The DTX 101 iE headphone combines superb sound quality and elegant design with excellent ambient...

beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE Earphones

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  • The DTX 101 iE headphone combines superb sound quality and elegant design with excellent ambient noise attenuation, for a truly spectacular listening experience. Powerful Neodymium acoustic drivers deliver a punchy audio performance, which belie the DTX 101 iE’s compact dimensions. Comes supplied with a high quality soft case for easy storage.

    • Crystal clear, striking sound
    • Neodymium HD acoustic drivers
    • Refined lightweight metal housing
    • Soft case included

    Available in black, red, and silver

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  1. eontal
    "Excellent perfomers for listening to music on the go!"
    Pros - Musicality, clarity, detailed bass, comfort
    Cons - Microphonics
    For the past six yeas, I have been using Sound Magic's PL30 and E30 earphones. They have been solid sonic performers through and through, despite rather questionable looks and comfort. So when my last pair broke (cable connection), it might have made sense to just go for another pair. However, what I realized looking back on those years was that while I could find nothing to complain about, I was also never particularly impressed by their performance.
    Outside the realm of ear canals, my go-to phones as Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premiums (250 Ohm). Loving every second I spend with them, I decided to try something smaller from their range and the choice fell on the DTX101 iE. I chose them based on (way too many) reviews I sifted through and the fact that I would rarely spend more than £60 on a pair of earphones. I use mine on the go and, inevitably, they take some beating and break. Also, while I enjoy my headphones in quiet environments that let me concentrate on the finer details in music, the earphones are listened on the go and thus surrounded by all manner of noise. On busy streets or pumping gyms, there is only so far even the best of earphones can take you since absolute isolation of background noise is impossible.
    What I found with DTX101 iE was a sonic environment that, for me, was a strong notch above what either of my Sound Magics could ever achieve. I won't attempt to put the experience into words except that they simply sound more musical, detailed, and convincing regardless of the genre (I mostly listen to jazz, classical, and podcasts). I use them with Inairs Air2 memory foam tips and the combination provides good isolation and comfort, even over long periods (though a 9 hour flight does fatigue the ear from sheer mechanical pressure eventually).
    The biggest con appears to be the cable that has rather strong microphonics. Wearing the cable under my shirt usually helps with that. The L-shaped 3,5mm jack is also of questionable utility but I found it just as usable as the conventional straight jack that is subject to pressure and wear in different ways. So far (1 month) no issues around durability have arisen though this seems to be one of the weak points noted by most negative reviews.
    One thing I absolutely did not expect was that, when travelling, I prefer listening to these small mavericks even in hotel rooms where I could use my DT880s! The reason is clearly my DAC/headphone amp (U-Sabre) that simply doesn't provide enough amplification for the 250 Ohm DT880s to make them sound their best. The little DTX 101 iE, though listed with 12 Ohm impedance, certainly benefits from the DAC and maybe its amplification. On this setup, side by side with its big brother, the DTX 101 iE provides a superior listening experience and that is really saying something!
    My highest recommendation for this capable little Beyer! If you need something reasonably priced and comfortable for some critical but enjoyable listening do yourself a favour and give these badboys a try!
  2. vinokurov
    "Excellent headphones!"
    Pros - natural sound
    Cons - hard wire
     Highbred and well-balanced sound, light and comfortable. This is the best for the classical music (for the price), also very impressive for metal, pop and other. 
    Very delicate high, beautiful and informative middle. Bass is not smeared as in Sennheiser and no annoying acid in mid and high range. 
    The biggest drawback - oaky wire. In all other respects it excellent headphones.
  3. incidentflux
    "Not sure what to make of their sound"
    Pros - Very comfortable
    Cons - Sound's flat, hardly any bass
    I recently bought the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm headphones, and they're worth it. beyerdynamic being so well respected, I went for their DTX 101 iE Earphones, they look great, feel fantastic, no comfort issues. But In my opinion they sound terrible. My 15+ year old Aiwa Sound GT earphones sound better.

    They sound dull, flat and lifeless. 
    FYI they also hiss badly with my portable headphone amp (FiiO E11). These are low impedance, so an amp is not required at all.

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