutrality with a little bass kick but overall a flatter, more reference sound. The stock SPC was tonally similar to the Fearless but with less definition and control. The hybrid widened the soundstage but overaccentuated the sub-bass to a point where it became loose and flabby. The mids and highs were sweetened and perhaps a little over soft.



    AMP8 has a wide soundstage and an energetic nature. Using the Ares and NiceHCK the mid-bass and vocals become more controlled and detailed but remain natural with the mids staying fairly neutral. Paradoxically there is a thickness to the sub-bass. The overall timbre is a little leaner and there is a crispness to the treble that is bordering on sizzly for some tracks. The Noble 8W has a remarkably natural timbre across the sound spectrum; there is body and power to the bass, slightly warm mids and vocals with sweetened but detailed highs. The hybrid works really well here, promoting a full and lush bass, juicy, detailed mids and vocals and transparent highs. The Fearless made the bass sturdy but far too boomy. The mids were hollowed and vocals felt a little thin. Overall a darker sound than pure copper but……


    Grill Modification

    I carefully removed the grill and baffle material with a needle and replaced it with a standard 5mm self-adhesive mesh grill. Immediately I noticed an improvement in the sound across all cables and AMP modules – clearer, more defined bass, mids and vocals were brought forward into balance, highs were tonally correct but were edging towards piercing with the exception of the Fearless with AMP1. This is a simple but effective adjustment that is crucial to unlocking the Spring 1s full capabilities.

    Pairing Suggestions
    The Ares was not a harmonious member of this particular triumvirate: too analytical and lean to be enjoyable in the long term.
    AMP1: Without grill mod: Non-Ares copper. With grill mod: SPC (Fearless > stock)
    AMP8: Without grill mod: Non-Ares copper or hybrid. With grill mod: hybrid.
    A warmer source / cable is likely to favour the Spring 1.


    The Spring 1 is a good earpiece at this price point and I feel that it has the technical ability and quality to punch above its weight. However, it is a shame that the stock grill/baffle muffles the bass and removing it makes the treble borderline shrill. Somewhere in-between would be ideal. I hope BQEYZ spend a little more time tuning the next tribrid because what they have done here shows real promise. Careful partnering, tip choice and grill modification are required for the Spring 1 to realise its potential: it falls just shy of greatness.
  4. Watermelon Boi
    BQEYZ Spring 1 Review - Affordable sensation
    Written by Watermelon Boi
    Published Dec 15, 2019
    Pros - Tribrid setup that is rare for this price
    -Vibrant, spatial, and rich sound signature that punches above its price tag
    -Excellent build quality and comfort
    -Quality cable and accessories
    Cons - Not the most neutral sound
    -A bit of coloring to the sound

    BQEYZ Spring 1 Review - Affordable sensation

    I'm sure most of the budget audiophiles are already aware that BQEYZ is the rising sun in the IEM market. Their affordable yet high-quality IEMs have been leading a good amount of audiophiles to share good impressions about it. Yet in the beginning, I wasn't so confident about the brand. Its somewhat odd naming made me repulsive along with a thought that this would be one of those many Aliexpress IEMs that are mediocre on its max. Though in the end, I have got to have Spring 1 as my first BQEYZ experience and realized my sloppy guesses were wrong. Let us now get into details and see how this one really is.

    DSC_0851.jpg DSC_0850.jpg


    Spring 1 comes in with neat packaging and quality accessories. The outer cover is nicely designed containing specs on the sides and back. The inner box could have used more design elements or creativity, but no big deal. Other than the earpieces, the package includes a stock cable, 3 pairs of "atmosphere" eartips, 3 pairs of "reference" eartips, a metal tray (for organizing the eartips), a pair of foam tips, a cable tie, a carrying case, and some paperwork.

    These two types of eartips present a consistent yet with a slight difference, the "atmosphere" eartips having more clarity and focus to the sound while the "reference" eartips sound more opened and less intensive. The included case is made of hard leather and feels sturdy. Overall, I am impressed with the choice of accessories.



    Spring 1 is exceptionally interesting due to its tribrid driver setup. It sports a large 13mm dynamic driver for the lows, a customized single balanced armature for the mid/highs, and a 7 layer piezoelectric super tweeter for the ultra highs. We don't get to see a tribrid setup on a sub $100 price tag so often, but all that matters is the sound and let's get that checked later down below on the part for the sound impression. The earpieces are terminated in 0.78mm CIEM 2pin sockets. The fitting is very nice with a moderate weight and insertion depth, so the chances are low for having any fitting issues with these.

    The earpieces are fully made of CNC'd aluminum, finished with a highly refined black coating, and gold anodizing on the edge of the faceplates to give that diamond-cut design. Having matte black as the base color and a touch of golds on the faceplates and nozzles give quite a stylish look. I'd like to point out how the surface coating process has been well done - the textures are refined and smooth without any grainy bits or inconsistency. The manufacturing process sure seems to be at a higher level than other metal housing IEMs with similar price tags.



    The included cable is a nice one, made of 8-braided silver-plated copper and works out nicely with the IEM's sound. All parts from the plug to the 2pin sockets are all made of metal with tightly twisted wires without any loosen wires or messed-up braidings. Although the 2pin sockets on the earpieces are half-recessed, the 2pin connectors on the cable are designed to fit fully-recessed sockets as well which is nice.


    Sound impression - Ultra lows, upper lows

    Spring 1 presents a w-shaped signature with mids pulled closer to the ears. Bass has a firm and speedy thud with decent depth. Ultra lows aren't particularly highlighted in quantity or reverb, though it has a vivid presence and dark enough in color. So no, the lower ends don't feel empty or lacking in extension but rather have a stout yet very clear background while keeping the bass reasonably flat. Upper lows show more bass quantity, similar to typical mildly v-shaped IEMs. There's a more generous amount of reverbs available here, but only to the point where the atmosphere doesn't get muddy.

    Thanks to the large 13mm dynamic driver, the bass generates quite a large and wide imaging. The density is thick and the upper lows dive deep enough with good liveliness. I'm mildly amazed to see such a large dynamic driver bring out sufficient liveliness and density without an additional amplifier. The weight of the bass is centered on the lower side, staying well condensed and also prevents the upper lows from going honky or superficial. Overall, Spring 1 keeps the bass controlled with an appropriate amount of reverbs and quantity, without losing depth or power.


    Sound impression - Mids

    Mids are clear and forward, pulled close to the ears. Its splendid and vibrant vocals are one of the highlights from Spring 1. Lots of colors are getting presented on the vocals with much air throughout the mid-range. It has an elevated presentation which is the weight of the vocals being centered slightly on the upper side.

    Despite that, the mids are densely packed with fine texture and feels thick all the way from the lowest mids to the upper mids. Vocals continue a dense, creamy tone until the upper mids where the brightness gradually and mildly increases with stronger transparency and a crunchier texture. This adds a cool breeze to the sound with a bit of an open-field experience. Other than the small peak on the upper mids, the vocals stay reasonably stable throughout the frequency.


    Sound impression - Overall / sonic characteristics

    There are many things that could be messed up from an IEM containing different types of drivers - such as coherence, imaging, tone, and so on. Let's first talk about coherency. Mids here sounds impressively coherent considering the tribrid setup and its price. Each driver is actively taking roles in the sound without breaking down or spreading out everywhere.

    Next is imaging. Spring 1 presents that fun, energized 3D-presentation we usually get from hybrid/tribrid IEMs. The layerings are visibly boosted, highlighting the distance and depth between each layer. Though this happens within the boundaries where the positional accuracy wouldn't get harmed. It's not an IEM with the most razor-sharp accuracy, but the majority of users who have good experience with hybrid IEMs would, in fact, find this sound signature pleasing.

    Lastly, the tone. The tone has some coloration due to its vivid nature, however just as mentioned above, nothing to the point where it's considered excessive. The coloration is applied to give a delightful taste and style, not to distort the music itself. I am quite sensitive when it comes to coloration and tonality, yet Spring 1 was able to reason with me quite nicely.


    Sound impression - Highs, etc.

    Unlike electrostatic (EST) tweeters, piezoelectric tweeters have a huge advantage in two ways. First, the price is uncomparably cheap. Second, it doesn't require as much power as EST. The energetic and shiny attitude from the upper mids nicely continues to the highs but with a more organic and softer manner. It's a cute, feminine type of treble where it sports a slimmer thickness and pays attention to all sorts of little tingles and rattles. However, note that this is just the tendency that Spring 1 shows and doesn't mean trebles lack power or hardness, as it would do its job when a song requires to play in a tough and punchy manner.

    Highs possess a good amount of air and stretch up towards the ultra highs stably and easily. The headroom is quite on the larger side. The large dynamic driver creates a generously wide and deep background with spatial mids and well-stretching highs. Separation is outstanding for the price, having very small detail analyzed and distinguished.


    Eartips Cable matching

    While Spring 1 produces a fair amount of bass, those who need powerful punchy bass may be better to seek for different eartips and cables. Spring 1's stock cable is SPC, which I found to be contributing to its rather flat and elevated sound signature. Pairing with either a pure copper cable or a GPC cable would most likely provide you enough bass quantity and reverbs to fill up the lower ends even more. I wouldn't recommend pure silver cables as the upper frequencies could easily get overpowered. SPC cables could be a mixed bag of beans, as some would certainly bring a better match while others could get the sound too overpowered.

    Stock eartips are in fact very nice, with the narrow one having a slightly more solid and clearer focus to the sound while the other one creating a more wide, relaxed, and open-air presentation. Though my favorite eartip selection was JVC Spiral Dots as it brought out the bass with both depth and wideness, as well as having that open-air presentation on both mids and highs.



    I'm surprised by BQEYZ. Lacking company background info and having a tribrid setup for such price gave me lots of doubts about the quality, yet Spring 1 thoroughly lives up to the expectations and should also do for the majorities. If you're into those fun, spacious, and 3D presentation that often comes from hybrid IEMs and want to step up the game, Spring 1 is going to be a rock-solid choice in a long term. I'd gladly keep my eyes on this brand and look forward to powerful yet affordable products they'll present us in the future.

    Visit www.aboutaudio.org and follow on Instagram / Facebook for exclusive content!​

    Thanks to BQEYZ for providing Spring 1 for an honest impression/feedback.
    I am not affiliated with BQEYZ and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.
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    1. F700
      I agree with a lot of what you said in your review. Only the midrange is a bit thin and I think we have to disagree here. I also switched the stock cable for a copper one (Null Audio). It tames a bit the highs and re-centers the whole sound picture. A great IEM for the price, but a bit fatiguing to listen to on the long run. Strongly built and nice looking, a real looker indeed. Very nice pictures actually, bravo
      F700, Dec 22, 2019
  5. Zelda
    Spring 1 - New Triple Hybrid
    Written by Zelda
    Published Dec 7, 2019
    Pros - Build quality
    Comfortable design
    Well balanced sound; Accurate, controlled and very detailed
    Good cable
    Cons - Included ear tips are not recommended
    Lacks some musicality on the midrange
    Average isolation
    REVIEW – BQEYZ Spring 1 – Triple Driver Hybrid

    • Driver units: 13mm coaxial dynamic driver + 7 Layers piezoelectric + balanced armature
    • Impedance: 43Ω
    • Sensitivity: 108dB
    • Frequency: 7 Hz - 40 KHz
    • Cable Length: 1.2m
    • Pin Type: 0.78mm 2 Pin
    • Plug Type: 3.5mm

    Price: U$ 139.

    Available in Black or Blue colors

    Purchased directly from BQEYZ official store.

    Spring 1 store product page.


    The Spring 1 combines very good build quality, ergonomics and aesthetics. The shells are all made of aluminum and look sturdy enough. They consist of three parts, two on the main shell and extra one for the nozzle, everything well attached with an excellent smooth finish. The metallic light blue color does look nice too, though the all black cable does not match that well. ‘BQEYZ’ and ‘Spring 1’ are printed on right and left sides, respectively. In the inner side of the shells there appear to be like three vents but even so there is a little of driver flex noise that can be heard when adjusting the earphones.

    The shells have a good ergonomic and compact shape on them and fit comfortable enough, and the aluminum material is very light to be noticed. The shape is very similar to the iBasso IT01/IT01s, but the Spring 1 are just a little heavier. The included ear tips are not good and make very difficult to achieve a proper sea, reducing the sound quality noticeable. Isolation is below average with the stock tips, but extra tips can improve fit and isolation; the nozzle is of standard width and holds the tips properly so tip rolling is not a problem.

    Cable is very nice, an 8-core setup, all braided from the 3.5mm plug up to the right and left sides. The pins are standard 0.78 2-pin type what makes it more universal and versatile if you want to try different cables or get the IEMs driven by a balanced output. The cable is soft, though with the eight strands it becomes rather thick and a touch heavy. All the plugs and y-split are well covered by metal parts, as well as the cable slider. Overall, it looks more like an ‘upgrade’ cable than a stock one.

    Sound Quality

    Sources: iBasso DX220/160, HiBy R5/R6 Pro, FiiO M6/M5.

    The Spring 1 is the current flagship from BQEYZ, and while their sub $100 budget models were set in a typical hybrid configuration of dynamic and balanced armatures, this new product takes a new setup of three type of drivers of one single dynamic, one balanced armature and a new piezoelectric driver which is supposedly arranged in a new hybrid format along with the dynamic driver. Not sure which driver is in charge for what frequency range, but regardless, the quality and final tuning are very good.

    The presentation is very balanced and well weighted and also very detailed for the price, matching even more expensive earphones. Accuracy and high control are also very present, though some fun factor and musicality are missing. Interestingly, despite what the impedance rate of ~40 ohm may suggest, the Spring 1 is not particularly difficult to drive. Moreover, it proves to be very little source dependent in terms of signature, much less than many other hybrid IEMs I’ve tried regardless their price range.

    The sound is presented in a very slight v-shaped way. The elevation in both lows and highs is small but noticed, and more on the midrange which is not more than just neutral at most. Bass balances quantity and quality very well, definitely north of neutral yet nothing too warm or thick. It is punchy, effortless, quick and very nicely layered. Sub-bass is a shier next to the mid-bass but still does not have too much of impact or rumble, though very well defined. Dynamics are impressive, and bass depth is as good; just missing in the lowest notes extension and texture, but otherwise a well achieved bass response.

    The midrange is very clean, airy and free of bass bleed. Practically neutral, and maybe too neutral not having enough warmth or fullness on notes. It is not too dry but liquid and more cool in tonality, crispy and airy without any emphasis on low or upper mids. Instruments are sharply separated and accurately positioned. Vocals are less impressive; surely very detailed, but lack the fullness and sweet texture. There is a slight tilt towards the upper midrange not to throw the balance off but does give a bit of sharper and not completely smooth, sibilance free midrange.

    The treble is more forward than the midrange and even a little bit more than the bass. The frequencies’ balance is well kept and the Spring 1 is anything but dull or off sounding. Treble is energetic, sparkly and very clear. While it may follow a bright signature it is nothing overwhelming or tiring kind of treble. Control is very high and presents a good sense of air, though can be a bit sharp.

    Detail retrieval is excellent on the Spring 1 and fortunately it does not have that too analytical character. The presentation is fairly spacious and the stage dimensions scale well accordingly to the source used. For instance, the sound is pretty wide and open with the iBasso DX220 (Amp1 Mk2), even just out of the standard 3.5mm end.


    iBasso IT01s

    On the IT01s, the sound is smoother, less lively and less sharp than the Spring 1. Bass quantities are similar but the IT01s is thicker and less tight. Speed attack is on par; more decay on the IT01s and more depth on the Spring. Midrange is more bodied, sweeter and more forward on the IT01s, while the Spring being leaner and more neutral shows more accuracy and micro detail. Vocals are very enjoyable on the IT01s but instruments are airier and sharper on the Spring 1. Treble is bright on both; though the IT01s is a bit more low-treble focused and still more forgiving, whereas the Spring is more linear, better layered and sharper. With a leaner, less forward midrange the Spring 1 can sound more spacious, when the IT01s is just more musical.

    Final E5000

    The E5000 may have just a single and, rather small, dynamic driver and yet manages to impress with a powerful and large sound presentation. With the relatively low sensitivity for an IEM, the E5000 needs extra driving power to sound best, but then it manages to impress, nonetheless. The low-end is forward, powerful and large; control is just right and nicely layered. Midrange is not as forward but yet full and very engaging, with smooth and still sparkly energetic treble. The Spring 1 has a sharper v-shaped sound and less broad stage. It is nothing as thick as the E5000 and it is quicker and accurate. Sub-bass falls short in extension or rumble. Midrange is thinner and drier, but also cleaner. Treble is brighter and less forgiving, and micro details are more forward.

    FLC 8n

    The FLC 8n sound strongly depends on the filter used, so it is difficult to compare both earphones in their signature. However, these are two IEMs that are very capable in their sonic technical abilities that perform very high within each price range and above, be it in detail, control and precision of the sound. The FLC 8n does sound better and more ‘correct’ than the Spring 1 with better imaging and treble extension, though the bass quality is not too far from the FLC’s.

    Akoustyx R-210

    The R-210 is a more traditional IEM with just an updated TWFK dual BA from Knowles. As such, the R-210 is bass shy and limited, but has a forward, flat to bright and too liquid midrange. Treble is simply much brighter, very aggressive with a bit ‘hot’ lower treble peak that while very detailed it is more tiring to listen. The Spring 1 may still be bright but certainly more forgiving. Soundstage is better rounded on the Spring 1 too, has more depth and space, while the R-210 is airier and effortless.
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    1. dpump
      I had no problem personally with the Reference tips. Haven't tried the Atmosphere tips as they are supposed to produce more bass and I'm happy with the bass from the Reference tips. I've read some people complaining about sibilance, but I think at least some of the sibilance is caused by the extended high end from the electret tweeter. You will hear an amazing clarity with the Spring 1 from bass to highs and also hear any faults in your source.
      dpump, Dec 13, 2019
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  6. Otto Motor
    BQEYZ Spring 1 Review – Assume The Perpendicular
    Written by Otto Motor
    Published Dec 4, 2019
    Pros - Wonderful midrange; well-dosed treble; great definition; small earpieces; great build, quality accessories.
    Cons - Wooly bass; requires tip rolling.


    The BQEYZ is well-resolving, largely neutralish 3-driver hybrid with a slightly boosted and slow low end that competes with a wonderfully lively and accurate midrange and a pleasant treble.


    • Impedance: 43 Ω
    • Sensitivity: 108 dB
    • Cable Length: 1.2m (no mic included)
    • Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin
    • Driver units: 13mm Coaxial dynamic driver+7 Layers piezo electric+Balanced armature
    • Tested at: $139


    The earpieces are small despite their 3 drivers and are ergonomically pleasing. Fit it great, they were comfortable for hours, but the seal is only soso (I tested them on the airplane between Houston and Rio de Janeiro). Haptic is great, the earpieces are made of metal with a matte coating and feel pleasant between my fingers. Build quality is as good as it could be and the included storage case is sturdy and roomy. The cable is the typical but good $10-15 fare, it is pliable and therefore does not have to be “upgraded”. The nicely presented included tips turned out to be useless for me: the narrow bores produced an overly muffled sound and the wide bores a flat, bassless sound. I blame the combination of my monster ears and the thin silicon membranes for this. A set of low-cut wide bores that came with the NiceHCK M6 solved the problem. Because of their high resistance, the Spring 1 need some juice but can still be driven with an iPhone SE. I occasionally used it with the Audioquest Dragonfly das/amp but this added quite a bit of bass that helped congest the lower end.



    The bad first: the bass, the bass, the bass: it is mostly slow and wooly and not very articulate. It can be like a “hardening mousse” when the music is naturally bassy (or when using a bassy source such as the Audioquest Dragonfly dac/amp connected to my iPhone). And, once again, in this case, 70 hours to “break-in” made no difference. The extension into the sub-bass is ok, but the upper bass can bleed into and congest the lower midrange, and it reduces the image’s clarity. Although the extension could be better, the sub bass is fairly well focused. Others may achieve different low-end perception with different tips/ear canals. The robust low end, however, can be trained by using the right equipment. My ears got used to it after a while.

    FR response by Durwood. The 8 kHZ peak is forced by the insertion depth into the coupler.

    Midrange is the star: clear and clean with a good weight, and more so when no strong bass is present in the music, e.g. when a guy plays the piano. Vocals, male and female, are dense, intimate, and wonderfully sculptured. And — the upper midrange is tastefully dosed, high piano notes are focused, crisp, and clean…and not shrill, shouty, or piercing. Good tuning in the midrange, where my money typically is. As a downside of the well-behaved upper midrange, the bass appears borderline overbearing and boomy, as our ears hear the whole frequency spectrum in context.

    Treble is also a bit dialled back, the piezos are quite moderate…cymbals have a reasonably natural attack and decay but can be a bit behind…which does not bother me. The BQEYZ Spring 1 is certainly not a treble forward iem.

    To the technicalities: dynamics/speed (“the punch”) are quite natural (and not overdone), and timbre is ok (considering there are BAs involved). Imaging is great, too: spatial cues and definition (except in the bass) are exceptional. Soundstage has good width, height, and depth, with a healthy breath of air.

    What you really should take with you from the above description is that the Spring 1 is a well resolving and neutralish iem from the midrange up, but could do with a bit of a more refined low end…which is somewhat a matter of taste. Some may actually really like it as it is.


    First, I didn’t like the BQEYZ Spring 1 at all for its thick low end. But when discovering its other qualities such as the great midrange, definition, and imaging, and its physical advantages such as its comfort and fit owing in part to the small size of the earpieces, I got somewhat attracted to it. I was on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro when I wrote much this review and thank my Brazilian friends for their inspiration.


    I had asked BQEYZ for a review unit after reading the reviews of others and thank them for it.
  7. suman134
    Just shy of very good
    Written by suman134
    Published Nov 29, 2019
    Pros - Very good bass, details is nice, good build quality, good cable quality
    Cons - can be sibilant
    All of us who are interested in budget chi-fi earphones must have heard about BQEYZ, pronounced BQ eyes, they are one of the most popular chi-fi brands in the market. With earphones like KB100, KC2 and K2 they have a very good reputation among budget audiophiles. Most of their earphones hover in the range of $30 to $70 with a hybrid setup inside them, delivering good amount of bass, nice details and hell lot of value for money.

    With the Spring1 they have ventured into a considerably more expensive price bracket where none of its competing value for money brands dares to trade in. The Spring1 houses a 13mm dynamic driver along with a 7 Layers piezoelectric driver and a Balanced Armature driver. They haven't specified the crossover of drivers or which driver is for which part of the spectrum though.

    The Spring 1 come in two color schemes, Black gold and Blue gold and is priced at $139. Being the Flagship IEM of BQEYZ the Spring 1 faces tough competition from Moondrop KXXS, TSMR 2 and even the last generation earphone like Brainwavz B400 and simgot EN700 pro are giving it tough times.


    1. Item:Spring 1

    2. Dynamic Driver: 13mm

    3. Impedance: 43Ω

    4. Sensitivity: 108dB

    5. Frequency: 7-40KHz

    6. Cable Length: 1.2m

    7. Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin

    8. Plug Type: 3.5mm

    9. Driver units: 13mm Coaxial dynamic driver+7 Layers piezo electric+Balanced armature

    9. Mic: Without

    You can get one for yourself from this link:-


    Let's run through the Spring1 and its contemporaries and see how they stand against each other.


    The Spring1 comes in a tidy looking retail box and a simple packaging style. All the accessories including the cable are placed inside the bigger than average carry case. It has plenty of space for to carry the earphone around.

    Even when it is priced considerably more than their best selling earphones the Spring1 doesn't ship with a lot of tips. There is a set of two types of tips in S/M/L sizes. The atmosphere tips favor bass and reference set of tips are self explanatory. There is one pair of foam tip in M size but it doesn't fit my ear sadly, I would have liked a large size Foam tip, just for versatility.

    The informative leaflet and a cable tie complete the list of accessories.







    The cheaper earphones from BQEYZ come with a generic cable used by many chi-fi brands but the Spring1 ships with an eight core upgrade cable. It is one of the best cables that ships with earphones under $150. The build quality seems very strong and feels good in hand. There is some heft to it but it is not bothering at all.

    The quality of the cores is good. There is a nice layer of rubber on them, it is supple and doesn't have much microphinics too. The braiding is tight, not as tight as the Penon OS849 but is slightly tighter than the BGVP VG4 stock cable.

    The Spring1's stock cable compliments it nicely, giving it a premium feel. It is one of the good cables that ships with earphones under $300, earphone priced at $1000+ like InEar StageDiver SD5 too ship with an inferior cable, there are barely anything better in its own price bracket.



    Just like every other BQEYZ earphone, the build quality of the Spring1 is very good. Where most of the earphones in this price range ship with plastic or resin shells the Spring1 ships with metal shell. Made out of solid pieces of aluminum it is slightly on the heavier side of the spectrum but the slight heft is not bothering and don't fall out of the ear easily. Thanks to the metal build it is one of the strongest earphones in this price range, it can take a lot of beating without incurring any damage to it.

    It doesn't have a very ergonomical design to it, most of the earphones in this price range don't have this either but a bit of an inner wing design would have made is a even more comfortable. The size of the ear-piece is not very large and easily fits inside the ear and will fit most of the users without any problem.

    The design is slightly different than what we see with most of the earphones, the nozzle of the Spring1 has a different angle compared to what the industry follows. This does help in getting a slightly better fit inside ear.

    The nozzle itself is deep enough and gives a nice and secure feeling inside the ear. One will find three vents on the inside of the earphone shell, I don't know why three (one for dynamic driver, one for piezoelectric driver). You can use T400 and T500 size tips on the nozzle.

    The Spring1 doesn't out do its price range when it comes to comfort but still makes things better than others.





    The Spring1 houses 3 type of drivers. I can make it out that the dynamic driver is for bass as usual but cannot put my finger what the BA and Piezoelectric drivers are responsible for. It seems that it has an open chamber design and the BA driver is placed in the nozzle.

    The triple hybrid earphone has a very interesting sound output which is barely seen in this price range. The bass is very deep with good amount of sub-bass and manages itself to keep away from being over powering or a bit dull. The mid range takes the back seat with a less forward presentation and the treble region delivers a very good amount of energy and spark. What makes the Spring1 stand out of the competition is its sound stage which is bigger than anything in this price range.

    The overall sound signature of the Spring1 is neutral with a bit of warmth with the bass. The tonality could have been a bit more accurate though, especially vocals could have been more accurate.

    Burned for more than 100hrs, I am using my Plenue R with Creative Sound Blaster and stock tips for this review.



    The Spring1 has an Impedance rating of 43ohm and the sensitivity of 108 makes it ask for good amount of power. Most of the mobile phones will struggle to drive it to listenable volumes without reaching more than 80% volume. Driving it out of a mobile device makes it loose a good chunk of details and treble stage get very clumsy. It is not advised to use the Spring1 out of a mobile phone, 99% of them are unable to provide it with good amount of power. Unless driven properly the Spring1 exhibits good amount of sibilance, feed it or it will bite.

    Using DAPs even like Sony A35 will extract good amount of details out of it.

    The Spring1 responds pretty well to EQs, if you think you need a bit more oomph, just tunes it to your liking.


    The 13mm dynamic driver responsible for the lower section does a fantastic job. I would have been very happy with this type of lower end even from a $300 earphone. It has very good amount of details and texture to it. The lower end is more forwardness when compared to the mid range, giving the Spring1 its V shaped signature.

    The 13mm driver moves very good amount of air and the slam is very punchy. The impact is very pleasing and makes the note enjoyable. Coming from BA based earphones, I am really liking this thump. The sub-bass extension is fantastic, it has very good amount of rumble to it and the size of it is very good. Mid bass is bigger than the sub-bass giving the lower end a fuller feeling. Upper treble has very good amount of energy and details to it. The overall size of the lower end is not huge but is nicely rounded.

    Decay speed of the 13mm driver is aptly paced. It is not very fast like the BA earphones and is not very loose like BGVP DMG either. Even with the big 13mm dynamic driver the level of control shown by the Spring1 is very good. It doesn't let the notes get out of their character while maintaining very good amount of details and texture.

    Changing the Atmosphere tips or say bass tips to reference tips does bring the bass to a more leveled situation with the mid range. Only the quantity and slam size is affected, effecting with slightly faster decay with everything else being more or less the same.


    BQEYZ hasn't specified which driver is doing what but looking at the tonality and lack to forwardness intrigues me to say that it is the piezoelectric driver but I will not like to make it a statement on it. Whatever driver is responsible for the mid range, it manages to deliver good amount of details along with a bigger than average stage size.

    Even when the energy gradually decreases from the upper mid range to lower mid range the transition section feels fairly smooth and has maintained good amount of details and energy.

    As I have stated earlier, the vocal section is not very accurate with tonality. My last review subject, the Inear SD5 is a prolific performer when it comes to vocals accuracy and clarity but is placed at $1000+. Even when compared to TSMR 2 and BGVP VG4 the Spring1 sounds slightly metallic and a bit splashy, hisses feel very vivid. George Barnett - Reflection does induce some peaks here. In general the male vocals have marginally sharper notes body but have good amount of texture and details to them. Female vocals on the other hand doesn't have that type of extra sharpness to it, they more accurate tonality and notes body. The overall vocal section is good, but could have been more refined.

    Like the male vocals, instruments too have some over attack to them. The shine with a peaky end to them makes it uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to hot notes. Surprisingly the upper mid range is not hot, it maintains good amount of balance and doesn't have more peaks or attack than the rest of the mid range. The level of micro details and transparency is good in its place but not as good as something like the TSMR 2.

    What really good is the stage size. It feels really spacious and there is very good amount of air between instruments. It feels very open. Sonic abilities of the Spring1 are fantastic, far better than BA based earphones in this price range. Thanks to this layering and separation is very good.

    Changing the tips to reference tips make the mid a bit more forward with little to no changes to it anything else.


    Just like the upper bass to lower mid transaction, the transition from upper mid range to lower treble region is very good. There is good amount of energy and fairly less disturbing elements compared to the mid range.

    The treble region has very good amount of spark to it. The extension is fantastic too, there is very good amount of energy until the end. The level of transparency could have been marginally better, it lacks uniformity too, some notes have more bite than others. It has good amount of details but the level of micro details leaves a bit more to be desired.

    There are occasions of sibilance here. After a long long time I am seeing this type of peaks. Treble heads!! Assemble!! Thanks to the big stage size, layering and separation is very good with good amount of air between instruments.

    Even though the highs are good with energy and spark to them, they could have been more uniform with imaging.

    ( P.S. :- To shed some sharpness, use the reference tip)


    VS Mee MX4 pro:- ($199)

    The Mee audio MX4 pro is priced considerably more than the Spring1 but shares a few things with it. First of them is the sound signature and tonality.

    The dynamic driver of the MX4 delivers a very similar type of bass, plenty of sub-bass but lacks a bit of body. The mid range is a bit similar but has better tonality and has no sibilance of any type. Stage size is good but is more in the head. Treble feels a bit dull with a bit of lack of extension it is not really up to the Spring1.

    Both the earphones have similar amount of details, but the MX4 pro has more uniform transparency and has no peaks at all.





    VS Simgot EN700 pro:- ($169)

    The EN700 pro houses a single dynamic driver and is fairly similar to the Spring1 with its signature.

    It deliver more or less similar sub-bass rumble but has bigger size. The mid bass is slightly more forward than the Spring1 and feels more fuller. Mid range has better control and notes have slightly better tonality. Vocals don't have sharpness. No vocal sibilance here. Extension of the treble region is slightly lacking and has slightly less energy too. Stage size is slightly smaller than the Spring1.

    Level of details is similar but the Spring1 does better with micro details and transparency.

    VS Brainwavz B400 :- ($169)

    The 4BA earphone has been one of the best earphones for under $200.

    It has considerably smaller bass impact and is thinner in comparison. The extension too is a bit lacking. Decay speed is better. Mid range has no peaks what so ever, it sounds cleaner and clearer with more appropriate notes depth. Vocals are similar with tonality but has no unnecessary sharpness to them. Treble is marginally dull. Stage size is considerably smaller.

    Overall level of details is similar.


    The Spring1 is a very capable earphone, the sound quality is very good, it has good amount of details, an impressive stage size and very good treble extension. It is one of the most detailed earphones in this price range of under $150. The Spring1 is a fantastic choice for those who like shining notes, good amount of bite and are not afraid of peaks.

    For the rest, the extra bit of sharpness can be a bit uncomfortable. The evenness of notes depth has to be addressed too.

    If they can do that, the Spring1 will be the Best earphone one can but for under $150. It is a good earphone even without those changes but it does leave a bit to be desired specially with notes sharpness.

    I hope you guys had a nice time.



    1. 20191121_123931.jpg
    2. 20191121_124028.jpg
    3. 20191121_124109.jpg
    4. IMG_20191125_133629.jpg
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  8. DynamicEars
    Spring in 1 whole year with Detail Guru!
    Written by DynamicEars
    Published Nov 22, 2019
    Pros - -Exceptional Details
    -Very Smooth all across frequencies
    -Mature Sound
    -Great build quality
    -Punch harder above their price
    Cons - -Mid bass bigger than Sub bass overall
    -Need to be modded and using match eartips to be really shine
    BQEYZ Spring 1 008 (4840) (small res).jpg

    Hi everyone!

    Finally, After burn in these gems and have many sessions I have decided to write my review about this Spring 1.
    BQEYZ are like the dark horse from chifi world, they may not as famous as other familiar chinese IEM makers but their line up are great.
    Seriously from my opinion they deserved more attention, their product sounds mature and smooth.
    The BQEYZ Spring 1 are built with triple hybrid drivers per side, with 13mm DD for low end, a BA for midrange and more hi-tech 7 layers piezo electric drivers to handle upper end.
    This little beauty is sold at $139 as suggested retail price but I got a special discount from BQEYZ that time. The early adopter discount has ended by now but you may
    ask for a little bit discount to them.

    BQEYZ official website/shop : https://bqeyz.aliexpress.com/store/4997112?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.33644c4d1QLqQE

    BQEYZ Spring 1 007 (4839) (small res).jpg

    ABOUT ME :
    Im just a 36 years old fan of this ocean of audiophile hobbyist, not an audio job professional person,
    starting this hobby since around 15 years ago, heard and had many iems, have been settled with Sony IER M7 currently but still getting chifis as a hobby like you do.
    I'm writing this review just to share with this community, I dont have any affiliate with any certain brands, nor the BQEYZ itself.
    I'm not good with fancy words and sorry in advance for my bad english, but trying my best to give an honest, non-biased review, putting
    aside "new toy effect" as could as possible. Please do remember that every person can have different opinion, different taste, and different preferences, and one for sure I could be wrong to in terms of hearing, perception, or personal taste.
    My favorites music genres are pop-jazz, vocal, classics, pop-rock, pop, jazz, big band, j-pop, blues, soul but sometimes also listening to other variety genres too.
    My current humble sources are LG V40, Fiio M6, Shanling M2s, TRN BT20 (older one - non S version) Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with Tempotec Sonata HD, Tempotec Sonata iDSD playing some FLACs, compressed and stream from Spotify Premium.

    Driver units: 13mm Coaxial dynamic driver+7 Layers piezo electric+Balanced armature and 1 BA (triple hybrid configuration)
    Impedance: 43Ω
    Sensitivity: 108dB
    Frequency: 7-40KHz
    Cable Length: 1.2m
    Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin
    Plug Type: 3.5mm


    Package Contents:
    Spring 1 IEM x 1 set
    8 Core Upgrade Silver-Plated Cable x 1
    Manual x 1
    Silicone Ear tips(S/M/L) x 6 Pairs
    Foam Ear tips x 1 Pair
    Carrying Case x 1

    BQEYZ Spring 1 011 (4847) (small res).jpg BQEYZ Spring 1 013 (4852) (small res).jpg

    The Spring 1 came with Medium Box, not small enough to grab it with 1 palm, but also not too big at 132x117x55mm measured. Bigger than previous BQEYZ boxes.
    A simple black colored box with BQEYZ debossed logo on top left, covered by cardboard box sleeve with Spring 1 picture and name on front and specifications on sides.
    Opened it up, we got The Spring 1 themselves, cardboard on bottom part to cover the BQEYZ case (yes we got case this time! simple thing that BQEYZ finally catching up),
    cable, manual, and 2 set of different eartips which are "reference" with wide bore and "Atmosphere" with medium bore dome shaped, both set in S,M,L sizes. An extra smooth foam bonus
    but only came in medium size also included. The eartips set were nicely attached to brushed steel placement, the one that wowed me when unboxing this.
    The cable provided with Spring 1 is great quality. A silver plated 8 core braided cable, seems like high quality one. The only downside for the cable is a rather stiff type than soft,
    though they don't easily got tangled, and the preformed plastic ear guide also a bit stiff and made the cable out of ear while using. Not big issue though.

    Took them out from box, this full metal aluminium alloy CNC built IEM has beautiful black matte finish (also available in soft blue color option) with combination of shiny anodized gold stripe around them like Fiio flagship FH7. Very simple yet elegant, and I fell in love with their look.
    The nozzle took out my attention, It is long enough and I was starting to wonder about its fit right away. Shell itself isn't big nor too small with 3 vent holes on inner side.
    As usual for me with my large ear canals, founding a great fit with tips was not so easy no differences with this one. I took my box of eartips and ready with large eartips.
    Before take the aftermarket tips, I did try their reference and atmosphere eartips.
    So short story, I've rolling with my eartips collection, and got several tips that can fit my ears attached to the Spring 1 not only with fit, but with sound synergy between IEM and eartips, I'll write on SOUND section more about eartips.
    BQEYZ Spring 1 005 (4833) (small res).jpg BQEYZ Spring 1 004 (4830) (small res).jpg

    SOUND :
    Out of the box Spring 1 were up to my expectation about their smooth house signature, they are very smooth and OMG details are exceptional even out of the box, straight away without comparing, I was able
    to differentiate them to their competitors on the same price bracket or even slightly higher price tag. But there is 1 thing that was bugging me, I expected more from the 13mm big driver. They just gave me
    a wooly, boomy, muddy bass sound, like you're hearing a subwoofer, big with power from the next room. I hoped they will be better after burn in (I'm believer for DD, not for BAs).
    After reaching 100+ hours in the next 2 weeks, I started to play with eartips rolling. And with 43 ohm impedance, they are a bit harder to drive than usual chifi.

    Eartips Rolling
    I have bunch collection of eartips, starting from cheapo chinese eartips, free gifts, until quite pricey like spiral dot++, regular spiral dot, azla sedna, acoustune AET07, AET08, until unusual eartips like radius deep mount, etc.
    and from my tips rolling experience with Spring 1, they seems to have good pairing with wide bore - short nozzle neck eartips. The "reference" tips that comes with Spring 1 is good example because of their characteristic of big bass (yes they have big amount of bass) so the narrow bore eartips isn't best pairing with Spring 1. Sony MH eartips, final audio type E eartips despite have a good fit to my ears, they made bass more boomy even more. While wide bore do better, I have to note that spiral dot (regular and ++) also made the highs very dull and lifeless because they are already very very smooth, even too smooth. Pairing with spiral dots which have ability to smoothen sound edges, made overall signature sounded very dull and flat (Even myself that like neutral, very balanced sound signature). Im settled between Acoustune AET07 or AZLA sedna short light, although they are not the best to reducing big bass the AET07 bring out details more and clarity moreover on midrange section and the Azla Sedna Short give me the best fit among all my eartips collections.
    BQEYZ Spring 1 009 (4841) (small res).jpg BQEYZ Spring 1 012 (4850) (small res).jpg

    Simple Modify
    This play a very important part of the Spring 1. Don't get me wrong at the first place that the Spring 1 already a very capable IEM by their default. They have crazy good details and smooth, very very smooth presentation
    with almost to none harshness. Bass section also have very good texture and fast decay by default.
    So what this simple mods about? To bring the Spring 1 to another level, fully to their potential. For picky me, the bass sounded wooly and boomy (even though few user are happy with default one), But I heard like there are
    so much power that can't be unleashed at the same time, so like they are bounced back inside made a boomy voices inside. I spent days to figure them out with changing eartips, and at some point I looked at the nozzle grill,
    could this is be the culprit? because of too small holes on the grill? so I opened the nozzle grill (user @bui hai anh did before me) and turned out there is a cloth mesh covering the whole nozzle from the back side of the grill.
    I think they are too dense that hold much of the air and sounds, blocking much of the flow from drivers. So what I did is just take out that mesh cloth, or you can change the entire grill with spare grill you could buy online (very cheap). With this hassle free mods (I'm not a handy man, you all can do this easily) the differences is like day and night. Air and sound flow from giant 13mm driver no longer blocked, they are more fully articulated and clear, texture can heard clearly, no longer boomy and wooly sounds. Mids section become very much clearer with no edgy (they still have damper on BA's opening) and highs that more to shy before become more lively.
    Soundstage and imaging are still the same, but timbre and tonality become much better and much more natural, no more "underwater effect, larger than life effect, or fake surround effect".
    If you're too scared for sibilance and harshness, you can put a very little cut of foam and put inside the nozzle like I did. In fact they are only a little bit shouty on high mids when I put them in very loud volume, above my comfort and usual volume level and only using silver plated cable (including the default one). When I was using copper cable and BT20 module, there are no shouty or sibilance at all even without added foams.
    So I will write my review based on simple grill mods from here, and I put little comparison with default one.
    BQEYZ Spring 1 006 (4835) (small res).jpg

    Overall Signature
    I will put the Spring 1 on balanced signature that good for all rounder with touch of bass. Treble slightly roll off, they are warm IEM with so much details. They are smooth all across frequency and sounded relax. Carrying their own house signature of course.
    They are very airy, with great soundstage and transparency. These are not neutral or flat or monitoring signature, but balanced with a slight additional fun touch.

    BQEYZ Spring 1 003 (4827) (small res).jpg

    Low end always my nitpick area because I always craving about great quality bass, I'm not basshead but I just like to hear a very quality bass. The Spring 1 bass are come from big 13mm dynamic driver, a little bit bigger than usual hybrid IEM that normally put 9mm-11mm DDs. From written specs, I was excited but yet concern about bass decay, a bad implentation of big driver can be slow but not the case with Spring 1, They are very agile with quick bass decay. For DD category and from 13mm DD they are considered very fast, much faster than Kanas Pro, similar to TFZ no 3 & BLON BL-03 in terms of speed. They are digging to the low end until out of my hearing, definitely lower than 30hz with a very good texture and articulation.
    Shape of the bass note are rendered very well, together with their speed, you will never miss a single bass note. Mid bass while a bit bigger than sub bass, they are very well controlled, there is no disturbing bleed to the mids, only touch of warmness.
    Well, their bass is the part that they don't excell very well for me because of the tune that mid bass slightly bigger than sub bass. Its more to preferences actually and my nitpick concern. If I could, I would like to have sub bass bigger than midbass.
    Some may describe this as sub bass slight roll off, but the sub bass is definitely there. For a jazz, rumble bass with slow rumbles, the sub bass more easily heard. But for complex bass with bass note, kick bass and other instrument slamming together, the mid bass section is the first one i heard. Kick drums feels complete and thick again with more higher bass part from mid bass to upper bass. The 80-120hz is slightly dominant here but they are very well controlled. Some maybe prefer this tuning of bass, but for me I prefer with more sub bass emphasize. But they are not bad at all, the sub bass - mid bass proportion is better than previous KB100 or BQ3 with sub bass in Spring 1 is already bigger in quantity. And for bass quality regarding texture, timbre, agility, articulation is already considered really good in this price range, again just my nitpick bad habbit about low end section.
    The quantity of the low end is quiet big, not to the basshead level but quite north of neutral, listening on low or medium volume will make they are sounded like a bit bass heavy but in high volume they are much more balance. That's why i recommend to not using bass-adding tips or small nozzle tips.
    With original default nozzle grill, the texture, articulation and clarity of the bass is not as good as after the simple grill mods. They will sounded boomy, wooly, as they are covered too tight like I said before, the most improvement I heard is on low end area. They are already better than those any budget IEM's bass
    but if you are willing to do that simple mods, the bass quality is marginally much better.

    Coming to the mids section, they aren't recessed as they have balanced presentation, with a little forwarded mids, but nicely sits on the mixed, not leaving other frequencies left behind. Mids sounded thick with good weight shaping a bodied mids without
    too sounding dark. Mids never sounded thin at all times. They are warm and sweet and buttery smooth even with cloth mesh taken out. Mids are supposedly handled by their BA which I saw have dedicated damper for it. Details on mids are very amazing. Hopefully
    not too biased or hyperbole, I want to say they are catching to TOTL level IEM in mids details, 1 of Spring 1 strong point here. High mids seems to be a bit emphasized with little 2 khz boost but with dip on 3khz to avoid shouty voices. But their boost are not
    as much as Harman target references, not the typical Chi-fi we got like in previous years. I have no complain at all in mids section, I guess these are the area where I like the most from Spring 1. Like its name, there is Spring all the year here with trees and
    many kind of flowers everywhere, nicely presents with smoothness, open space, very beautiful. Even on higher volume level I never smirk as reaction to shouty female voices like I did on many chifi, including Kanas Pro.
    Instruments that can be heard on 400hz until 2khz sounded very mature, timbre is very good even though coming from BA driver, very detail and separated from one to another instruments with a little spatial cues, very good but their spatial cues isn't very special, which
    are expected from this price range of IEM. Great spatial cues for me only appears on $500 IEM and above.
    With original default nozzle grill, they also already have that detail but smooth presentation of mids, only with grill mods, they are more open with clarity on another level.

    Placing 7 layer piezo electric driver with new configuration (coaxial with DD driver according to BQEYZ marketing specification) to take responbility of highs made trebles sounded very smooth and details. Treble have slightly roll of but with very good extension to higher ends
    Just that they aren't aggressive type of trebles. Rather relaxing sparkles with smooth presentation than energetic. Putting spiral dot tips made this highs sounded dull because they are already very smooth. With opened cloth mesh on the grill they are more lively but still far from aggressive.
    There is no boost at usual 6khz or 8khz, just smooth balance treble. For treblehead maybe they will craving for more energetic highs here. Its not bad thing, again is more to the preferences. For me I like this way of trebles, very relaxing non tiring trebles yet
    holding so much details with little bit of sparkles and shimmer. If they are tuned with a little bit 8khz boost I will be happier but there is no complain at all on highs from me.
    Before nozzle grill mods, I found them to be very treble shy, but very smooth one and while sometimes can be a little bit tizzy.
    BQEYZ Spring 1 001 (4818) (small res).jpg

    BQEYZ Spring 1 responds very well with EQ, sensitive and very noticeable differences. I was an EQ guy but recently I didn't touch EQ at all to my IEMs, leave them naturally like how they are sounded.
    If you want to play with EQ, boosting sub bass on 20-40khz will made them into deep punchy IEM, I did try and results were good, but I don't like pre amp effect, that made overall volume reduced.

    Soundstage WOW on Spring 1, well its like Spring season on the park, smooth, beautiful, warm and airy. Spring 1 have great width, very large with more width rather than depth, with quite height also, very noticable height. They are very airy and open and natural after grill mods, before the grill mods, they also have same width but sonically they aren't as natural as after grill mods. Do you ever heard fake surround effect from stereo system? That's how I would describe the slightly artificial soundstage before grill mods. But after grill mods, the magic is here. Very wide and open airy, 1 of the best I've ever heard in this entry level midfi.

    Detail Retrieval
    The best part to be told of. If I were asked to mention Spring 1 in just 2 words, my asnwer would be "Detail" and "Smooth". The strongest point that they are offering is their Detail retrieval, combined with high resolution, I was blown away even straight out of the box, after did the mods everything are even better. They are very detail and can pick up even hardest detail tasks, or something unheard before. Finger scratching on guitar strings are easy effortless for Spring 1, singer lips when opened mouth, her breathing voice also
    an easy job for them. They are much more capable than that, rythm guitars, keyboards, orchestra you can heard them all easily. They really crush their competitors in terms of details, really catching up to the TOTL. In fact they are not far behind my Sony IER M7 for details.
    And all the details come together in very musical way and they are mature sounded, not harsh details, but very smooth on the edge so even they are very details, on the same time they are also forgiving.

    I will give the timbre as quiet natural, with nice coherence between different types of drivers, not the best timbre I ever heard but I can rate them as very good. I also quite picky about timbre usually.
    One note though, before nozzle grill mods, timbre is a bit weird like I described earlier in this review. I guess again that cloth mesh made overall sound a bit weird.

    After grill mods, the clarity become superb, Not the default one sounds veiled, just with the grill mods, clarity become much better. Very transparent and lifelike, articulations are pronounced clearly.
    Hand clapping, finger snapping rendered nicely with nice extension before they are gone by the wind, so clear that almost sounded real in front of me.

    Separation & Imaging
    Instrument Separation on Spring 1 real good, and imaging is precise like their predecessors but a little bit better, pin pointing can be easy with this IEM. On complex tracks, they handle and separate instruments nicely.
    They can be described as holographic imaging with 1 instrument position will be locked precisely, not blurry, very sharp imaging.

    With having 3 vent holes I wouldn't surprised if Spring 1 quite weak on isolation. Price to be paid for having many vents for airy signature. But this can be preference base on individual also. I don't mind to have a bit leaking sound and actually
    with my point of view, I sometimes prefer IEM that can be use while keep aware of my surrounding environment. But if you're going to use it in busy and noisy area, you will need to put this aspect into consideration.

    BQEYZ Spring 1 002 (4823) (small res).jpg

    with Moondrop Kanas Pro

    I choose the Kanas Pro as comparison because they are sitting on same $100-200 bracket and a lot of people have this popular Kanas Pro. The DLC coating DD are become more popular recently, Kanas Pro and regular Kanas were being the first batch of hyped this
    Driver. Kanas Pro priced on $170 (currently replaced by KXXS) with Spring 1 retail price is $139. Fit wise both of them have long nozzles, so their fit isn't my best preferences but I can managed to have great fit with tips rolling. Build quality wise they are on par, built like a tank, solid aluminium metal, only I prefer finishing of Spring 1 because fingerprint magnet of the KP. Sub bass on KP rumbles more, with digging down deep but they are slow in decay compared to Spring 1. KP mid bass is really low in quantity, causing overall lower mids sounded a bit on thin side, and kick drums wont feel complete. I prefer bigger sub bass rather than mid bass but on KP they are too low on mid bass, there are no punch. While in Spring 1, I'm craving for more sub bass and bit lower of mid bass if possible, decay speed on Spring 1 is faster, attack and gone nicely, texture and articulation of the bass also better in Spring 1 with bass notes sounded with more body and shape and more details. To be frank neither have satisfied me on bass section but if I had to choose, I still prefer the Spring 1 bass more because of the texture and speed decay. Mids area are most interesting part as 2 of these IEMs are shining in mids. KP have super clarity and smooth mids, but more emphasized in high mids. I think clarity wise KP have win by slice only but overall Spring 1 mids are more balance. Details on mids the Spring 1 trumps KP, micro detail and retrieval and overall resolution on Spring 1 are hard to beat here, every articulation, every instrument details that hard to pick up on KP were much easier to be heard with Spring 1.
    Highs also Spring 1 have more details without sibilances, KP are quite smooth, but Spring 1 are smoother. Soundstage wise, Spring 1 also have larger soundstage with better imaging and separation. Personally, I will choose Spring 1 over KP.

    with TFZ no 3
    Same reason with KP above, I put TFZ no 3 here because they are priced similarly, with No 3 being a little bit cheaper at $109 again with DLC coating DD like KP. Built quality definitely an advantage for Spring 1 being metal built IEM, with no 3 using plastic/resin.
    Fit wise I prefer the no 3 for just nice shape and nozzle length to my ears, they are comfy! Bass wise the no 3 are famous for their punchy bass, tight and fast. the sub bass slam and mid bass punch together are nice for basshead, but for me they are a bit too much, particularly on mid bass section.
    Decay speed on bass almost the same with Spring 1 and No. 3. Texture wise, Spring 1 have slighty better texture here. Mids area on TFZ no 3 sounded very recessed compared to Spring 1, No 3 have great resolution but Spring 1 is more than that. Clarity, details No 3 can't stand against Spring 1.
    They have same treble rolled off only No 3 have boosted 8khz for sparkles, Spring 1 more smooth here but at the same time they are more detailed. Soundstage and imaging Spring 1 have bigger and better imaging by quite large margin since No.3 soundstage is just average.
    Separation wise also Spring 1 clearly better here. For me, 1 goes first after 3 definitely.

    with KZ ZSX
    Why I put this here? Because KZ always been a benchmark and almost everyone in chifi world have at least 1 KZ. I was going to put ZS10 Pro here, but since ZSX came in just in right time and for me they are better than ZS10 Pro so I just using ZSX as comparison. ZSX technicalities is very good, their separation and
    soundstage is great. Build quality, Spring 1 is better with aluminium shell once again, fit i guess both are not perfect but also not too bad. Bass section in Spring 1 much textured, faster decay and tighter, while ZSX sounded a bit uncontrolled when compared to Spring 1, Mids on SPring 1 much more detailed, ZSX sounded veiled
    when compared, and Spring 1 sounded much more mature and smooth while KZ sounds edgy, harsh (they are great for budget section but Spring 1 really on different class here). Separation is better in Spring 1, soundstage while ZSX considered large, in Spring 1 they are a bit larger with extra naturalness here. Timbre is much better
    in Spring 1. In other words, ZSX can't touch the Spring 1, they really sounded on different level. So what's the point? I know the feeling when I was hesitate to buy another IEM that more pricier, I was worried about how if the cheaper 1 is better. When $37 ZSX sounds like over $100 IEM yes, bad hundreds IEM or overpriced ones. But
    don't forget there are IEMs that sits on $100-200 that sounded like much more above them too, and same case on upper class. So overall Spring 1 is better technicalities than ZSX, when you are ready to upgrade, you won't dissapointed.

    with BLON-BL03
    Exceptional $27 hyped BLON BL03 is in the house. I love how this BL03 was tuned. Kudos to the tuner and BLON for this. Compared to Spring 1, like ZSX the BLON can't touch the technicalities of Spring 1, Separation Spring 1 crush the BLON, Spring 1 have much better clarity and resolution, Spring 1 sounded more mature, Soundstage is larger in Spring 1 with better imaging also. Timbre is the aspect where Spring 1 have to give to BL03, even not by much. I like the sub bass of BL03 even a little bit too much for my taste, but mid bass section, BL03 have bigger mid bass here. Mids area are a bit forwarder in Spring 1 with much details that BLON can't catch up. Highs BL03 have boosted 8khz that made sparkles more bright, while in Spring 1 they are more smooth. They are very different IEM by nature, but Spring 1 again is on another level than highly praised BL03

    with BQEYZ KB100
    I was so in love with this KB100 from the first I got them, very balanced and mature and smooth sound accross all frequencies. They are ashtonising on imaging and mids and smoothness. The Spring 1 have overall similar signature like KB100. a little bit bigger mid bass than sub bass (KB100 sub bass more rolled off compared to Spring 1), forwarded mids, relaxed trebles, great imaging and airy feeling. Only in Spring 1, they are upgraded in every section. Bass more textured, sub bass extension is better, faster speed decay on lows, more clarity, more separation, much more details, larger soundstage with great imaging. They are really like a very much better reincarnation of the KB100. If you like KB100, you will like the Spring 1, they are sharing same DNA. are they worth to upgrade from $50 KB100? for me Yes, details and resolution and clarity are main aspects to be expect, with everything else as bonuses.


    BQEYZ came out with new black horse that fight with more familiar brands on entry level midfi and they are nailed it. Spring 1 really delivers a high resolution IEM, with a lot of details but retaining their smooth signature. Using triple hybrid drivers, they successfully made the sound pretty coherence and balance overall but they can be better. The Spring 1 really have a very good potential. Technicalities are very great also. They still have improvement room for the lower end, to made cleaner bass with adding sub bass while reducing mid bass a little bit. Honestly their bass isn't that bad, just they don't excell on low frequencies like mids and their highs. For price that they are offering, I think Spring really hold much value as entry level midfi. They punch above their price range and beat their competitors on same league.

    BQEYZ Spring 1 010 (4842) (small res).jpg

    Best regards,
    Dynamic Ears
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    2. F700
      Very complete review. Nice. Question: how did you manage to open the grill in order to remove the mesh cloth? It would be helpful, thanks
      F700, Nov 27, 2019
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    3. DynamicEars
      Thank you for your appreciation on my humble review, Just use needle or something similar to uplift the grill from the side, they just sticked by adhesives around the corner. Then you can change the nozzle grill with aftermarket one or take out the mesh cloth behind the original grill (just force pull them away) and put back the original grill. I wrote about these on BQEYZ thread. Hope this helps!
      DynamicEars, Nov 27, 2019
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    4. F700
      Perfect, thanks a lot. The Spring1 will be priced around USD 120 on AE on Friday :)
      F700, Nov 27, 2019
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  9. NymPHONOmaniac
    Anatomy of musicality isn't clinical sounding
    Written by NymPHONOmaniac
    Published Oct 15, 2019
    Pros - Incredibly rich timbre, fast thick and clear bass, extremely detailed mid range, precise imaging, wide immersive soundstage, revealing cohesive sound, inoffensive treble, versatile W soundsignature, great sturdy construction, generous accessories, great price value
    Cons - not very easy to drive, long thick nozzle make it hard to find the right eartips, sub bass lack transparency


    SOUND: 9.5/10
    DESIGN: 8.5/10
    VALUE: 10/10

    It’s rare that I find some ‘’chi-fi’’ company to be underated, because lot of them like KZ and TRN are in fact overhyped.

    BQEYZ is the exception and its a shame they do not get as much attention as other bigger chinese companies because they really stand appart in term of quality of sound AND construction. This company really take their time to design and tune the iem they make and unlike other mass production company like KZ, they do not use conterfeit housing design or cheap balanced armature make by other. Nope, they create they own audio drivers wich explain why the creation of SPRING1 take more than a year to achieve.

    Apart from the Spring1, I own the 2DD+3BA’s hybrid BQ3 (68$) and the 2DD+1BA hybrid KB100 (50$) wich sound both excellent for the price and have unique personalities. With both of them, I did not encounter serious tuning problem like peaky upper mids or highs, or sloppy bass, or grainy artificial timbre, in fact, for once I can say it was professionally tuned and offer balanced musicality. As well, the superb construction stand appart from the sub-100$ iem market. This admiration for their previous models put the bar very high for the expectation I have about their flagship model that sell for 140$.


    BQEYZ patent their own special driver for the Spring1, its a unibody dynamic drivers with a 7 layers piezo, all put in one piece so the transient response sound natural. That alone is a little audio revolution, and offer way better audio performance than the cheap piezoelectric drivers used independantly for treble response. Yes, its fromanother league than the NiceHCK NX7 or Senfer DT6 in term of cohesive tuning and treble richness. If you were afraid that the Spring1 sound metallic, artificial or trebly, you can be reassure that they offer an high definition natural sound. As well, the customize balanced armature created by BQEYZ have nothing to envy to great BA like the Knowles, in fact, the region it cover is splendid to listen and way better than bellsin or sonion BA’s.

    Yes, BQEYZ deserve more respect and recognition, they are serious audiophile earphones company with talented audio engineer that have a refined unique vision about sound rendering. With the Spring1, I think they try to make the sound as much revealing as comfortable to listen to, wich is a very hard task. How can we make an earphones sound lively, exciting, very revealing and offer a lush musicality that will not sound too agressive or unbalanced?? Let’s see in this review if its possible to achieve such a fascinating musicality.

    You can buy the Spring1 directly from BQEYZ Ali express store HERE

    DISCLAIMER: Some audio company sincerly fascinate me, BQEYZ is one of them, so I follow closely the creation of the Spring1 since the first day. I ask so much question that I finally got the chance to have a review sample wich I accept with humility. I wanna thanks BQEYZ to not put pressure on reviewing and letting my objectivity being intact of any expectation. This review is as honnest as it can be.



    1. Item:Spring 1

    2. Dynamic Driver: 13mm

    3. Impedance: 43Ω

    4. Sensitivity: 108dB

    5. Frequency: 7-40KHz

    6. Cable Length: 1.2m

    7. Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin

    8. Plug Type: 3.5mm

    9. Driver units: 13mm Coaxial dynamic driver+7 Layers piezo electric+Balanced armature

    9. Mic: Without

    10. Color: Black / Blue (Optional)


    P1040177.JPG P1040179.JPG P1040184.JPG P1040186.JPG

    included are well presented in a very enjoyable unboxing experience, wich is the more serious presentation of BQEYZ line up. Yes, we are in flagship territory, and one thing that proof it is the excellent 8 cores Silver plated cable that is included. Its thick, super sturdy and very beautifull. This type of cable alone should be priced between 30-50$ and is a very welcome addition to the excellently built 2pin earphones. As well, we have a generous amount of eartips, wich include 6pairs of silicone eartips and a pair of memory foam tips. If it wasn’t enough, we have too a nice sturdy protective case. Can we ask for more? Nope, not at this price.

    P1040446.JPG P1040444.JPG P1040442.JPG P1040439.JPG

    CONSTRUCTION is excellent, metal used is so light yet thick and well polished that some will think its half plastic with back metal plate. Nope, just hit the housing togheter, the noise will reassure you : this is all metal housing. As well, the nozzle is metal too, and quite long. All in all, the SPRING1 promise long durability and have excellent craftmanship with great attention to details.


    The 8cores silver plated cable is sumptuous too, and extremely sturdy. After 2 months of use i did not encounter any quality check issue like i do with IKKO or Tinaudio T3 cable were the 2pin or mmcx metal cover unglue suddenly. This cable is a keeper and I use it with multiple earphones including the Spring1.


    DESIGN of housing is quite chunky, with an oval near triangular shape and a thick long nozzle similar to the KZ ZS10PRO. I did struggle a little to find the right fit because if I use too long eartips even medium size became too big to be push enough deep in my ears. I finally use wide bore eartips included with the Spring1. Even if i can wear these very long, i don’t consider them as the most comfortable iem I own due to quite chunky body.

    is excellent and do great work for passive noise cancelation, as well, due tothe venting hole being in front of housing, the noise leakage is very minimal and will not be a problem in silent environment.


    DRIVEABILITY isn’t the most easy at 43ohm impendance and 108db sensitivity, very powerfull DAP like the Ibasso DX90 will drive them properly, but other loess powerfull one like Xduoo X3 will lack power and affect soundstage and dynamic attack. I suggest using either a seriously powerfull DAP or portable AMP with the Spring1, otherwise you will not hear their full potential.

    SOUND :


    SUBJECTIVE SOUND APPRECIATION is sincerly overwhelmingly positive and that, since the very first day -once I find the right fit- with Spring1. This is grand sounding iem that can’t let indifferent anybody. It have a unique W shape soundsignature thats polished on top. The mid range blow my mind with its thick textured timbre and superb imaging. Bass is fast, thick and very authoritative. Treble never sound artificial. Whatever I throw to the Spring1 gain in lushness and attack, as if it can ressurect musicality of lifeless track by extracting extra textured and presence from 1khz to 10khz. This iem is extremely versatile because it have it all : bass, mids, highs. If I crave my head for a music style that will sound not as much spectacular than other it will be trap rap where sub kick need more rumble and transparency….but I don’t really listen to this style. For me, the Spring1 is surely the very best sub-150$ iem money can buy in term of versatility, definition and rich musicality.

    SOUNDSTAGE is sincerly something special with the Spring1, extremely wide and quite tall and deep until bass stole some deepness to it. It have an intense outof your head spaciality, with holographic feel I rarely if ever encounter with any other iem. This really is the type of earphones that have the magic of a full size headphones.

    IMAGING is incredibly accurate and sharp, space between instrument is wide and clear, again, only big bass line can stole some spot on definition because it will cover the black background. With well mastered music with lot of spacial acoustic phenomenon, the Spring1 give me spectacular accuracy in disposition of sounds layers I rarely if ever live, this was extremely immersive presentation with panoramic 3D like feel. This type of grand magnificated imaging isn’t expected in sub-200$ price range.

    CLARITY is from another league here, and have sharp emphasis in midrange and treble, delivering effortless details up to upper highs. Bass being less transparent than mid and highs, it can stole some lower mids attack definition, but never to the point we feel its completely veiled, in fact, this type of thick opaque bass stay in the back of all this super clear mids and highs, so, it only stole some space and air to natural instrument decay. We aren’t in cold analytical or metallic clarity here, more so in lush hyper realist one.

    TIMBRE is thick, textured, and well rounded. It sound at the same time natural and super colorfull, and have a mix of opaque bass, transparent mid range and crisp treble. Slightly bright, but carefully polished.

    LOWER BASS is quite thick and opaque, slightly dry and very weighty. To my ears, its the only part of audio spectrum that do not sound natural and effortless. Its very present and benifit from extra clarity in music with lot of instruments ,so we can hear sub bass line perfectly, but the extra energy in 50-100hz section make it roaring instead of rumbling, as if it struggle to move air but compensate it with extra thickness in timbre and attack. Still, as said, its tigh and controled and very clear, just that the natural extension up to 20hz isn’t feel and lack transparence.

    MID BASS is fast, weighty, natural and well textured, the punch is full and juicy with good impact that do not feel too fowarded or forced. Unlike lower bass, transient response is more accurate and let the soundwaves move naturally. Transition to lower mid range is organic and add extra thickness to overall timbre. Cello sound marvellously bodied and lower piano note have good weight and impact.

    MID RANGE is something precious with the Spring1, its so revealing and fully covered with high level of subtle details one would think its overly bright, analytical or cold, but no, its lushly natural sounding too and exempt from any harsh peaks or sibilance. Whatever the type of music I play, it will show me all instrument textures with magnified singularities, no instrument will fight against each other for presence but instead they will have their own lush presence in wide accurate imaging and play togheter in rich harmony. Vocal are as thick and detailed as violin or piano, keeping their natural presence. It’s among the best vocal I heard even if they aren’t pushed foward, the timbre is so well rendered I ‘’believe’’ their life like rendition, most of all, male and female vocal will sound as good and full bodied. Electric guitar too will be gently crunchy and textured, never thin or artificial sounding even if they keep a minimal amount of transparency like all other instruments.

    TREBLE is another miracle with the Spring1 and could only be achieve with this special dual piezo dynamic driver patented by BQEYZ. Unlike other piezo electric iem I try, their no metallic highs, grainy texture or trebly peak with those, its near organic in fact, but lush and ultra detailed in lower-mid treble too. This type of treble remind me the one of Final Audio E serie, but to a next level in term of clarity and texture. Acoustic guitar sound incredible with the Spring1, it have extra brilliance and rich sharpness but not alot of decay, just enough so the attack can be fast and accurate to permit other instrument sounding clear as well. Percussions stay in the back, wich is how I like it if they are super clear and realist, wich is exactly what the Spring1 deliver.

    SUB BASS : 7.5/10
    MID BASS : 8.5/10
    MID RANGE : 9/10
    TREBLE : 9/10
    TIMBRE : 8.5/10
    CLARITY : 9/10
    SOUNDSTAGE : 9.5/10
    IMAGING : 9/10


    DOMINIC MILLER ‘’Absinthe’’

    The languid accordeon solo in the begining have very appealing clarity that emphase nicely the texture, tonal accuracy is outstanding and micro details of finger pressing the keys is delicately rendered. After, the acoustic guitar came, again with high level of clarity, beautifull crispness and control decay, until all instruments come togheter naturally, effortlessly, in a super wide coherent spaciality that take full advantage of crystal clear mid range imaging. Bass line are perfectly articulate, thick and opaque in the back, while accordeon keep a beautifull floating transparency and guitar in the center play its line sharply. Kick drum and percussions are well separeted like all other instrument, kick staying at your left while percussions move from left to right corner. Texture of brush drumming is superbly rendered, sweetly textured, again very natural and life like. Now, a synth line is add to this fourtet, its light, transparent, as if a new wooly layers was insert between guitar and drum. The guitar have as much presence than accordeon and do not sound too metallic or decayed, level of balance in sound is extremely refined and tend to benifit from clarity as anything mix togheter. Attack of all instrument is energic yet never shouty or artificial, it give push to liveliness and presence in a flat way.

    MACHINEFABRIEK ‘’III (with Peter broderick)

    Wow, what an audio experience! The soundstage is just gigantic and ultra holographic with this track, background is perfectly black too, big sub kick hit very hard, thick, opaque, super weighty and thigh with fast rumble. Layers of female and males voices have extremely accurate spacial placement and this is quite a psychadelic experience! Clarity of imaging is jaw dropping, we have a mix of layers transparency and specific spaciality that never fail to sound as if you wear very big full-size open headphones (but with closed back bass when it occur). Even at the end of the track when we have an overwhelming amount of very textured male and female voices line, the Spring1 keep its layerings definition detailed and transparent.


    VS IKKO OH1 (140$) :

    The OH1 is an excellent 1DD+1 knowles BA hybrid earphones and the audiophile do not overhype them because they deserve the praise they have. Construction is more eye appealing than the Spring1, but both share thick metal housing. OH1 is notably larger while Spring1 is thicker, offering about both same level of comfort, but as the nozzle is less long and tichk than Spring1, i can use long silicone eartips with the OH1.
    SOUNDSTAGE is wider, taller and more holographic with the Spring1 while the OH1 have a little more deepnest to it.
    IMAGING is more intimate and minimalist with the OH1, as if the bass and highs are better separated and mid range is opaque and lack space between instrument, here the Spring1 have near the opposite imaging approach, where whole mid range is extremely well articulated and separeted and the bass and highs stay layered in the back.
    BASS is more emphased with the OH1 and have better separated sub bass wich is thick, clear and very well define but make the mid bass punch a little shadowed and can warm lower mid range, the Spring1 have less rumble in sub bass, wich is thick, dry and opaque but quite fast, the mid bass have more weight and better definition.
    MID RANGE is brighter, thinner and less textured with the OH1, this is really where the sword hit, because Spring1 mid range is richer and more accurate, it cover full 1khz-8khz range without notable dip and offer better instrument separation too. OH1 can be hot in upper mids, wich the Spring1 do not encounter, but the biggest difference is in timbre and weight, as we can hear with piano.
    TREBLE is similar with those too, but again, i find the Spring1 more natural and fuller sounding, percussions have more weight while the OH1 is more about cripsness but struggle to dig as much details than Spring1.
    All in all, the OH1 is like a more bassy Spring1 with more agressive mids and less rich timbre.

    VS BRAINWAVZ B400 (150$) :

    Now, let’s see how a 4 balanced armature can compare to the Spring1.
    Construction of B400 is ridiculous and quite fragile, but as its smaller and lighter it is more comfortable than Spring1.
    SOUNDSTAGE is way wider with the Spring1, and about the same deep. IMAGING is from another league with the Spring1, while the B400 have an intimate layerings that feel stock in your head the Spring1 have wide holographic spaciality with clearer separation.
    BASS is notably rolled off after 50hz with the B400, its warm, soft in slam and rapid in mid bass attack that lack weight and body, Spring1 have more thumping bass, wich dig lower and have more texture to it.
    MID RANGE is warmer, thiner and lack in attack and weight compared to more textured, detailed and energic one of Spring1. Even if B400 are mid centric, it sound dark compared to Spring1 here, the vocal have perhaps more emphasis but they lack texture in timbre.
    TREBLE is again more rolled off with B400, with all its emphasis in lower treble, wich can make the sound feel unbalanced compared to more linear frequency response of Spring1 that offer crisper and more controled highs.
    All in all, B400 sound less balanced, darker, lifeless and less refined than the excellent Spring1.



    BQEYZ Spring1 is an exceptional earphones with a grand musicality that never stop to impress me with its versatile accuracy. The richness of timbre is mesmerizing for its price as well as high level of details up to 12khz. To produce a sound with such weight in attack that keep its layering clean of congestion is really a tuning miracle wich is surely due to the incredible piezo-dynamic driver used with the balanced armature.

    I can’t find any fault with this iem, should it be in construction, design or sound, it really make alive whole frequencies range without making it feel forced or sound artificial.

    If you only listen to electronic with lot of sub bass rumble, perhaps this will impress you in a less overwhelming way than me, but for all other music style like jazz, classical, pop, rock, IDM, R&B, folk, metal etc, the Spring1 will make your ears see in the dark.

    I can’t recommend those iem enough, and consider them the very best sub-200$ iem I ever try.
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    1. iBo0m
      Great, detailed review. Did you try any orchestra and quality of instrument's sepration, layering? :)
      iBo0m, Oct 31, 2019
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    2. WontUseThisAccountAnymore
      So, i created an account just to ask this question, is there any portable dac/amp or dap under 100 dollars that can run them properly? Sorry, but i'm kind of new to this world of "chi-fi audio", so please be gentle :).
    3. Wiljen
      Under $100, I'd say best bet is likely something like the Topping Nx2s paired to a phone or one of the dongle dacs like the SMSL idea.
      Wiljen, Dec 26, 2019
  10. Wretched Stare
    BQEYZ Spring1 Flagship achieved.
    Written by Wretched Stare
    Published Sep 18, 2019
    Pros - Great Build Quality, excellent details.
    Cons - A larger hard protective case would be more fitting for this flagship and more foam tips are always a need.
    The unit is done elegantly in all black aluminum with a gold trim, comes with every accessorizes you could possibly need and in such nice box you automatically know its going to be something special inside.

    Specifications: 13mm Bass dynamic driver + ultra-high frequency 7-layers piezoelectric & custom mid-high frequency balanced armature, Frequency: 7-40kHz , Impedance: 43ohm, Sensitivity: 108±3dB

    Package Contents: Spring 1 earphone, 8 Core Silver-Plated Cable , Manual six pairs of silicone Ear tips (S/M/L) , foam Ear tips and hard leatherette carrying Case.

    This IEM (earphone) is truthfully the first Flagship I’ve owned not the first I’ve heard but the very first in my collection. The sound is incredibly detailed with vocals being rich and perfectly centered, mids are definitely well done here. The Bass and Sub-Bass is accurate and speedy with a presence. The treble is superb having a great quality and yet reaching that exact point I find pleasant. Instrument separation and a accurate sound-stage are but a few of the Spring-1’s best features of this unit. Overall this is a well built, great looking and sounding IEM that offers up a pleasant listening experience with any type of music for a exceptional price of $139.

    1. RikudouGoku
      Is the physical size of the spring 1 smaller than the audiosense T800? Is it less sibilant?
      RikudouGoku, Oct 31, 2019
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    2. ChinoLi
      any comparions ?
      ChinoLi, Nov 16, 2019