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  • BLOX TM5 Earbuds

Recent Reviews

  1. Antineutrino
    The best earbuds on the planet?
    Written by Antineutrino
    Published Jul 15, 2010
    Pros - Awesome bass, great mids and sparkling highs...
    Cons - Not too wide soundstage...
    Let's have a look at Blox TM.5
    7 / 10
    Box is simple and contains a small booklet saying that these earbuds are limited to 250 pieces. 2 spare foams and  another 2 with a hole are included.
    7 / 10
    They are plain, simple and a bit bulky. The only thing that makes difference from a 5$ earbuds is the small metallic strip on the side that gives them a stylish touch.
    8 / 10
    They are quite small and would easily fit most of the ears out there....
    Build quality
    6 / 10
    I was expecting a bit more quality for  195$... Neither the worst nor the best one i saw...
    Audio Quality
    10 / 10
    Audio performance is stellar for an earbud. It can compete (and win) with many full size earphone.
    Bass is really nice! It kicks hard, fast and it's very detailed. Mids are perfect and highs are sparkling and well separated. Soundstage is deep, but not too wide. Someone would prefer a wider presentation so keep in mind that this is the only remark. Efficiency is really high, so even weak sources can easily drive it.
    Comparing to my Yuin OK1
    I can't say  wich one is the best. They are just different. Yuin OK1 have a rounder and warmer bass (but not the same impact) than Blox TM5 when correctly amped and equalized. Yuin OK1 can reach a higher volume level than TM5 keeping the perfect sound quality. Yuin OK1 have a wider soundstage. Separation seems to be more accurate on TM5 than OK1, but the latter have a bit more sparkling highs. Mids and vocals are excellent on both.
    195$ (+ 25$ taxes because  I live in Italy) ... Stellar performance [​IMG]
    This is, on par with Yuin OK1, the best earbud I ever listened to...
    1. NzNuTz
      Nice review !!
      NzNuTz, Apr 1, 2013
    2. Antineutrino
      Thank You NzNuTz
      Antineutrino, May 31, 2013


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