Beyerdynamic XP3

General Information

XP3 the most neutral and detail out of 3, suitable for all kind of musics.

Technical Specification:
Models : Xp1, Xp2, Xp3
Frequency range : 20 – 22000Hz
Impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensitivity : 98dB
Cable length : 1.4m
Connector : 3.5mm jack plug

-Versatile Sound option, pick the best sounding out of three.
-Superb sound quality guaranteed support by countless years of experience in the industry.
-Perfect angle fit, suitable for outdoor and sport usage, creates a weightless and solid feeling.
-Passive Noise isolation feature cancelled out 97% outer sound and ambience.
-Smallest Flat tangle-free cable for ultra convenient portability.


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