The DTX 102 iE is the successor of the popular DTX 101 iE. The DTX 102 iE is technically related...

Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE In-Ear Headphones (Silver)

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  • The DTX 102 iE is the successor of the popular DTX 101 iE. The DTX 102 iE is technically related to its predecessor and comes with smart improvements. The cable is smoother so that cable noises are better reduced. The polished anodized aluminum and durable TPE material show the special status of this mobile earphone. Its voicing represents our company's hi-fi approach and Neodymium acoustic drivers guarantee extremely high fidelity music reproduction throughout the full frequency spectrum. Besides the wonderful transparent treble and the precise midrange, it is mainly the inspiring bass response that makes the DTX 102 iE a favorite in-ear headphone in the upper price range. Without exaggerating the bass, reproduction goes down low to the very deep end and always stays punchy.Of course, the DTX 102 iE is suitable for all mobile devices, whether it be notebooks, tablet computers, MP3 players or smartphones.For safe transport a soft case is included, which allows you to wear your in-ear headphones also comfortably in your pocket.The package includes three sizes of eartips. You can change these little silicone plugs in a minute and achieve perfect isolation with your in-ears maintaining great wearing comfort.Features:High-resolution, crystal clear sound Fascinating bass HD Neodymium acoustic transducer Refined lightweight metal housing Including softcase With three different silicone eartips Cableclip Specifications:Headphone design (operating principle): Closed Headphone i

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  1. MMansell
    "good but not a value buy"
    Pros - light and small, flat sound signature, good strain reliefs
    Cons - clearity ,annoying driver flex, isolation and value
    this is a review on beyerdynamic mmx/DTX 102 ie with a |Joker| stylish text and also some helpful extra comparisons!

    let's write:
    Brief: low-profile mid-value
    Specs: Driver: dynamic driver | Imp: 23Ω | Sens: 104 dB | Freq: 10-23k Hz | Cable: 1.2m  L-plug;
    Wear Style: Over-the-ear – strait down
    Accessories (3/5) – Single-flange silicone tips (3 sizes), carrying case, mic/headphone separator ( mmx 102 ie)
    Build Quality (3/5) – light, good strain reliefs, no cable cinch, cheap plastic feel, left/right markings got erased within first few weeks.
    Isolation (3/5) – these are vented and so the isolation is not specially good , it just isn’t suited for noisy means of transportation
    Microphonics (5/5) 
     microphonics are non-existent when wearing them over-ear but in cable down mode you need to attach the clip holder or you would hear the cable brushing against your shirt.
    Comfort (3/5) –  they don’t require particularly deep insertion to sound their best and remain quite comfortable even for lengthy listening sessions as a result , nozzle is on the big side so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people get ear discomfort, but I’ve gotten used to them after 6 months of usage , driver flex is present and a slight change in insertion depth causes driver flex to appear or changes the perceived bass hugely so I don’t fiddle with them when I get a “good” fit, fearing one of them would sound bassier than the other!
    Sound (7.5/10) –  They aren’t Beyerdynamic’s top product and their younger sibling DTX 160 ie has a better overall fidelity and may be more worth your money, if clarity is what matters to you most. They have a balanced sound signature and are rather flat if you don’t insert them deep, cause then they would sound heavy on the bass.
    Bass is deep and has a nice slam. It may be the selling point of these consumer-friendly pair! I don’t know if it bleeds into mid range but when inserted shallow it doesn’t bloat a bit and becomes more recessed so even if there was any bass bleed, it becomes zero with non-deep insertion. bass quality and speed -again- are lower than that of DTX 160 ie , but then again at this price point they're good IMHO.
    Mids are nice and not very warm nor analytical. They just exist and make the midrange spectrum full without any –as some call it- “wow” factor. Upper mids and lower highs are great, not too forward and not too recessed. Highs are there but some might prefer a little more trebly sparkle. I tend to increase their gain in my Fiio x1’s when I listen to classical music but when listening to bright trance tracks I return them to default. They don’t like amping much and tend to become inaccurate and too coloured with mid to high gain settings.
    My favorite aspect of the DTX 102 ie Headphones besides the bass is the presentation. The earphone’s soundstage is wide enough for my taste. DTX 160 ie staggers behind the older more affordable pair in this case, unfortunately tough.
    Some tiny comparisons:
    (disclaimer: even if I had a perfect ear, because I didn't use proper devices, comparing two headphones without them is always prone to being wrong and so always take them with a grain of salt
    DTX 160 ie  ($134.99 amazon) : I listened to them in a shop and I settled on the 102 ie because it had a flatter sound and was cheaper, While fidelity is very important and DTX 160 ie has better value fidelity wise. DTX 160 ie reminded me of my ATH-m50 ( I know they’re full-size but who cares :p) cause they made a fun and clear sound but DTX 102 ies’ reminded me of my Vsonic GR07 classic colour( though no where as clear as GR07s sounded) with their flatter sound signature. I also felt 160's had a narrower head-room meaning you feel instruments are near your ears.
    Vsonic gr07 Classic ($99.00 amazon ): at a merely 15-20 bucks more you get a huge amount of improvement in sound and… actually everything! and if Vsonic GR07’s had an authorized retailer and warranty in my country, I wouldn’t have hesitated a second to get them instead of these or DTX 160ie for that matter.
    Value(3.5/5): you should have already guessed by now that I don’t really think 80 dollars is a fitting price for Beyerdynamic DTX 102ies ... maybe about 50. 
    conclusion: I think it was not a bad choice to buy mmx 102 ie's because unlike many earphones in the same price bracket, it has a flat sound signature and a wide sound stage, but if it wasn't for the clearity,entry lvl accesories and a few build quality issues that were mentioned above (also maybe for some, Comfort) I would give them a big thumbs up.
    Update: with foam tips
    I use "T400 sized" foam tips. the isolation is better but the highs get muffled by them, so I increase them a bit, I also lower the bass a lot because foam tips fully isolate the bass and so it gets bassy this is a picture of my fiio x1's equalizer after inserting foam tips to make the sound sig. flat again!
    after inserting foam tips to make the sound sig. flat again!
    thank you for reading my review on DTX 102 ie and if you find it close to your experience, click on the Like bellow.
  2. Koolpep
    "When bought with a discount - amazing value!"
    Pros - Balance, lovely bass, lightweight. They sound lovely and have 2 years warranty.
    Cons - Accessories pretty bare bones.
    Only short review from me.
    Since the "The Wirecutter" claimed these would be the best IEMs under $100 I had to try them when I saw them for $49 on a very special sale.
    They are fantastic allrounders, the bass is pronounced a tad bloated maybe, but pleasurable to listen to, clarity, pretty decent miss and good details in the highs make this headphone a steal for the money.
    I didn't think that beyerdynamic made good in ears after a quite mediocre one I tried some time ago. However, with this one they have hit the sweet spot of sound quality for money. I tested them with an AK100 Mk2 and a Fiio X5 (also stacked with C5D).
    For $100 I am not sure if it's the best deal you can get, for a substantial discount though you hardly find anything comparable with 2years warranty and service centers all around the world.
  3. Zero Decibels
    "Some nice stuff right here"
    Pros - COMFORT, Sound Quality
    Cons - Build Quality, Sub-Bass
    TL;DR : Don't be lazy, I already made the review super short
    Let's just keep this short, I got the MMX102IE (same version just with a mic and 1 button remote) for about 40$ cuz of a discount (You could still get it at about 70$ in my country)
    I will be judging from 4 aspects : Design, Build Quality, Comfort, and Sound Quality
    Design (4 out of 5)
    Decent design, doesn't scream "look at me!" like beats does, although it looks kind of cheap :/
    Build Quality (3.5 out of 5)
    I broke mine in a few months, nuff said (right side stopped working). The cable downright SUCKS on these, not fitting for the 100$ price range you guys have in 'MURICA. Strain relief isn't bad, but could be better, and the ones that connect the cable to the jack feels flimsy after long term use. The body of the earpieces are very good though.
    Comfort (6 out of 5)
    Yeah I'm cheating here :p. The comfort on these is SUPERB! Once you pick the right eartips and insert it to your ear you forget about it COMPLETELY. If you have any discomfort for IEMs, try these out.
    Sound Quality (4.5 out of 5)
    Let's start by saying that i like the sound signature. Boosted mid-bass with smooth treble and clear mids. The bass is punchy and has a lot of impact, but the sub-bass is really lacking compared to the mid bass. The mids are clear and really enjoyable, and the treble is smoothed out so it sounds non-fatiguing. Isolation is a little above average.
    Well that just sums it up, thx for reading!
  4. MenacingTuba
    "Mediocre sound quality and too noisy to use even while walking. Returned and bought PFE 122's."
    Pros - Comes with a nice case
    Cons - Sound quality, build quality and too noisy for walking.
    I bought these to replace my dead Klipsch Image S2-ii after reading many reviews, because I wanted to try something else in the 60-70$ price range for use with my Sansa Clip Zip, and was very disappointed.  Even with the proper ear tips (small), they sounded lifeless and dull in terms of bass, lows, mids and highs compared to my former S4-ii, which I know are a bit too bassy.  I use AKG K712's with my Sound Blaster Z, but still did not find the Klipsch to be a significant downgrade by comparison, while the DTX's sounded awful, in fact I barely preferred them over the included in-ear phones which came with the Sansa Clip Zip.  Furthermore, minor tension while making cause a significant amount of audible noise, as do minor movement compared to the S4-ii's.  The Beyers were happily returned in favor of the Audeo Phonak PFE 122's which sound far better, even though the Sansa Clip Zip is not good enough to power them (they sound amazing when connected to my SBZ though).

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