Bifrost Uber USB Digital Analog Convertor

General Information

Bifrost is the world's most affordable fully upgradable DAC, featuring 32-bit D/A conversion, a fully discrete analog section, and a sophisticated bit-perfect clock management system, together with one of the most advanced asynchronous USB 2.0 inputs available, as well as SPDIF coaxial and optical inputs, all with 24/192 capability.

Bifrost Uber: Even More Impressive Performance
with the Bifrost Uber option, you get a discrete analog stage based on the more advanced Gungnir DAC, with a sophisticated topology that improves sonic and measured performance, and a DC servo to eliminate capacitors in the signal path. Not that the base Bifrost is any slouch-it's frequently been compared to DACs that cost 3-8x as much.

The Gen 2 USB board ships with every new Bifrost or Gungnir ordered with USB.

Fully Upgradable: The Future-Proof DAC

Worried about rapidly-changing USB input technology? Concerned about future advances in D/A conversion? Bifrost's modular design uses separate, USB Input and DAC/Analog cards. The result? A virtually future-proof DAC that won't end up in the dumpster.

AKM4399 D/A Converter and Discrete Analog Section

Even without considering upgradability, Bifrost offers incredible value. Consider its AKM4399 32 bit D/A converter, one of the highest performance DACs in the world. Also consider that our both Bifrost and Bifrost Uber use a fully discrete, low noise JFET analog section-just like multi-thousand-dollar DACs.

Advanced Bitperfect Clock Management

Most DACs in this price range is sacrifice every single one of your original music samples to get their192kHz spec. Every input is routed through a sample rate converter and upsampled to 24/192. Bifrost dispenses with the sample rate converter and uses a sophisticated master clock management system to deliver bit-perfect data to the DAC, preserving all the original samples--whether it's 16/44.1 or 24/192.


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