Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

  1. Coupe
    First audiophile grade headphones
    Written by Coupe
    Published Jun 2, 2010
    Pros - Vibrant, Deep clear bass, sound stage is huge and very accurate, precise no wasted enegry.
    Cons - Some sweat and slight ear fatigue (room is hot). Highs can be too high for some.
    These are my first audiophile grade headphones so forgive my vocabulary.
    I use them primarily to listen to Trance.
    I have no other headphones to compare.
    They are paired with a Millet Hybrid MiniMax Amp.
    I will just say that for my listening choice these headphones feel perfect.  The bass is mostly clear and precise and goes as deep as necessary.  They bass isn't too much where it hides the rest of the music.  It feels natural and just a part of the flow.
    It really makes me ... to listen to my system in my car sometimes because the quality of these headphones make me want more out of car audio.
    Some people point out about the recessed mids and over the top highs.  I can understand how sometimes the mids may be not as good as they should be.  I can feel that way sometimes, but I am not sure if that is just peoples comments getting into my head.  As far as the highs, I just get used to it.  Also I use the noise sharpener for foobar to correct it as necessary.
    Overall as my first step into head fi I am very very pleased with the combination I have now.
    You can't go wrong with these.
  2. donthuang
    A review after years.
    Written by donthuang
    Published May 15, 2010
    Pros - Total clraity tone、ultra transient, froward,focus,but relex present
    Cons - Very pickly (about amps), Headband permeant sweat,sensitive about environment humidity
    I would make it short.
    1.This headphone has strong resonance in 80~100Hz, you would need a very strong amp to overcome the emf, or would got a notable unnatural bump in upper-bass.
    2.About the infamous recessed mid- I guess it's a slight,but critical QC fault:
    Inside  leather bag, the humidity is been lower than normal condition by desiccant,makes the damping coating on the diaphragm lose it's function, just need sometime to got proper work.
    3. Compare DT880, what you can got extra from DT990 : Highs with natural brilliance , richness low-mid and bass. not "flat" as DT880, but makes everything more believable and vivid , a step up transparency,and the most important thing is :a unusual believable holographic field. 
    4.Tone character is close the "Yin" side, upper mid and lower highs has the typical Germany-sound feature,as Burmester,Lindemann and ASR, in short, it's a kind of engry of highs, Sweet, clarity, but need proper tune to avoid overly bright or "hot". Especially the upper mid ,this band is always the Achilles' heel of full-range driver.
    5.In some best conditions, DT990 would got a unique perspective:It's a head stage no stage, a sound field  really a field in front of, Kind hard to describe, a feeling of realism,not only "disappear", but has a stunned ability of rebuild whole scene, A Stage of The Arts class performance.
    Some of best headphone can rebuild the scene as well. But really different thing is: The scene  DT990 rebuild  didn't has a notable "Vanishing point". 
    Headphone's "King of the Bokeh" ? Maybe, really stunned beautiful sound-scape.
    6.Finally summary : One of the best/underrate headphone under $500.