Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone

  1. audiophilehe400
    Overrated, Overpriced, Bad Sound Qaulity
    Written by audiophilehe400
    Published Sep 16, 2016
    Pros - Nice Packaging, Look Very Nice
    Cons - Not well built, terrible sound quality, plastic rotating cups.
    These are some of the worst headphones I have ever owned. Received as a gift a few years ago, finally sold them. There is no sound stage at all, the headphones had to be sent back to Beats from a malfunction, and wiring connecting earpiece comes out. They do package them nice, and present them well though. I cringe ever time I see someone buying or wearing these. If your looking in this price range buy the Sennheiser Momentum or the Sennheiser HD558.
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  2. Skylarke
    Really not bad! Better sound than the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear in my opinion.
    Written by Skylarke
    Published Aug 1, 2015
    Pros - Nice soundstage, good bass, comfortable
    Cons - Flimsy headband, can see why there are many complaints of the headband breaking in half!
    Would never dreamed of buying a pair of Beats but end up finding a pair for a rock bottom price(1/3 of the normal retail) so I thought what the heck.
    Just a side note, since they were originally released the Solo HD's have been through what looks like a few iterations and revisions, my pair looks like the last revision before they were discontinued and replaced by the Solo2. Wonder what the sound is like compared to the original Solo HD's branded as Monster to my pair?
    Had just got a set of Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones so I could compare them head to head.
    The basic sound signature of the 2 cans is about the same, heavy but pretty accurate bass and the rest of the sound spectrum quite decent/pleasant but not much to rave about.
    The soundstage on the Solo HD's was noticeably better though, very nice placement. The treble seem a touch crisper and more defined as well, the Momentums seemed a little brittle in comparison. I was surprised to consistently prefer the Solo HD's sound over the Momentums(I have owned many Sennheisers, HD600/HD 25-II etc and I like their cans).
    The Solo HD's fit really well/comfortable pads and look good on your head, design is very good but the durability seems very dubious, if you check amazon reviews many people complain about breaking the headband in two - I can see why! Earpads are readily available on Amazon and eBay and so as long as you are careful with the Solo HD's they should last.
    The build quality of the Momentums is leagues ahead, from what I can see they will last a good decade or two with careful useage, probably become sought after 10-20yrs from now, the Alacantra earpads are nice but I find furry/velour type earpads make my ears heat up, otherwise very comfortable, looks are not bad but the Solo HD's do look better(albeit you need to squash that feeling of thinking people will see you as another mindless sucker for a brand when out and about wearing them!). But as it stands I prefer the Solo HD's over the Momentums, only drawback is the flimsy headband, oh ya and the price if you are paying full retail for them is rather steep.
    1. punkmanmatthew
      Are these the solo 2?
      punkmanmatthew, Aug 1, 2015
    2. punkmanmatthew
      I hear the solo 2 are a lot better than the first one which I think are the solo hd ones right?
      punkmanmatthew, Aug 1, 2015
    3. punkmanmatthew
      I hear the solo 2 are supposed to be a lot better than the first one which I think are the solo hd ones right?
      punkmanmatthew, Aug 1, 2015
  3. ChronicLiar
    I puked.
    Written by ChronicLiar
    Published Aug 5, 2014
    Pros - nothing
    Cons - everything
    After getting used to my hd 600s and GRADO sr 325is I went to best buy and tried these on.
    It was painfull.
    Muddy as hell with absolutely no balance
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    2. So Far
      why so many stars tho
      So Far, Aug 6, 2014
    3. GoldenGuy66
      lol i guess he gave it 2 stars cause he though they looked kool? or to be nice?
      GoldenGuy66, Nov 13, 2014
    4. Tom22
      come on guys, we all know 1/2 the time the headphones plugged into bestbuy/futureshop aren't gonna sound good cause more than 1/2 the time the headphones are have been treated like they've been thrown into a dumpster. (plus the dac their plugged into is quite poor as well). soo the solo hd can't take all the blame =P
      Tom22, Nov 14, 2014
  4. CliffJumper
    Don't buy these.
    Written by CliffJumper
    Published Sep 1, 2013
    Pros - Packaging is amazing, they look nice.
    Cons - Way too expensive for hat you get, sound quality is that of $60-$70 headphones, they break easily, they stop working every once in awhile.
    I bought these headphones about a year and a half ago. They are NOT worth the money. They have horrible sound quality, distortion in sound beyond belief, and part of it broke after a couple of months. I would not recommend these headphones to anybody. 
    1. Mshenay
      Man, your first review and it's filled with hate for the Beats Solo... xD welcome to head fi! Sorry you didn't find us sooner as we could have saved you all that money :[
      I recommend the Koss Pro DJ 100 as a replacement, looks and sounds good for like $100
      Mshenay, Sep 2, 2013
    2. HPuser9083
      Wow. You have a severe hatred towards the Beats. Anyways, for a cheaper replacement, my go-to recommendation is going to be the Portapros, being a Portapro owner myself and loving the 'cans, and they're the best sub-$50 'cans you can get, IMO, however they're open-back headphones, which is a positive for me because I prefer open-back to closed-back, bigger soundstage, however you may prefer closed-back, in which case, MDR-V6s/7506s and ATH-M50s are good closed-back replacements for the Beats.
      HPuser9083, Dec 17, 2013
    3. TheSonicTruth
      Why do you feel that the orig.poster "hates" Beats? He's giving an
      honest assessment of them.

      They are status headphones, just as certain makes of car are
      status cars. Whenever I see a Beats wearer in public, I automatically
      rattle off at least three headphones that cost 30-50% less than Beats
      yet blow them away for sound quality and accuracy.

      Plus, the recommendations, unlike certain Beats models, don't
      require batteries.
      TheSonicTruth, Jan 8, 2015