Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

General Information

Custom One Pro is just the beginning of a complete new product family from beyerdynamic "Custom Series". The first truly customizable and interactive headphone in the world. The end user can change the sound, the style and the application any time after the purchase. Custom One Pro is the first model in the series for 2012. Designed and crafted in Germany by beyerdynamic for Pro Users, Consumers and Prosumers. Use with portable and professional devices. One headphone many applications. Change the sound, the style and the look. The CUSTOM series is one-of-a-kind, as it allows you to redesign and re-engineer your headphones at any time, making them the perfect match for whatever the situation or your mood demands. This is truly a product for the new headphone 2.0 generation.

Latest reviews

This set is my first. I was looking for something that would be good with bass, wasn't as wholly picky about other requirements since, to be honest, I didn't really know what I was looking for at the time. Formerly all I'd used were earbuds you could pick up at a corner store for five bucks and a $20 Microsoft set, hardly the headsets of champions. But this certainly exceeded expectations, although I will say the first day or two of using it was underwhelming - I was completely disappointed when I first put them on but decided to keep them until I'd had a bit of an adjustment period, and I'm glad I did.

I found my set secondhand, in the colour white. It came with black DT770 velour pads and the side shields had been replaced with black carbon fibre ones, giving it a fairly nice Stormtrooper sort of look. It also came with a V-MODA mic but I haven't used that, so no comment there. Otherwise they're pretty much what comes out of the box. As this is my first set, I will say that I don't really know the proper terms to describe what I heard out of the set, but I'll do my best. I used them with my cell phone on the bus and with my laptop at home.

Build - This thing is so comfortable it's ridiculous. I really wasn't expecting it to feel so nice. It fits well over my glasses and I didn't really have to adjust the headband, although when I tilted my head back, it shifted just enough with my movement that I instinctively put my hand back to catch it (though it didn't fall off at all). Overall it felt the slightest tad heavy at first, though that disappeared once I got used to them. I noticed the clamping feel the first time I put them on, took them off for a minute, and put them back on again to feel nothing. They feel a like a set built sturdily enough that you don't have to worry about them getting banged around every so often.

Appearance - I feel like the logo (in two places) was really subtle, enough so that I actually missed one of them the first time I looked it over. The shields aren't the ones the set comes with, but they're high quality and have a nice feel to them. I have a white headband on mine, and I will say that the headband picked up some discoloration on the lefthand side, though that's probably just because I have dyed hair. It has left and right sides marked on the inside of the headband, and "Made in Germany" on each side.

Phone - Bass one the first song was nothing to write home about. Although I will say that it wasn't a bass-heavy song I was listening to, I didn't really notice a difference between the four bass settings, and it was honestly fairly comparable to my former cheap set. First song I listened to was a music video that had some sound effects in the beginning, and the set picked them up pretty well, so I'll give it that on its first run. The soundstage kicked in on the song after that, although to be honest I had already sort of written off the set and wasn't exactly listening for anything special. On other vocal songs, the soundstage was really good in my opinion, it had that kind of feeling like you were wearing a sound bubble around your head instead of getting sound from both sides of your head. One had an interesting effect to it - it sounded like the sound was coming from the middle of my head and then started bleeding into the fishbowl soundstage effect.

Bus - Still no bass from the phone but very nice ingoing noise isolation. Blocked out the bus' automated announcements, people talking that were more than a few seats away, and most of the engine rumble. The cord it came with is too long for walking, and the set's a little bulky for walking around, but a shorter cord would make it perfectly acceptable for me. A buddy of mine said he didn't hear any outgoing noise

Computer - Did way better with bass overall. I listened some songs again and got a better opinion of things, and picked up a few minor sound effects that I hadn't known were in the video. The soundstage for a Bon Jovi song actually caught me off guard because I just wasn't expecting it to have a distinguishable effect. I was actually quite surprised by how well the set picked up the higher notes for some rock songs, especially with the bass displayed at the same time. I actually heard background vocals and echoes that I hadn't known were in one song, though the sound in general came off as kind of muddy.

Overall - After a couple days of leaving the set on high volume, it really started to shine, and I couldn't ask for better. The set is amazingly comfortable, although I believe the stock pleather ear pads would have been less comfortable, even if that's just my taste. I will say that the ear cups can get the tiniest bit overheated if it's really hot outside. Honestly, I really love the set, it did better than I thought it would have even with the good reviews I read. Not gonna lie, I listened to some of my favourite bass-heavy songs and fangirled. Wouldn't drive it from a phone if I wanted to get any bass at all, but from a laptop, it works really well.
Pros: Quality in this prize category is awesome, Good for bassists if they need to hear a faint bassline, Extremely durable headband.
Cons: The original pads hurt and make ears sweat, Their original cable was very weak.
I personally thought these were a lame purchase after i had bought 'em. About a week later i just left my apartment and left them shouting out opeth and other metal with the bass in 4/4 position and the volume in 60% for the whole 48 hour weekend and immediately i could hear the bass even in the bass poorest position.
I mainly listen to prog rock, metal. For those genres these have proven optimal but classical has a certain deepness in it too.
In fact after giving these a good 50 hours (or more) of bloodbath was a good thing to do. Now even 2/4 of the bass sounds too much.
These are pretty perfect headphones in this prize category (at least for non-classical enthusiasts) and are extremely durable.
They are comfortably tight on ears and sound isolation works well.
- I am using these with the velour pads of Beyerdynamic Dt660 phones. Others have complained that the original pads make these uncomfortable but this completely fixes that problem.
Pros: comfortable, easy listening, headset option
Cons: Lack of tightness and fine details
- Comfort (well built and padded with light weight)
- Effortless listen (good for background music and forgiving with bad recordings)
- Over the average soundstage (compared to other closed backs)
- Headset option for gamers
- Lack of tightness and fine details (dull for my ears)
- Overpriced if you look at the SQ only


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