Blox TM11


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Superior TOTL sound.
Cons: Classic MX500 shell. Cable not included.
My pair has been properly burnt in for about 80 hours prior to this review. I used an OCC material MMCX cable, Tripowin Altea.

The Blox TM11 is the flagship of his Blox (made by Mr Woo), a small earphone company located in Thailand.
Blox was well known for selling small but great earphones all over the world.
Blox's previous flagship was TM9(2018) and before that he was TM7(2013).

I tested the Blox TM11 with the following sources:
- FiiO btr3k
- ifi Gryphon

★Sound quality★
Presentation: The TM11 has an overall smooth and very natural presentation.

Soundstage: The TM11 is one of the best earbuds for those looking for the best soundstage that can be achieved in earbud form.

Instrument Separation: Instrument separation and layering is near perfect and what you can expect from genuine TOTL earbuds. You can easily identify the details of any instrument.

Bass: The bass sounds very deep, has a big impact, and has a great tone that extends well into the deep bass like headphone. There's definitely enough bass to enjoy.

Mids: This is great because it sounds very natural. The midrange is just the right amount to my ears. Very linear and clear. Vocals are pleasant and the tuning is perfect for long listening sessions.

Treble: No harshness or sibilance. The treble is well-tuned to retain plenty of detail, but without sounding overly analytical or harsh. It sounds more transparent while retaining details.

★Music genre★
I didn't find anything lacking in all the genres I listened to on the TM11 (from jazz, rock, pop, classical, etc.). The distinctive sound they produce is extremely versatile for almost any genre.

The EB2S Pro is the new big brother of the NiceHCK EB2S; compared to the EB2S Pro, the TOTL sound offered by the TM11 is immediately and easily identifiable. The TM11 is much deeper, especially in the soundstage.
Everything sounds richer on the TM11 (especially sub-bass and bass). There is more detail and better imaging; there is still less sub-bass on the EB2S Pro; the EB2S Pro sounds excellent for a budget earbuds, but not as good as the TM11.

After listening to this TM11 this time around, all I can say is that this is without a doubt the best release of all Blox earbuds to date and truly TOTL earbuds.


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I don't have the tgxear DS and Serratus:
However, the TM11 is more dynamic and lively sounding than the Yincrow rw-3000 and the Temperament bell-ti plus.
How are the micro details on this earbud? I want an earbud that offer lots of micro details, big deep bass when called up and huge soundstage. Anything better then TM11? So they sell cables for them or you have to provide your own, 3.5 mm 4.4 mm balanced?
Thanks 👍
I think the TM11 can express micro-detail well, has deep bass and a huge soundstage.
You will need to provide your own mmcx cable.