Beyerdynamic DT 770 - 32 Ohm

General Information

Beyerdynamics best sealed-back full-size headphones ready for your mobile and portablenbspaudiophile systems. Highly efficient 32 Ohm impedance allows from use from any audio source, even laptops,nbspiPodsnbspamp iPhones without necessitating a headphone amp.nbspDelivers a fabulously clean sound signature unique in the closed-back category featuring a full but controlled bass response. Comfortable velour earpads ideal for long listening sessions.

Latest reviews

Pros: Hugely versatile, great spacial experience, top quality w/o pre-amp
Cons: Fatiguing during long sessions, makes my hair look funny
Very enjoyable listening experience with a huge variety of musical styles. Great shape to the sound.
It's a shame these have been discontinued. Great look, great design, exceptional audio quality.
WOW .never seen a 770-32 (PRE)
I was lucky enough to pick a pair of these up they sound amazing. I prefer them to my dt770 pro 250s and my dt990 pro 250s
The Beyer dt770 32 Ohm sounds amazing. I have the all black version with pleather pads. Midrange is full and highs are never harsh or sibilant. Great sound-stage and imaging. Sound quality it's in the same league of Sennheiser hd600 and 650, in a closed format and less than half the price. Much better than Audiotechnica m50x and Dt150 (on the same price) Best buy I ever made.


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