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New Head-Fier
Good for the money
Pros: Easy to relax and chill with
Can sound great
Cons: Bad fit , bad cable , Edx is better for less

warm and mild V shaped bassy at times set.
smooth and non fatiguing
good timbre and tonality medium technicalities
Treble is polite and safe, without sibilance or harshness at the cost of a loss of detail.
Easy to relax to and enjoy not monitor like
Slightly forward mids and average sound stage
Mid Bass packs a nice detailed punch , Sub Bass can rumble
Fit and tips play a huge role in sq a (Major con)
I have many different experiences with these depending on the fit I manage to get when I try them, some great some poor.
Scales up with power. Good price to performance ratio but I prefer the kz Edx as it always fits and sounds the same and has a better soundstage and Imaging.
Blon was so creative and artistic in the shell they actually hurt performance ( once again )
Nozzle too short (major con )
Bad cable and so so tips
Excellent build
Recommend for the cost

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Headphoneus Supremus
Blon bl01 , a different sound from blon house sound.
Pros: Fit , build , size
Cons: Cable , tips
Bl01 is the latest blon iem from blon and it claim to have biocellulose driver which I love and it looks like a different shape and claim better fitment. Price is the cheapest of all blon all smallest blon as well. The con is tips and cable are bad with all blon so you must switch them out. I'm using upgrade cable from amazon and acoustune aet08 tips for this review.
I bought them here:

Sound :
Bass : fast and light bass with decent texture which doesn't sound or feels as other biocellulose driver iems I have and had. Before burn in it was definitely same as what biocellulose should be , texture rich and deep bass.

Midrange: it is clear and open with excellent details depth and height and width . Before burn in it was definitely thicker but still clear.

Treble : it sparkly and extended as biocellulose should be . It is fast like titanium diaphragm too and airy as well . Before burn in it had more weight to it but not it lighter and more agile .

Conclusion : if you are looking for a clear cheap iem you should look into the blon bl01.
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Pros: + "Safe" V-shape tuning, will work with most
+ Price!!!
Cons: - Midrange slightly more veiled than predecessors
- Strays away from BLON house sound, does not excel at anything in particular
Video Review

Special thanks to Vivian from KEEP HI-FI for arranging to have the BLON BL-01 sent over for a full review. You may purchase the BLON BL-01 with the non-affiliate links below.

Price and specifications
Price: USD$21.99
Friendly Audio Store Aliexpress

Driver: 10mm bio-fibre diaphragm
Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin
Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency: 20-20000hz
Sensitivity: 102dB/mW


1.2m cable
5 pairs of ear tips (1 set of S, M, L) + (1 set of S, M)
Soft pouch

Comments on accessories
The accessories provided are still the same as previous generations of BLON IEMs which includes that 1.2m black cable with a super aggressive ear hook.

Build, comfort and isolation
The BL01 is housed in a polished zinc-alloy chassis which looks a little unconventional. Looks aside, the BL01 barely fit my ears as the fit is shallow - I had to use the largest ear tips to compensate for the lack of insertion depth. Those with larger ears may require extra-large aftermarket tips.


First and foremost, the BLON BL01 is unlike its predecessors (BL03, BL05, BL05s). You may refer to my review of the BLON BL-05s for my thoughts on the BLON house sound regarding these 3 models. In short, the BLON house sound is a V-shaped sound signature with emphasis to the 2-2.5kHz to cause vocals to sit closer to the listener. The intimate midrange is a breath of fresh air from the sea of budget V-shaped IEMs with "recessed vocals", which could also be why the BL03 did so well upon its release along with the hype.

From what I hear, the BL01 joins the "sea of budget V-shaped IEMs with recessed vocals"- melodies are primarily driven by the mid-bass with an average amount of sub-bass extension. The amount of mid-bass is enough to lend fullness to the mix and allow bass beats to thump with some satisfaction. The BL01 does not have basshead quantities of low end hence the most apt term I can use to describe it is "average".

The mid-bass has some bleed into the upper-bass which creates a light veil over the midrange. This veil arises from the relative lack of energy in the upper midrange between 1 to 4kHz. Rather, there is a slow climb from 1kHz up till the mid-treble at 8kHz for articulation and to balance out the low end. The energy up top is concentrated in the mid-treble without much extension. The end result is an ordinary V-shape signature with a slight clockwise tilt on the frequency response - the bass is lifted more so than the treble to classify the BL01 as a warm set.

I feel that this general tuning has been implemented in many earphones and even TWS (chi-fi, including those by JBL and Sony) that have been tuned for mass appeal on a budget. However, the BL01's strong points lie in how there is nothing glaringly wrong with its generic tuning and the fact that it does not heavily compromise on technicalities in spite of its price.

Technical Summary

The BL01 scores an average of 2 in all aspects of the technical summary. It even outperforms the BL05s which scores 1.5 for detail retrieval.

Those with treble-sensitive ears or those looking for an inexpensive and easygoing "beater" set will find the BL01 pleasing for its price. Although I would have preferred for BLON to bring vocals forward in the BL01 as with the previous BLON models, I find it difficult to justify any qualms given the price of USD21.99. To put it simply, the BL01 would have been "just another budget earphone" had it been priced at USD50. The asking price sets the BL01 apart from the competition to make it the king of USD20 beater sets… for today.

Thanks for reading! You may find more reviews on my Head-fi thread.


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