Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

General Information

The headphones that pioneered an industry are now even better.

QuietComfort 15 headphones feature exclusive Bose advancements in noise reduction technology. You hear less noise than ever before, and even more of your music and movies--with the quality sound you expect from Bose. And their lightweight fit stays comfortable for hours. It's a combination of benefits unmatched in the industry.

Quieter than ever before
Bose was the first to introduce noise cancelling headphones over 20 years ago, for use specifically on airplanes. And the company has continuously improved the technology since then.

QC®15 headphones significantly reduce even more noise across the full spectrum of human hearing. Advanced electronics now use microphones both inside and outside each earcup to sense and reduce more of the sounds around you. The headphones also feature improvements to proprietary Bose ear cushion technology, further reducing unwanted noise. New cushion materials now block more noise before it enters the earcups, delivering an even quieter listening experience and a comfortable fit.
Concert hall sound--or peaceful sanctuary
QC15 headphones also have proprietary signal processing and audio reproduction technology for quality sound--including deep low notes--from small, lightweight earcups. You enjoy well-balanced and detailed audio, all made clearer by advanced noise reduction.
Even when not listening to music, you can use these headphones to quickly leave the noise behind--and relax.

For travel, work and home
When you fly with QC15 headphones, engine roar fades even further away. When you listen at home or at work, fewer distractions get in the way. When you're on the move, an optional mobile kit lets you use these headphones with a cell phone, too.

What's in the box
--QuietComfort 15 headphones
--Detachable audio cable
--AAA battery
--Airline adapter
--Carrying case

Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Noise canceling, Comfort, design, Sound Quality.
Cons: Price, Not passive, Cheap cable, Bass
I found these for a great price used and couldn't pass them up because I am going on a long flight soon. The noise canceling in these is incredible as most have said. Any sound that drones on or rumbles or is generally steady and unpleasant goes away with the flick of a switch. My first test for these was my lawnmower. They can kill the sound from it to a point where it is only a very low easy to ignore sound. Music will completely drown it out. Second test was inside a data center at work. These can almost completely kill the sound from the data center. Anyone who has been in one knows what I am talking about... Lots and lots of loud fans all going at once. Interestingly enough though you can still hear people talk with these on. They are definitely quieter but if I pause my music with them on I can still hear a co worker if they are talking directly at me. I think this is by design. They are more for canceling ongoing consistent sounds not sounds that are brief and varied. 
Ok now on to the sound quality. It's passable. It's good. Its not amazing or awe inspiring but it's just fine. If you hear them you would understand. 
Highs are smooth but a bit compressed and recessed. Very top end is missing. 
Mids are very smooth clean and forward. 
Bass is slightly muddy and a tad boomy but not overstated. 
Overall I would consider this sound signature to be very relaxing and easy to listen to for hours. There is nothing to wear you out. That might be exactly what Bose was going for honestly. If you think about it for this type of headphone it makes sense. Some could consider them a bit muddy sounding due to the compressed highs and the boomy bass but I really do think they sound fine. 
So in conclusion I feel like if you can pick up a pair of these for $150 or less they are worth it. I couldn't see spending any more on them. If they sounded better they would be worth the $300 price tag. Also as others have stated you have to have them turned on for them to put out any sound at all. If your batteries die you are out of luck. I also don't like the cable. It's a bit tangly and doesn't like to straighten out if you have had it rolled up for a while. 
Music Alchemist
Music Alchemist
Pro tip: use a normal headphone cable (instead of the proprietary stock cables that have electronics that interfere with the signal) for dramatically better sound quality. I had to wrap toilet paper around the connector shell to keep normal cables in place, though, and the channels get switched due to the active circuitry of the headphones.

I'm surprised you thought the highs were recessed. I owned a QC15 for years, and the highs were boosted and often sibilant, but less so with a proper cable.


New Head-Fier
Pros: The Noise Isolation is Like No Other
Cons: Some say the sounds isn't that great. I think it's good/great
When I go to a busy restaurant during lunch with my headphones, I feel like I'm by myself with the QC 15's.  They work fine with your iPhone but if you get an Amp, you can change the setting on the headphone jack to Lo.  Then, you can crank the Amp and you get some pretty good sound when you are at home.  In my opinion, if you listen and get used to their sound, you'll be happy with the sound.  Also, they fit well on my head, which I like.  I felt like the other headphones (Parrot Zik, UE9000, UE6000 and others) moved around when I would walk.  I don't recommend this, but they are GREAT to workout at the gym.  I bring my iPad and can watch a TV show in a busy, noisy gym without having to crank it. 
Don't get my wrong, you will hear sounds from the outside world, but they are sounds like someone talking or a siren.  These headphones take out the background noise.  Also, you can get these for under $200 used since they've been out for years.  You won't get the Apple cord, but you can get that online.  You will lose a little sound with the cord not from Bose, but it works and it's so nice to adjust volume, skip songs, etc.
I always quite enjoyed listening to these at best buy. May not be the best headphones but they excell at noise cancelling. 


New Head-Fier
Pros: Noise Cancelling, Comfortable, long term wear comfort
Cons: unusably long cord, music quality is nothing special.
Alright so this is my first review, but ill try to just lay down the facts and keep it simple. These headphones do an amazing job of taking all outside noise away. just flipping the switch on them even without music playing, makes you feel like you entered a vacuum where all sound disappears. Its really something to awe at. If you're going to buy these headphones, it should be for that reason alone. 
The cord is long.. verrry long. If the headphones are on me, and connected to my phone in my pocket, the excess cord hangs almost to my ankles.. Its between 6-7 foot in length, which is pretty ridiculous. The cord does come with 2 cords of same length, one for apple, and one without controls. so if youre like the norm out there using Android, you'll be out of luck. 
The sound is alright, it has strong bass, sometimes unwelcomed, but overall the sound is "alright". I definitely wasnt blown away, and for nearly $300 I would like to be. 
Last point to mention, is theyre very comfortable, they dont move or budge if you shake your head, or "rock out" wearing them. in fact, when you include the superior noise canceling, its quite easy to fall asleep wearing them. Which is very welcomed in any headphones. 
Overall theyre a great pair of headphones for the $150 range, but for $300 I would say theyre not worth it. 
If you need noise cancellation, theyre unrivaled by anything else around however.
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