BOQARI Q1 Metal Earbuds Headphones with Travel Case (Noir Black)

General Information

Daring, rugged metal lines. Shimmering, complex geometric surfaces that beg to be held and touched. A stunning revolution in design and style; the Q1 by BOQARI dons the unmistakable crown of the world’s first couture earphone. A finely tuned pure metal sound chamber offers flawless resonance for the Q1’s wide spectrum titanium micro drivers. The result is a rich, dynamic soundstage with BOQARI’s signature high-definition sound curve for crystal clear highs, beautiful full-range mids and vocals, and deep, solid, larger than life bass. The Q1 utilizes a custom braided cable and 24-carat gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium, lossless sound connection with your audio device. All joints are reinforced with rugged flexible strain reliefs. Included in this deluxe gift set are 7 different sized pairs of custom fitted soft single and double flange silicone ear bud tips (from XS to XL) for a perfect, super comfortable, noise isolating fit. Also included is a sleek, luxurious BOQARI travel case with matching metal mosaic details. Available in black, gold, silver, and pink. Like all BOQARI products, the Q1 comes with a Lifetime Warranty. See the BOQARI website for details.


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