Beyerdynamic DT 331 - Headphones ( ear-cup )

General Information

This headphone in open design is extremely comfortable to use. It is equipped with the same quality headband as the more expensive models. Soft, replaceable, circumaural ear pads keep smooth contact to your ears. You can enjoy "your" music with a very good sound quality, a very balanced frequency response and high transparency, while still being able to hear your environment. As all beyerdynamic headphones the 2.5 m long connecting cable is equipped with a modular 3.5 mm/6.35 mm jack plug.

* Open, dynamic headphone
* Longterm wearing comfort
* Suitable for Surround Sound
* Soft cotton jersey ear pads
* Cable with stereo mini jack & 1/4" adapter
* Easy servicing / all parts replaceable

Discontinued, successor model is DT 440 Premium (see LINKS).


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