beyerdynamic DT 235 Headphone - White - Reviews
Pros: Comfortable for hours, lightweight, durable cord, great sound for the money
Cons: build quality seems low where the earcups pivot
Coming from a pair of SHE9500 earbuds these sound like, well music to my ears.

Audio Quality: Very good for sub-$50 headphones that's for certain. The sound is clear, less muddy mid/lows than any set of budget earbuds I've listened to over the years. Has nice treble without it being 'fatiguing' as people say around here and enough bass to make all but serious bassheads happy.

Design: Ugly. I mean they are white (sold out of black everywhere), plain and made out of light plastics. The earpads are comfortable enough but otherwise you aren't getting much in the way of quality for the money. They are quite large and don't fold so it's hard to put them into a 'portable' category but certainly smaller than full-size cans and lighter to carry around.

Comfort: Excellent so far after a few days. Earbuds always make my ear canals hurt so having something over-the-ear is a wonderful change. The pads are soft and almost fit over my entire ear (Apparently I have small ears?) and I've worn them for hours on end without sweating or my ears hurting at all. Also I wear glasses and have had no issues with 'clamping'.

Overall: For under $50 there isn't much to fault them on. Great sound for the money, comfortable but uglier than a 90's Honda.