BOSE Companion 2 Series I - Reviews
Pros: Deep Embodied Sound
Cons: Too Much Textured Bass
Companion II Series I - King of $100 & Under Richness?
With Bose being well known, and being a household name in today's audio world, there's been a lot of hit and miss. 
Bose has also made big mistakes. *Cough* QC15-QC25 *Cough*
Though I think they're definitely a choice for the Two Speakers, & One Amp application.
Bellowing Lows, & a textured Bass thump through these very thoroughly.
Unfortunately, we see the loss of a lot.
Mids are great, Detailed, & Forward. Bounded to beat most in their range.
My issue with the Bass was it's response, it's got great accuracy, but the Basses thunder remained at the same tempo, leaving tracks that are usually filled to the T with High Hits, & Low Blows missing.
But if Brass were a thing that were ever taken into account, it'd be what the Bose Companion 2 Series I did best!
From the burst of the blow force taken to power most Brass pieces, to the echo of chambers it leads to extort the sound, you get it all. It's very Forward Sounding, Bright, and High Frequency Focused.
Timbre of Acoustics is something very prominent here! 
My take after having owned these going nearly on seven years, they still preform like powerhouses. Leading on over +400 Hours of Burn In. They originally require 100 Hours for maximum performance.
I think the chase for Bose's first lineup speakers that'd lead them on to their Third Series! Lays somewhere in the ballpark of this.
These are speakers of High Performance, but for anyone who loves music.
Not just Audiophiles, & Audio Enthusiasts, so we'll go about it by tuning the Acoustic Radius to allow maximum performance with detail through speaker that isn't even Amped.
Fit for everyone's ear, even a novice could plug these in and notice something different about his/her music.
I will say, use an Amp to clear out most Static from Low Quality Audio Files.