Bose® Mobile On-Ear Headset

General Information

The Bose mobile on-ear headset delivers quality audio for your music, lets you take calls with ease and has a fit that stays comfortable for hours. If you enjoy listening to music on your mobile phone, it's time to experience the Bose difference.
Like all Bose headphones, the mobile on-ear headset features proprietary audio reproduction technology that delivers impressive low frequencies from compact headphoneswithout artificial bass boost. You'll enjoy tonally balanced and clear sound for all your mobile music.
One-touch switching. Hands-free talking.
When your phone rings, just push the headset's answer/end button to pause your music and take the call. The omnidirectional microphone on the back of the button picks up your voice clearlywithout having to hold it to your lips. End the call with one more touch, and your music continues from where you left off.Easy on the ears
The headphones weigh just over five ounces and are designed for hours of comfortable wear. Earcups are softly padded and gently conform to the shape of your ears. They rotate from front-to-back and top-to-bottomfor an adaptable fit that reduces pressure points. They also fold flat and rotate into the headband, making them easy to transport and store in the included case.
For today's mobile phones
The headset is compatible with a variety of popular mobile phones. Visit for a list of compatible phones. The audio cable connector fits directly into iPhone and other phones with 3.5 mm jacks. A set of three adapters is also included for connections to many other mobile phones.
Tap the full audio power of your mobile phone. Experience the difference Bose technology can make.What's in the box--Bose on-ear headphones--Detachable audio cable with inline microphone and answer/end button--Three 2.5 mm adapters--Carry caseiPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Latest reviews

Pros: Strong Low end/ Good build Quality/ Cancels a lot of noise for a not noise caneling headphones
Cons: Make ears sweat a little
These headphones i REALLY like. They have a powerful low end and i mostly listen to rap/R&B/Hip Hop and i have to say this is probably one of the headphones i like. They sound good for About $150. I Like the design, its not really bulky which is good. it is Really comfortable but they can make your ears hot a little bit. These headphones earpads can get worn out after many uses. Mine hasn't worn out much but my uncles friend did. Overall i would give it a 4/5 because it sounds good and provides comfort but the earpads may get worn out. The audio is really good but it wont work for many genres. I Love the low end but maybe a little less would have made it a tad better.


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