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Beyerdynamic MXP 50 iE In-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic (Black)

  • The MXP 50 iE is a new in-ear headset featuring an impressive sound and a high-quality hands-free microphone. With the remote control integrated in the cable calls can be answered and ended. The thin smooth cable does not get tangled up even when putting the player in to a trouser or jacket pocket. The ergonomic design of the earphones gently adapts to the ear canal. A supplied selection of silicone eartips in three different sizes ensures a perfect fit so that the MXP 50 iE meets all demands regarding comfort and ambient noise attenuation.FeaturesErgonomic design of the earphones Impressive sound due to Neodymium HD acoustic drivers Remote control with high-quality hands-free microphone Compatible with portable devices with mini jack socket (3.5 mm) Supplied with 3 pairs of eartips in different sizes and cable clip Specifications:Transmission type: Wired Headphone design (operating principle): Closed Headphone frequency response: 20-23,000 Hz Nominal sound pressure level: 98 dB Construction: In-ear headphones Cable & plug: Gold-plated angled mini stereo jack plug (3.5mm) TRRS standard: CTIA Net weight without packaging: 14 g

Recent Reviews

  1. chompchomps
    A Budget Upgrade that punches aboves its weight
    Written by chompchomps
    Published Jan 7, 2016
    Pros - ISOLATION, lightweight, Neutral sounding, Clear
    Cons - Not for bassheads, Cheap feel to it.

    OK, so this is a budget offering from Beyerdynamic, saw this on sale on the local Jaben site and decided to give it go! 

    It was packaged in a neat, small box, with magnetic opening to a window to get a glimpse of what you are buying. Really nice touch to it.
    Build Quality - I would say these are decent for its price, It has a full plastic build, greyish/gun-metal in colour. The shells are fairly small and are touted to be 'Ergonomic' by Beyer. They also have fairly thin cables and terminates to a L plug which I prefer to the normal straight plugs. The strain relief seem decent on the L plug termination, and is expected to hold up for awhile. The wires, although thin and light, they do not coil up and get tangled easily, even when I stuffed them into my bag a few times. I usually store my iem’s in my pelican case, but I was lazy and did the coil method around my ipod touch 4G.
    Comfort – When I first put these on, I was quite amazed by the isolation (on medium buds). I found the tips to be soft and really gave a good seal. The fit reminded me of the Klipsch oval tips and I enjoyed the isolation. I would not say it’s a deep fit but it isolated really well. Due to the light weight, the earphones were clearly forgettable once in your ears. I wore them over the ear to reduce the prominent microphonics due to the cable rub. I guess the shirt clip would help, but I prefer the over the ear method, keeps it secure too.
    Sound – I found the earphones to have a neutral sound signature, and very clear too. Clarity is its plus point! Bass is strong, punchy but not overbearing, and does not have that “Rumble” you get in certain songs. There are nothing much to shout about in the Mids department, forward sounding or too laid back, just nice and neutral. Treble might sound a bit harsh, but just slightly, sometimes a bit more than what I would like, and it gets slightly fatiguing after awhile. I think the the highs are aite, does not really have the bright signature or the sparkle that some would like, but I found them to handle Sam smith and Mariah Carey pretty well. I’m not the sort that likes too much sparkle. The weakness comes at the Imaging and Instrument Separation. I found them to be Congested and don’t have the capability to do much of instrument separation as much as the LEAR’s that I reviewed before. Soundstage is not very wide too, but of acceptable level.
    General Summary – These are good In-ears for those who wants an upgrade to their apple earpods or those supplied by their respective smart phone manufacturers. They do sound better than the cheap in-ears you find all over the place, and I would seriously consider this if I'm on a budget of less than $30 SGD. With the latest trend with KZ buds, I'm not sure how these compare with them. But I'm glad I bought them and can be my spare buds any day! 

    Link to purchase : http://www.lazada.sg/beyerdynamic-mxp-50-ie-in-ear-headphones-with-in-line-mic-90617.html
    1. ianeith
      Unless you can grab these for next to nil on MD, best to look elsewhere. Very forgettable earphones with a somewhat muddy sig. Having said that, they are a very decent pair of beater phones because they are cheap and very durable. I've been throwing these around from pocket to pocket for months now and they're still kicking.

      Thanks for your review.
      ianeith, Jan 7, 2016


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