Benchmark's DAC1 HDR is an all-in-one reference-quality stereo preamplifier which also includes the...

Benchmark - DAC-1 -HDR - Preamplifier / DAC / Headphone Amp SILVER

  • Benchmark's DAC1 HDR is an all-in-one reference-quality stereo preamplifier which also includes the company's critically claimed digital-to-analog converter and premium headphone amp. This stereo preamp brings together all the best features and performance of the award-winning DAC1 family with the convenience of an intelligent remote control solution. Stereophile was so impressed with the original-model Benchmark DAC1, the December 2004 issue named the DAC1 as a "Product of the Year." According to the magazine, "The Benchmark's measured performance is at least as good, if not better than, the best high-end designs. Its use of a high-performance sample-rate converter chip ahead of its DAC chip means that its rejection of work-clock jitter is about as good as it gets, allowing it to be used, say, to wrest high-end sound from a cheap DVD player." The DAC1 HDR combines some of Benchmark's finest engineering accomplishments into one device: the DAC1 digital-to-analog audio converter with UltraLockTM clock system, AdvancedUSBTM computer audio playback interface, and the legendary HPA2TM headphone amplifier. The unique remote control solution of the DAC1 HDR is built around Benchmark's new HDR-VCTM (high dynamic range volume control). Benchmark's product designs have achieved unprecedented sonic purity due to an uncompromising engineering philosophy: eliminate digital distortion artifacts, establish a pristine analog path, and maintain sonic integrity regardless of external factors. The DAC1 HDR continues this tradition of excellence. The remote control solution of the DAC1 HDR has an intelligent implementation of dimming and muting. The 'Dim' (quiet) and 'Soft-Mute' settings of the remote control can be easily adjusted independent of the normal volume setting. The DAC1 HDR remembers and recalls your specified 'Dim' setting. This feature is ideal for HDTV users, as it allows you to set your preferred 'Dim' level for commercials, etc.

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