Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

  1. audiohurric4ne
    not really a review .
    Written by audiohurric4ne
    Published Sep 13, 2012
    Pros - bass , comfort
    Cons - cant do my homework
    Sony e-series --> fiio L5 --> fiio E11 --> DT770 pro = perfection :3
    1. DogMeat
      I have a set of these.
      They are my go-to closed cans for when there's too much environmental noise to make listening particularly enjoyable with open cans and when I just don't feel like plugging my ears up with IEMs.
      Pretty keen phones, all around.
      Nice detail, comfortable,(once you get the head band stretched a bit), even a bit better if you remove the speaker covering mesh/foam.
      I don't find the bass to be too much, eithr. Just nice, still allows for decent mid and high range exposure.
      DogMeat, Sep 13, 2012
  2. JosephsART
    Awesome Value
    Written by JosephsART
    Published Sep 3, 2012
    Pros - Fun, exciting, punchy headphones
    Cons - Occasional sibilance at high volume
    Featuring a simple design, which what looks to be only a few parts, each part is made out of high quality rigid materials that together feel as though these headphones will last a very long time. The headband strap is plether and attached by wrapping around the band and connecting with button clips. The band itself is a very flexible steel substance and offers good tension. I suppose if some find the clamping too tight, it could simply be stretched to reduce pressure.
    With each headphone enclosure being mostly plastic, and the band being quite a thin and light substance, the overall weight of these headphones is fairly negligible considering they are very much a full sized circumaural headphone. I do find after a while my neck tends to lightly cramp, though I suppose this depends per person. Ear cups are not valour but are still very soft and comfortable. I find occasionally they can become a bit itchy (especially with facial hair or in hot climates) but in almost every case this isn't noticeable. The headphone cable is on the left earcup and is not removable, which can be frustrating depending on the placement of your amplifier or source.
    I would say the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO offers a fairly dark sound with an incredible bass response. Each bass note booms giving somewhat an emphasised sound, though not over the top, but it could be a loose for some tastes. I find the sound is fantastic when paired with electronic, rock, hip-hop, or otherwise powerful or loud music. Unfortunately, depending on the type of sound, often highs will appear insignificant in their representation, and occasionally sibilance is noticed over the smooth sounding bass. Though, considering their price, I would say these are a fantastic entry-level audiophile headphone - they are built and designed for home use, sound fantastic when amplified, and offer a special sound at an affordable price.
  3. Strida16
    Beyerdynamic Good Quality
    Written by Strida16
    Published Aug 6, 2012
    Pros - Good Quality
    Cons - Im a noob so I don't think there is much wrong with them
    Good Quality much better than my previous sad to say I have Dre. Beats.... Embarrassed to even say I had them but nonetheless great headphones great highs great mids and great lows (in my opinion) so ya good starter audiophile headphones I would say :)
    1. alecd423
      Do you think that these headphones travel well?
      alecd423, Dec 19, 2012
  4. Fortunex
    Excellent can
    Written by Fortunex
    Published Jul 7, 2012
    Pros - Bass is deep and tight with tons of impact. Mids are full and detailed. Highs are present, but not grating or overbearing.
    Cons - Treble is a bit rolled off, losing some sparkle and detail in the upper spectrum. Mids are a tad recessed.
    Build - 
    These are very high quality feeling headphones. The metal headband clamps enough for a decent seal, but not enough to make them uncomfortable at all. The metal attaching the cups to the headband is very rigid, and the plastic cups feel super solid. No complaints about the cable either. No fear of these breaking any time soon.
    The isolation is quite good. They have trouble blocking out low bassy sounds, like a bus engine for example, but I think that's a common problem in most closed headphones. 
    Comfort -
    Easily the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn, by far. I wear these for 6+ hours per day with no issues. The padded headband, the plush velour pads, the perfect clamping force, they're like having pillows on your ears.
    Sound -
    The bass extends very far, and the impact is incredible. Pretty similar to the ATH-M50s bass. Songs like Ratatat's "Eight" sound amazing on these.
    The mids are a tad recessed, but full sounding, and very detailed. Not much else to say about them.
    The highs are present, but rolled off and put a bit in the background on many tracks, in my opinion. They lack the sparkle and detail of something like a Shure SRH940. I EQ'd mine up by about 4db at ~3-6KHz and 14KHz which gives them a bit lighter feeling.
    The soundstage is decent for a closed can at this price range, but I find that, especially with symphonic metal, they lack the depth and layering required and everything gets mushed together. Quite accurate though, which makes these a good can for FPS gaming. Very easy to tell what direction things are coming from.
    Conclusion -
    An excellent headphone, especially for electronica, but sounds good in almost every genre (I'd say every genre but I don't listen to them all). Definitely worth the ~$200 street price.
    1. XxDobermanxX
      Good review "I'm gonna knock you out Mama said knock you out" :p
      XxDobermanxX, Jul 8, 2012
    2. ARealHero
      Old review but I have the ATH-M50s, you say these headphones have comparable bass impact? So...none at all? The ATH-M50s have very little impact, even with bass-heavy music.
      ARealHero, Jan 12, 2013
  5. iRaphi
    my best headphones so far
    Written by iRaphi
    Published Jun 7, 2012
    Pros - bass, good isolation, long cable
    I had the akg k412 p before them. I love my new dt770. You can wear them for 6 hours and not even recognize them. They isolate extremely well, have great bass and a good over-all sound. I think they are the best headphones in this price range.
  6. ez279
    Great sounding headphones at a reasonable price.
    Written by ez279
    Published Feb 20, 2012
    Pros - closed and the cord is on one side, extremely comfortable
    Cons - the extremely long cord on the studio versions
    I bought my DT-770s about three years ago used (I call it pre-broke in). They produce a great amount of bass and are perfectly sweetened.  The only reason these wouldnt sound good is if you were listening to low quality music, because they reproduce sound very well. Not only that but ive dropped these, thrown em across the room and the like, and theyve held through it all, VERY durable. Great beginner headphones, and the leather pads allow them to be worn for hours. There have been times when im not even listening to music and I put them on anyway :)
  7. Texpect
    Very solid, affordable can for anybody!
    Written by Texpect
    Published Dec 25, 2011
    Pros - Thumping bass, you can throw them down a hill so very durable etc..
    Cons - Don't like its mids, some might think its clamping force is too high, need lots of burn in
    I'm still burning them in so I'll give you a longer review after 100hrs.
    GET THEM!!
    1. JK1
      This does seem like a very nice headphone, however at $150+, I wouldn't call it affordable for anyone. I reserve the affordable for anyone catagory for the JVC HAS160, which is only $10-15.
      I am curious about the the sound quality differences between the DT770 32 ohm, 80 ohm, 250ohm, and 600 ohm versions. I am also curious about construction differences of these. Do the lower impedance models use thicker wires for the coil?
      JK1, Dec 25, 2011
    2. Andyphones
      please let me know the differences of the sound amped an unamped to know if its worth buying an amp
      Andyphones, Dec 27, 2011
  8. mattlach
    Great bang for the buck cans
    Written by mattlach
    Published Oct 10, 2011
    Pros - closed circumaural design, 80ohm design allows use on portables in a pinch, very comfortable
    Cons - Eardrum-piercing sibilance prior to break in completion, break in is quite long
    I'll preface my review with that I am not a seasoned audiophile, so I don't know all of the jargon, but I do appreciate good sound, and I like what I hear in these.   They are by far the best sounding headphones I have ever listened to.
    Granted my collection of headphones is very limited.
    I was looking for a closed circumaural design, primarily because I find circumaural cans to be the most comfortable, and I like the isolating effect of closed designs (less sound out to annoy others, less noise in to annoy me).

    These headphones work very well in that regard.  I have occasionally even flown with them. Who needs active noise canceling, when these work as well as they do?  Though while flying, a portable dedicated headphone amp definitely helps.
    The biggest negative with these is the break-in.  I almost returned the headphones when I first got them as I found the highs PAINFUL and piercing.  at first break-in didn't seem to help, but as a "hail Mary" I left them on for a couple of weeks playing music I enjoy and it did the trick.
    These headphones are not neutral monitors for sure.  at the same time, I feel like their reputation for being overly bassy is a little undeserved.  often when listening to music I feel like using an equalizer to up the bass a bit.   That being said, I listen to a lot of 80s stuff where the bass isn't very prominent in the mix.
    Overall, I feel like I got a set of great sounding headphones for a relatively low price.  I am happy with them.
    If I knew what I know now when buying them, I may have opted for the 250ohm versions though.
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    1. Andyphones
      please let me know the differences of the sound amped an unamped to know if its worth buying an amp
      Andyphones, Dec 27, 2011
    2. ActiveTechREV
      I just got these a few days ago and you're describing almost exactly what I'm experiencing, but I got a question.   When you say.. "The biggest negative with these is the break-in.  I almost returned the headphones when I first got them as I found the highs PAINFUL and piercing.  at first break-in didn't seem to help, but as a "hail Mary" I left them on for a couple of weeks playing music I enjoy and it did the trick.'
      Because I'm almost dead set on returning these and going back to in ear.  When you say break in, do you mean "burning them in" and letting play  music for an entire week?  Or do you mean break in as the comfort of the fit?  thanks..
      ActiveTechREV, Feb 1, 2015
    3. mattlach
      I meant from a sound perspective.   I found them comfortable on my head from day one.
      My biggest complaint early on was that they were rather sibilant (strong piercing s sounds) and the high pitches were sometimes painful.
      After they aged a little bit from playing lots of music (I didn't use a pink or white noise track like some do) the high pitches faded (or my ears just got used to them) and I started loving them.
      mattlach, Feb 1, 2015
  9. Marleybob217
    Written by Marleybob217
    Published Aug 13, 2011
    Pros - Sound quality, Isolation, Soundstage, comfort
    Cons - Siblance, floppy bass
    I purchased this headphone after I returned the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II.
    I was not satisfied with the soundstage of the sennheiser, plus after an hour of wearing them my ears started to feel bruised.
    The DT770 Pro does not have these downsides, the only downside is the siblance.
    In a song with a lot of S's or maybe hard t's the headphone starts to whistle. If the volume is cranked up it the whistle actually hurts my ears. Strangely enough this is not the case with all songs that have a lot of s's. Maybe it is not al the fault of the headphones, maybe the vocals are badly recorded, the singer could have used to much ssssss or the song wasn't mastered right.
    I have a pair of mackie studio monitors and songs with too much S's sound slightly uncomfortable on these, but when I listen to that song through the headphones it's worse.
    Use: I wear these headphones when I play the drums, because of the isolation the drums are much less harsh (it is placed in a very small room) and I don't have to crank up the volume too much.
    Ofcourse I also use it for listening to music or any application with sound when I don't want to disturb my girlfriend.
    The sound quality: Is good, it does have a lot of bass, but not too much and it is tight. I like the mids, and the highs are crisp but sometimes a bit harsh (siblance). The harshness of highs is something that is very common in closed headphones, probably because all of the sound is directed into the ear.
    The soundstage is very wide, and has a lot of detail making it easy to hear different sounds/instruments.
    Verdict: Probably one of the best headphones if not the best in that price range.
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    1. Andyphones
      please let me know the differences of the sound amped an unamped to know if its worth buying an amp
      Andyphones, Dec 27, 2011
    2. Marleybob217
      I actually sold the headphone, but when I put it in the fiio e9 which I bought for the senn HD650 it did sound a lot fuller. But inserted into a decent dac it shines at 95% i guess.
      Marleybob217, Dec 27, 2011
    3. laffy
      Hi, where did you buy yours headphones? thanks
      laffy, Apr 7, 2012
  10. tru\head
    What a headphone should be!
    Written by tru\head
    Published Apr 15, 2011
    Pros - Bass quantity and range, comfort for extended listening, easy to drive
    Cons - Recessed mids mean it's not the best choice for some. Earpads lose their shape after time.
    The DT770 is a lower priced model of the Beyer line, but it is a boiled down version of the Beyer sound and one of the best values in closed headphones. While known for excellent bass response generally, you will also find them one of the most comfortable in the price range. The ear cups aren't as nice as the DT990 velour pads but they are comfortable. They do get sort of hot after wearing them for a long time. One other great thing about these headphones is how easy they are to drive. They drive well on every mobile mp3 player I tried as well as straight out of a sound card. For hip-hop, electronic, or movies I think this is one of the best headphones you can get for the price.
    You may read about is the recessed mid-levels on this headphone. This is true, which is why this is not an excellent pick for rich instrumental or voice detail. Additionally, there can be some sort of irritating siblance going on at high frequencies, but this occurs with all closed-can headphones as far as I know to varying degrees.
    1. Andyphones
      please let me know the differences of the sound amped an unamped to know if its worth buying an amp
      Andyphones, Dec 27, 2011
    2. tru\head
      I mean, it depends. Since a decent amp costs as much as these headphones or more, it's probably not "worth" it. It makes the bass a little more punchy but generally these drive really well without an amp. Now I would say if you really enjoy listening to headphones and you plan to get another pair in the future, then get an amp. Because the higher end headphones all need amps. Just don't make the mistake I made and get a really crappy amp. Get a decent amp that will last a while.
      tru\head, Jan 11, 2012
    3. pulmonq2
      If the mids on the 770 were any less recessed they would be overpowering like on the Sennheiser cans I've tried. I don't understand why everyone seems to think that in-your-face mids = better sound. The mids on the 770 are nicely balanced with the entire sound spectrum and are both very present and yet not so overpowered that the lower frequencies are hidden. Again, if the mids on the 770 were any less recessed, they would be almost painful. Don't understand how this myth came to be.
      pulmonq2, Apr 2, 2014