beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE Stereo Mobile Headset

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  1. umhhmm
    "for older tec they still stand up with some of the better now headsets "
    Pros - overall good sound quality , bass is deep , High quality , good crisp clear sound
    Cons - not the best form for in ear set , the midrange seems to be just not as you would expect considering the quality of these phones .
    all in all for the price you can pick these up for now they really are very good and i would recommend them to anyone that is looking for something that is good build quality and better than average sound quality  given my observations of their sound quality. Though they could be a bit more meat and depth to  midrange, the crisp, clear treble, and ample bass they offered, delivering some particularly enjoyable moments during  sessions. If you’re looking for an affordable in-ear with top-end accuracy and some  punch, the MMX 101 iE are worth a listen.
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