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Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Apple devices, Energy Green

  1. ColdNinjaPro
    Awesome earbuds that cost an arm and a leg
    Written by ColdNinjaPro
    Published Feb 22, 2016
    Pros - Clear sound, Bass is clear and not muddy, super portable, and awesome eartips
    Cons - Build quality is questionable, and mic's buttons do not work with non apple devices ( not really a con but sucks), and eartips are propreitary
    The Bose SoundSport are awesome earbuds that I used for six months until they broke at the center part, and now I have to hold the cable in a certain position until it gets sound. The earbuds sit very well in your ears with proprietary , and the color is eye popping which makes them  easier to find. The SoundSport actually  stays in your ears even when you are running, and the sound does not get worse when you are running. The sound on the earbuds are pretty excellent, but I mainly used them with my OnePlus Two with sound modifications usually things like Viper4android, Viper4androidwithdolby, xtrememusic, RHR, and projectDesire. These things made the earbuds sound better, but I did use the SoundSport without the sound modifications.  The SoundSport without the sound modifications sound good, but the bass is not as good. The Sound was good with all audio, I listened to lot of podcasts, electronic music, and every other type of music besides country, and after using these earbuds I did not experience much ear fatigue. These earbuds are great, but they have questionable build quality especially for the price, so be extra careful. They can handle a little abuse, but be careful.The other issue is the ear tips which are proprietary ,and the apple version volume up and down buttons don't work with android, but that is a given. The Mic quality is good. Just don't pay for these at high retail prices wait for a sale. Please.
    Earbuds come with

    In the box

    1. SoundSport in-ear headphones
    2. 3 pairs StayHear® tips (S, M, L)
    3. Carry case
    4. Inline microphone and remote for select Apple devices
    5. Clothing clip
    6. Quick start guide
    7. Warranty card