Professional performance and high quality previously unknown to gaming fans before now, the MMX...

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone

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  • Professional performance and high quality previously unknown to gaming fans before now, the MMX 300 now available in the U.S. This professional gaming headset is designed from our General Aviation headset. Now perfected from the complicated conditions within the cockpit where A++ audio and performance is mandatory. The MMX 300 was specialized for the unique demands of extended gaming sessions and unmatched audio performance you would expect from beyerdynamic. beyerdynamic was been manufacturing high end headphones and headsets for decades! These products are used in the live broadcast, live sound and studio recording industries. Product includes a 5 year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S. and carrying case. Equipped with an intelligent USB converter and analog connectors, the listening-speech combination via plug and play becomes a guaranteed maximum gaming experience. The condenser (back electret) microphone, cardioid polar pattern and broad frequency response ensure perfect voice reproduction. At home or “on the road”, the MMX 300 has been designed for everyone who expects more than mediocre audio from mainstream lower quality headsets, mini speakers or built-in PC speakers. If you currently own a gaming headset, and want to upgrade to the best ... the MMX 300 will not disappoint you! Compatible with PC and MAC. The flexible headband construction allows hours of playing without fatigue; ear surrounding ear pads snuggle almost unnoticeably around the head of the player. This high quality headset is also equipped with USB and analog connections, a mute button for the condenser microphone and a volume control directly on the USB box for quick access while playing.

    Also available as customized MMX 300 MANUFAKTUR and Headzone Game 5.1 Surround Headset (see LINKS).

    P.S. New model will not include the USB device.

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  1. Nume
    "Great sounding and very comfortable gaming headset with only minor flaws."
    Pros - Fantasic Balance and soundstage / Great comfort / Super Build quality / Good if you wear glasses
    Cons - No mic-mute button / no volume control / cable not detachable (but very solid) / higher price class
    Hi folks,
    i have been looking for a very comfortable but great sounding headset for long lasting, comfortable and immersive gaming sessions. Before the MMX 300 i used the SteelSeries Siberia Elite (pretty good)
    and the Logitech G35. For sound comparison i also have the AKG 701 and the B&W P7. I am using the headset together with an Asus Sonar U7 for gaming and a Fiio E10K Olympus 2 for music.
    Tested With:
    - Asus Xonar U7 (with Dolby Home Theater 4 activated) for Games and Movies
    - Fiio E10K Olympus 2 for Music
    Compared with:
    - Steelseries Siberia Elite
    - Logitech G35
    - B&W P7
    - AKG 701
    Let´s get the constructive part out first:
    - very pricey headset
    - no mic-mute button
    - no volume control
    - cable not changeable (but very good build quality)
    Here comes the good part:
    + 32 ohms ( no huge amps required)
    + great sound balance (very punchy lows / clear mids / precise highs)
    + no booming whatsoever - very precise
    + big sound field for a closed can
    + super build quality (rock solid)
    + very good and sturdy microphone
    + wonderful fit even with glasses
    + actually really light
    + very good isolating ear cushions (velours)
    All in all a very pure and honest headset without lots of bells and whistles but with an impressive build quality and an incredible sound. I had tons of fun in great sounding games
    such as Alien Isolation, Metro Last Light or Crysis 3, but also Movies and Music sounded very good.If you want the best possible real headset for gaming go get that pair of cans.
    They are just astonishing! 
  2. Thlayli
    "Drove me and my wallet to tears. I cried tears of joy."
    Pros - Great sound, amazingly clear mic
    Cons - Price, lack of mic mute
    When i first heard the Hotel California on this, it felt like i found salvation. This set is the first true audiophile grade thing i ever purchased for myself and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING. I saw the light with this, when compared to the regular headset you get from razer or creative this makes everything sound like crap. I'm not going into details other than just look up some DT 770 reviews which just about sums this thing up. Bass is strong, but not over powering, everything sounds crisp and clean coming out the default setting (I will have to play around with these a bit). The first thing i've noticed is the amount of other sound you pick up that you never noticed was there. youtube videos, mostly live, will have this opening hiss from turning on the recording equipment and i swear i heard some fans humming the Hotel California during the instrumentals. Mic is very telling, hearing myself on this makes me understand how hard it is to do broadcasting, as the sound coming out of my mouth sounds nothing like what i imagined.
    ------- PACKAGING ----------
    When it first comes out the box the clamps might be a bit tight so you MUST break these in a bit. The thing comes with a nice little carrying case, but the new models will NOT have a usb converter like most of the pictures show. It comes in a simple box that just holds the case in, no messy plastic to mess with, not cutting anything with a knife, except the shipping box.
    The real issue is price. If you can get these at a reasonable price do get them, but only if they are around 300 (200 for headphones, 40-60 for mic, rest profit/incentive for company). The only other problem i have with this is the lack of a mute. For me it's not a huge problem, but it would be nice to be able to switch mic on and off if needed.

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