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Boltune BT-BH011 Noise Cancelling Headphones

  1. SilverCans
    Boltune BT-BH011
    Written by SilverCans
    Published Oct 14, 2019
    Pros - Excellent sound
    Punchy tight bass
    Great Mids and Highs
    Cons - Soundstage not as large as more expensive rivals
    ANC performance not comparable to elite ANC cans (Sony 1000MX3, Bose QC35II)
    Excellent sounding headphone, best sub $100 I've ever heard. Clear, punchy, tight sound, with lovely mids, and detailed highs without any harshness

    Summary of main review:
    • Without getting into too much details with respect to sound quality my preferences are as follows: Sony 100MX3 > Boltune BH011 > Sony CH700 > Boltune BH010 > Meidong >> the rest. For a $89 can, the BH011 sounded incredible, very dynamic, punchy, zero harshness, very detailed; where it lacked compared to the Sony 1000MX3s was in sound-stage (note however, the Sony's are nearly 3 times as much). They didn't distort while in or out of ANC mode, rather w/ ANC on, they had a punchier presentation (flatter/balanced with ANC off)
    • With respect to noise cancelling my preferences are as follows: Sony 1000MX3 >> Boltune BH011 > Boltune BH010 / Meidong 7 series (tie) >> Fogeeks > MPOW >> Sony CH700 (very poor).No heaphone except the Bose come close to the Sony 1000MX3 in terms of noise cancelling