Beyer Dynamic DTX 60 SW Premium in Ear Buds (Black)


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Well defined mids, Comfort,
Cons: Harsh highs, Loose bass,
Beyerdynamic's dtx60 is a dynamic driver iem sitting below the dtx80/100 in the range. It has a bass focussed sound which may be fine for some people but I don't enjoy massive bass when there is little definition which is what this earphone is lacking in that department. Mids and vocals are fairly well presented however and come across as good for the price. Highs to me seem harsh rather than detailed. The effect is worsened when listening on an ipod nano 3g although it is still a problem to me on my Sony sources.
These earphones are of a very conservative design which I think works in their favour as it means it is easy to get a good fit and reasonable isolation. It also means they are unobtrusive and subtle. They cannot be worn over the ear so if that is needed then look away but microphonics with them on a shirt clip are very slight. Comply do produce tips that fit but I had no fit/seal problems with the stock tips despite not many being included.
I had high hopes of these iem's after hearing the dtx80 but if I was in the market again at the price I would put my money elsewhere or stump up a bit more for the 80's. Not bad by any means but there are better options regardless of desired sound signature.