The DTX 501 p is a foldable headphone that features a dynamic and detailed sound. Its closed...

Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p

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  • The DTX 501 p is a foldable headphone that features a dynamic and detailed sound. Its closed design effectively attenuates ambient noise and allows enjoying and listening to the music even in a noisy environment. The soft ear pads, the light weight and the compact size make the DTX 501 p perfect for music lovers on the move. The delivery includes a carrying case for safe transport.

    Lightweight, foldable headphone for mobile use
    Dynamic and detailed sound
    Excellent bass response

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  1. Vanguy79
    "Great Sound for a truly decent price"
    Pros - Good Bass, Nice compact fold-able design, comfortable, decent mids
    Cons - Vocals tend to be muted
    I got the Beyerdynamic DTX 501p white at a really great sale and for the price it sounds way better than some other Headphones that are priced higher than it should. The DTX 501p has a good bass and decent range of tones. I can hear the guitar riffs when listening to Indie band Arcade Fire clearly and I can enjoy the solid bass when listening to eDM Groove Aramada. Only little issue I have is when listening to vocals rich music like Adele or Florence and the Machine, the vocals would tend to be a little muted and almost drowned out by the instruments. 
    But i like it and it is comfortable. A solid portable mobile headphones for the price tag for sure. Good for travels, commuting to and from work and good enough to be honest to be listening on Spotify.
  2. simonm
    "Great budget headphones"
    Pros - Fun energetic sound
    Cons - Nothing really for the price
    Let's face it, you don't always want to take your best headphone equipment with you when you're out on the street.  Sometimes you need a cheapish pair where it won't be a disaster if they're lost, stolen or damaged.  I'm thinking particularly if you're going out to bars and clubs.  I've lost many a pair of headphones this way (yes I'm learning my lesson...slowly).
    If you're in the market for cheap supra-aural headphones you'd be hard pressed to look past Beyer's 501 p.  The build quality is great and they're comfortable for extended listening (and I have sensitive ears when it comes to clamping force).
    And to top it off Beyer offers a two year warranty on all their products (in accordance with EU law).  I'm consistently shocked and amazed when headphones costing many times the price of these offer only a 1 year warranty (such as all of Grado's products).
    I'm looking forward to the new Beyerdynamic Custom Street headphones that I think will even edge out these for price performance and value.
  3. Tetsuro P12
    "A good headphones after all, just don't expect what a portable headphones can't do."
    Pros - Warm sound, decent soundstage for a closed design, good bass, long and thick cable, very good sound isolation, very comfortable, nice solid case.
    Cons - Treble rolled off, mids recessed, veiled sound if not properly driven, sound leak, need proper positioning on ears, no remote control, fixed cable.
    Warm but dark and a bit veiled sound. On the quiet side (a bit quieter than AKG 430). 2K and 4K frequencies are a bit sacrificed so voices are a bit muted and shady. Mine suggestion is to boost the 1K band with +1 dB, 2K with +2 dB, 4K with +2 dB and the 8K band with +1 dB. Can be driven loud (given a proper amplification) since it has a very low distortion.
    I needed to amplify mine collection to 100 dB with MP3Gain to have a decent sound pressure with the current smartphone. I think they lose roughly 3 dB to the AKG 430.
    At start I was very disappointed but comparing them with an old pair of AKG 430 I didn't find them worse, just different. The AKG are brighter and more detailed, The Beyerdynamic are warmer and more musical, but a bit veiled, especially on voices. Same league just the latter cost a lot more; and it is expected since, apart from the sound, they are built clearly better.
    This type of headphones are just crappy, or maybe are just badly driven by these tiny smartphones. These 501 P are vastly inferior to Goldring DR100 (both attached to an integrated amplifier) but I suppose it's logical since the Goldring are open-back circumaural. Spec wise they are similar (40 mm drivers, 32 ohms, 105 dB SPL) but Goldring are nearly undriveable by the smartphone.
    UPDATE: I just plugged them on the integrated amplifier and they sound a tad better, they mantain the warm signature but sound a bit clearer and fuller. The soundstage grow too. Consider a supplemental amplification on the go.

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