General Information

Brand: BLON
Model: BL-03
Earphone type: In-ear
Impedance: 32Ω
Earphone sensitivity: 102dB/mW
Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
Interface: 3.5mm
Plug Type: L-shaped
Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm
Colors: Silver, Gunmetal
Cable type: 2-Pin 0.78MM connector
Driver unit: 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

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New Head-Fier
Enter the Rabbit Hole
Pros: Well-balanced, inoffensive tonality
Natural timbre
Attractive build
Cons: Blunt attack
Bloated bass
Bad stock accessories
I've been an armchair hobbyist for a number of years, spending more time than is probably healthy watching YouTube content creators, bloggers, and publications give their opinions on things I have an interest in like cars, tech, clothes, and other material things, living vicariously through them. Last year I decided I'd take a step - albeit a small one - into the audiophile hobby, and purchased the Blon BL-03 on the recommendation of some of the reviewers I've come to trust. It's been about a year since I received the Blons. I've used them daily as my one and only piece of audio gear, and I like to think I've become familiar enough with them to give a somewhat informed opinion on how well they perform as a product, so I'll try my best to do so.

Build, Accessories, Fit, Comfort, Isolation

The shells are teardrop shaped, and made of a metal alloy. They come in either a polished silver or gunmetal, or a metallic purple finish. Mine are the polished silver variant. They have a decent heft for how compact they are, and combined with the polished finish impart a premium feel that you wouldn't think would come in a $27 product. The shells themselves sit well in the concha of my ears, and don't cause me any particular discomfort.

Okay, that's all the nice stuff out of the way. Everything else in stock form is pretty garbo, not gonna lie.

The best thing I can say about the provided cable is that it's functional. It worked out of the box. You can connect it to the earpieces, and they will produce sound, no problem. That said, the cable is a kinky, thin, tangly mess. Many others say the preformed earhooks are shaped too aggressively, which wasn't really a problem for me personally, but this cable wanted to tangle, no matter what. No matter how neatly I tried to wrap it, or if I lay it out flat, it always ended up in the shape of spaghetti-tumbleweed-toddler-scribbling. I know everyone says to buy aftermarket tips and a cable for these, and my recommendation is the same. If not for fit issues, at least for peace of mind from tangle city. I went with the Tripowin Zonie, but there are a number of other nice 0.78mm 2pin cables to choose from that will get the job done just as well.

I have a hard time finding much to say about the stock tips. They fit me 'okay' in that I was able to get the Blons into my ears with them without them ever fallng out while I used them, but they didn't provide a sufficient seal, and never gave me the sense that they couldn't fall out of my ears, so I went tip-rolling. I first went with the Spinfit CP100 tips, which provided a better seal and more secure fit than stock, but would more often than I'd like detach from the nozzle when removing the Blons from my ears, and get stuck in my ear canal, which was incredibly annoying. I then opted for AZLA's Xelastec eartips, which provided what I would imagine is the best seal, and most secure fit of any eartip on the market, but the tackiness of the eartip meant that they got dirty very easily, and owing to the nature of TPE, eventually deform. The last eartips that I tried, and the ones I've been using to this day are AZLA's Earfit Light tips, which have provided me with the best combination of seal, comfort, and security.

Another thing contributing to the poor fit of the Blons is the short nozzle. Following the advice of some of the folks on /g/'s /iemg/, reddit, and some head-fiers, I bought small silicone gaskets to fit over the Blon's nozzles to give the eartips some extra insertion depth for a better fit.

All that to say the Blon BL-03's out of the box user experience is not good. Sure, you might not expect to have your mind blown for $27, but I've had freebie earphones that have better ergonomics.

"lol shut up dude just get to how it sounds"

I will in just a sec, but I've written so much about fit and ergonomics, eartips in particular, because changing eartips affects the sound signature. From my understanding, the bore size of an eartip affects the treble response of an IEM, and consequently, affects the overall tonal balance, and possibly the soundstaging and imaging capabilities. It might not make a night and day difference, but it makes a difference nonetheless. So entering the sound quality section of this review, I need to make a disclaimer that my Blon BL-03s are using an aftermarket cable (for those that believe cables change the sound), aftermarket tips, and needed gaskets fitted at the bottom of the nozzles to help provide proper insertion depth. On top of the $27 I spent on the Blons initially, all the extra accessories I experimented with amount to a cost of around $75 making my overall investment into the Blons a little over $100. Not everyone is going to need to spend that much to get the best experience with the Blons, after all, everyone's ears are shaped differently, but for those looking to purchase the Blons, understand that you may have to invest extra money to get the best out of them.

Sound Quality (with the caveat that my set is NOT the stock experience)

The overall tonality of the Blon BL-03s can be described as either a warm v-shape, or maybe a bassy take on a neutral signature. There's a strong general bass emphasis that lends authority to bass guitar, upright bass, and cellos, but unfortunately bleeds a bit into the lower mids which consequently causes male vocals to sometimes sound a bit recessed in some busy tracks, and some orchestral pieces with prominent cello sections can sound kinda mushy. I wouldn't call it muddy, as it seems to mostly be track dependent, more...syrupy. The upper mids provide piano, female vocals, and violins with enough energy to stand out when needed while never coming across as shouty, and the treble strikes a good balance with no harshness or sibilance when reproducing consonant sounds or cymbal crashes. I find the Blons to be sufficiently airy, only really rolling off after about 15kHz when listening to sine sweeps after which I credit inaudibility to my hearing cutting off at 17.8kHz. Overall I find the Blons to be a good all-rounder tonality-wise. It plays well with pretty much any genre, only stumbling every now and then when dealing with tracks with already sufficient warmth.

The Blons have excellent timbre owing to its strong tonal balance and natural pattern of decay. I never get the sense that an instrument sounds unnatural, nor do I get any metallic zing or graininess. Texture errs a little too much on the side of smoothness. Attack on things like plucked strings or percussive hits often sound more muted than I would expect them to be, and paired with the decay being a bit on the longer side, causes the notes to sometimes smear into each other, becoming a problem on especially busy tracks. The Blons stage are wider than deep sounding, and sound, like another reviewer said, like you're in one of the front rows of a small concert hall. Imaging is good between front, left, and right, with front left and front right being a little less distinct.

Some Listening Impressions

Ichiko Aoba - Asleep Among Endives

This track displays the Blon's stong points well. Acoustic guitar sounds warm and natural, and Ichiko's wispy, melancholic voice is reproduced faithfully. The room reverberates a bit as Ichiko sings longingly, and she's placed a small distance away directly in front. I didn't actually include this song because I wanted to give my impressions of the Blons so much as I wanted to simp for Ichiko, sorry.

Danger Doom - Crosshairs

The bass immediately sounds bloated and indistinct, causing DOOM's voice to sound recessed, and generally overpowering the other samples in the song. I can still make out DOOM's vocals, but with the bassline being so blobby it wasn't ideal.

Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts - Tank!

This was a good test of the Blon's imaging chops, which I found it to pass fairly admirably. While I couldn't pinpoint exactly where every instrument in the band was as the song got busier and more sections of the band became involved, there was good enough directionality and instrument separation to where I felt immersed in the music. Gritty brass section, upright bass, drums, bongos, and saxophone all had their place in the mix and none of them overpowered another.

Tatsuro Yamashita - Love Space

Another strong showing from the Blons. Tatsuro's vocals are front and center, bassline is well controlled, drums are present and have good snap with no sharpness, electric guitar to the right providing a consistent groove, adequate space in the stage for the saxophone solo, and for Tatsuro to belt out his lovely high notes into the heavens.

Radiohead - Glass Eyes

Thom's vocals are intimate and clear, filtered panning piano arpeggios have a slight bloom in the low end, but has an overall pleasant effect. The Blons handle imaging of the orchestra very well. I was able to pinpoint specific violins and cellos, while the bass section came off as more of an all-encompassing wall of low hums. Swelling string crescendos are replayed nicely, again with a slight bloom in that transition from mid-bass to lower mids, but I found the effect pleasant in this case.


Overall I'd say I like the Blons. Well, I'd have to if I've kept them as my only earphone for the last year, but it's honestly kind of hard for me to recommend them. Sure, once I'd gotten mine all tuned up with new tips, cable, and gasket, they performed great to my ears, but that really shouldn't have to be necessary, and for the money I've invested in them I probably could have gotten another IEM that performs just as well, but that's just speculation, since the Blons are pretty much my only frame of reference. Whether or not they are the budget world-beaters they're purported to be is TBD until I hear some more expensive sets.


New Head-Fier
Vocals and soundstage beast.
Pros: Superb bass texture.
Smooth treble.
Forward vocals.
Male vocals have dense body and female vocals are sweet and airy.
Note weight is thicker than neutral.
Transients are usually fast.
Soundstage while not very wide, has a roomy 3d presentation. ( I really enjoy this)
Imaging is quite fluid.
Fatigue free listening
Cons: Loose bass.
Instrument separation is average.
Macro details drown in busy tracks.
Top end extension is lacking and noticeable in few tracks.
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New Head-Fier
Inexpensive Sonic Excellence
Pros: 1) Very good bass response
2) Clear mids and highs
3) Warm and smooth sound signature
4) Detachable two pin cables
5) Included carry case
Cons: 1) Fit may be problematic for some (I personally had no problem with the fit)
2) Soundstage though very good for the price can most probably be easily beaten by higher priced iems.
I have finally zeroed in on BLON BLO3 as my chifi iem of choice after considering a number of options including CCA C10 and some KZ iems . It is safe to say that these earphones did not disappoint me in the slightest.On the contrary they even exceeded my expectations especially when it came to fit and comfort. The sound profile of these earphones can be described as balanced with a prominent low end. The bass is very engaging and powerful here without overpowering other frequencies The most exceptional characteristic of these iems is there expansive soundstage (especially considering the price and these being single dynamic driver earphones). The build quality and design is also pretty good.

My music setup
Smartphone: Oneplus7Pro
USB Dac: Shanling UA1(ESS 9218P Dac chip)
Music Player: USB Audio Player Pro

These can be really considered as some of the best entry level options into the audiophile world. Just make sure to pair them with a good dac and you are good to go.


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New Head-Fier
Hi all,
I got them few days ago, and I am very impressed by the smooth sound it delivers.
Though, I seem to hear a kind of low bass rattling, I did not compared yet with other earphones, just wanted to know if anyone here experiences it. Maybe it is just the songs, or my pair, or me.. :)
Very pure and enjoyable sound reproduction anyway (cymbals in particular ❤️)