BEYER DYNAMIC DT100-400BLK Studio Headphones - Black

General Information

The DT100 headphone is widely used in audio recording and monitoring applications in studios worldwide. The DT100 offers a high degree of wearing comfort and can be worn for hours without listener fatigue. The soft ear cushions effectively seal out ambient noise yet apply minimal pressure against the ear. Power Handling Capacity - 1000 mW (124 dB SPL) Sound Coupling to the Ear - Circumaural Average Pressure on Ears - 4.5 N Ambient Noise Isolation - 20 dB(A) Weight - 350 grams without cable

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality in speech applications, extremely loud and good isolation
Cons: Bass and treble is limited
BeyerdynaMIC DT100 is a studio oriented headphone and not recommended for general music listening.


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