beyerdynamic Tesla T1

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The completely redesigned transducers achieve values of over one Tesla (a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). That provides the listener with almost double as much volume as traditional headphones. The increased efficiency also leaves the T1 with greater power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The extremely lightweight 600 Ohm voice coil provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity.The elegant look of the T1 compliments the technical achievements, with even the smallest of details selected by hand. This model reaffirms beyerdynamic's commitment to world-class "Made in Germany" quality.

Perfect match with beyerdynamic A1 headphone amplifier (see LINKS).

Latest reviews

Pros: Treble, mid-range, bass, sub bass, sound stage, separation, comfort, lightweight, resolution, clarity, detail, good quality cable, replaceable earpads, hard to fault sound quality
Cons: Non-replaceable fixed cable (addressed on 2nd Gen), some plastic used on the construction instead of aluminium (probably being picky), headband issue
My audio set up & connective trail:
16 & 24-Bit WAV lossless files,
Foobar2000 with WASAPI event output,
Oyaide d+ class S USB Type B cable,
iFi micro iUSB purifier,
Furutech Formula 2 USB mini cable,
Meridian Explorer 2 DAC,
Pure silver litz 3.5mm to RCA cable,
Teac A-H01 amplifier,
Modded Beyerdynamic T1 headphones with internal damping.

My amplifier is connected to a custom Nordost Heimdall 2 power cable with a IEGO pure silver IEC & a Furutech rhodium FI-UK plug with a AMR gold plated fuse inside.

What more can I say about these brilliant headphones?
They are engaging, versatile, transparent, musical, fun, involving, encompassing and a great all-rounder.
Just try and listen to them if you have the chance, sumptuous sound and very lightweight and comfortable. It is not clamping on my head nor do the great velour ear pads make my ears and head hot and sweaty. Which is rather forgotten about amongst fellow audiophiles... It doesn't matter how good a headphone is, if they're not comfortable then forget about them.
I don't just listen to them for music but for watching movies on Blu-ray and gaming.

I modded my T1 with the spare foam discs that came with the Beyerdynamic EDT 770V ear pads (tried those grey ear pads but preferred the sound of the original EDT T1V black ones) because there was a bit too much sibilance and bass distortion when playing at loud volume, that got rid of that and made them slightly more warmer and the bass more smoother.

Just to be clear, these are not portable headphones (impedance 600 Ohm, semi-open design, fixed 6.3mm connecter). Nor are they closed-back headphones, they leak a lot of sound and are intended for private listening with a fairly powerful amplifier.

Listen to them if you can, I hope you enjoy them as much as me : )

My headphones:
Beyerdynamic DTX 101 in-ear, DT 990 Premium 600Ohm, T70P and T90,
Philips Fidelio X1 and X2,
Oppo PM-2 custom and PM-3,
Astell and Kern AK T5P,
AKG Q701 modded,
Fostex T50RP mark 3 modded,
Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open-back,
Bang and Olufsen H3 in-ear,
Grado GS1000,
Denon AH-MM400.

Update 1: I just wanted to add that there is more depth and a bigger sound stage without the mod, a bit more clarity and detail but the mod does add a bit more warmth and a more encompassing bass...
I have reverted back to stock because I hope to do a fair comparison with my Grado GS1000 soon.
I recently bought the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro but I think I'm only going to keep open/semi-open back headphones, sound is a living thing.
It needs air to live ; )

Update 2.
I have to be fair to my other reviews so I'll adjust this one.
I have to deduct half a star off the rating as the non-detachable cable is not practical and raises durability concerns. This was a pricey flagship headphone after all.
Also the headband is of the same construction as the original T5, T90 and T70. In time, the metal yokes become loose in the headband and they loose their clicks when making adjustments.
Being more experienced with a lot more headphones, I will review my other earlier reviews also.
I have heard the T1 with more DACs and amps, it is not as bright as the HD 800 and the T90.
The T1 is more balanced than the Grado GS1000 and is a great all rounder.
It's great rival, the Sennheiser HD 800, is very unique in many ways but I find the T1 to be better balanced across the frequencies and more enjoyable to listen too. The T1 is also more versatile with music genres than the HD 800 and it will appeal to more people than the HD 800, I was lucky enough to hear the T1 with the Beyerdynamic A1 amplifier and that is a very good match as many people have said.
The T1 don't have obvious flaws like the HD 800 (pretty bright) and the GS1000 (recessed vocals), it is difficult to fault them from a sound point of view.
I'll finish by saying that these are 1 of the very best dynamic headphones ever made, so if you find one just get it.
They do need a bit of power, they scale up brilliantly and are definitely worth it : )
The T1 is a gorgeous headphone, sonically and physically. Excellent review.
Almost forgot, thanks TWerk : )
Pros: Soundstage Fidelity, Depth, Highs, Lows and everything in between
Cons: none since detachable cable now added...
The most perfect, all-round headphone!  The Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd gen) repaired the only 'negative' I could find in the first gen:  I wanted the detachable cable and the 2nd generation has done it. 
These have the most perfect, natural sound I have ever heard.  The soundstage is remarkable, the highs are rich without being shrill, and the bass is beautiful, natural and without any 'coloring' for those who listen to heavy bass music.  
The T1 is marvelous for anything; classical, folk, rock, blues, and so on.  It handles deep driving bass, just as well as it handles high vocals.  It is the most 'all round' useful headphone that is comfortable for hours and allows for clarity that is how it was intended to be heard. 
The T1 when used with Chord Mojo presents stunning clarity and music the way it was meant to be experienced.  These are perfect life long headphones! 
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Thanks for the review.  Would you have any thoughts on sonic differences from the original Tesla T1? 
Pros: Good frequency response, separation,rhythm and drive, details, layering. Coherence in presentation. Perfect for all string instruments sounds.
Cons: Unforgiving for harsh sonic material, bad recorded music or weak gear.
I like T1 V2 for overall competence in sound presentation. Solid build and comfort. There are better headphones in particular areas but these others are not that good all-rounders as T1 are.
I do listem many genres of music (I love movie scores, acoustic music, hard rock) but symfonic music is where T1 shines. The dynamics and layering is just great. You will never be bored with classical music on T1. The details, linearity, clear view for the sound is just amazing. I was looking for such a headphones for 2 years, hearing many others. And only few I was considering seriously were HE6, but I did choose solid german tradition in this matter. Beyerdynamic does not produce perfect headphones, but the headphones with less possible faults possible, while many other headphones did have lot of faults... In sonic reproduction and also in build. So the decision was basing on sound, and overall quality approach and durability of product ( I don't know why in US there is a lot of driver mismatches and so problems with Beyedynamic headphones...)
There is opinion that T1 V1 sound good with OTL amps. IT could be. But I did not find the OTL sound pleasing to me (in my particular experience) and the Solid State in my case was much better sounding. But what I want to say is: don't be afraid to check T1 V2 with SS amps. You may be surprised.
Are the T1 V2 bright as many people say about T1 line? Well, I'd say these are 'well lightened' in sound. The smoothness of heights and mids does not make them harsh, or strident (like for example TH900/600 are to me) V2 is a bit different from V1. How much? It is hard to describe. But I know people, like me, who didn't like V1 that much to buy it while V2 are in my possesion.
These are absolutelty worth to audition in our flooded heapphones market. These grow up with time in your audio chain, but are not for everyone. These are not great for example for modern pop and music like Justin Bieber or 'digital trash' rock. As such music is far away from good dynamics and nuances and 3-dimensonality (while in contradictory Daft Pank sounds perfect with them). Clou: the better the music the better the sound with T1.
Here's the list of headphones I was considering as final group during the research (audiotioned)
First position is best liked and the last less liked (my totally subjective likings):
T1 V2
Ultrasone Edition 5
Pandora Sonorous VII
AQ Night Hawk
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