Beats Solo by Dr. Dre On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk (White)


Pros: Wonderful look (IMO), detachable cable
Cons: Not worth the price at all, bad sound quality, boomy bass, the earcups don't rotate enough
Work in progress​
A friend of my brother came with his Beats Solo's, and he pleasantly accepted to lend them to me, for me to give them a try. Finally, I was able to hear by myself Head-Fi'ers' nemesis.
Briefly :​
I consider them worse than my late AKG K 450's, that were worth the third of the Beats.
In my opinion, they look perfect. I don't know if they are particulary fragile, I don't have had them for long enough.
The earcups don't rotate enough, so they press against the backside of my ears, and it's uncomfortable. They clamp a bit hard. My SR80i's feel very ligh and comfortable in comparison. The pads of the Solo's are very comfortable themsleves though.
First thing I noticed : boxy sound.
I should have expected this, as they are closed-back headphones. It was the same thing as with my set of AKG K 450. First bad point, even if it's appliable to every closed-back headphones (or maybe not?).
The bass is boomy. Boom, boom, boom. It's unpleasant. Compared to the SE215's, whose bass are like bullets in a piece of wood, hitting firmly and precisely, the Solo's bass sound like a deflated socer balloon thrown at high speed into your face.
Guitars from metal music don't sound good on those. They don't have the abrasive, grainy, sandy texture they should have. They sound worse than on the SE215's, and poor compared to the SR80i's.
Pics :
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"the Solo's bass sound like a deflated socer balloon thrown at high speed into your face."

I loled.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice design, very portable, and lightweight.
Cons: Feels cheap, horrible sound quality. When I put them on I thought they sounded like cheap 15 dollar headphones. Very uncomfortable on the head,.
These by far are one of the most overrated headphones. I do not understand how the heck everyone thinks these are HD headphones, they're not even "OK" headphones! Sound is somewhat good, but the reason why I hate these is because they are cheap peices of plastic that are over priced. 179 dollars for headphones? Are you kidding me? I can get a pair of JVCs for 30 dollars that are much better than these beats! If you're looking for some headphones, don't be one of those ignorant teens who think beats are the best headphones just because it says HD on the box. I tried the Solo HDs, I hated them and I can only imagine what the regular ones sound like. DO NOT under ANY circumstances get ANY kind of beats. Stick with brands like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Bose. You can get way better sounding heaphones and still get the nice look for so much cheaper.
The teen thing puts me off, I am 15 and hate Beats, yes I got a pair in 2011 I wore them around a while, but my other pair of headphones at the time was Bose AE2 headphones, better than beats not the best though. Beats have crappy quality materials, and audio, I think their earbuds/ Monster earbuds are EXCEPTABLE though.... But yes I agree mostly with this review, they are overrated, I compared my 40$ Koss PortaPros with Solo HDs.... Yeah I personally thought the PortaPro sounded better, has more treble IMO. Beats are marketed as Lifestyle headphones not real audio equipment.
Bashes Beats, but suggests Bose...
These sound EXACTLY like the Audiotechnica re70


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice looking, portable
Cons: sound quality, clamping pressure, expensive
The good:These are very nice looking headphones which are also very portable. They fold up into a small package for easy travel. I don't think these feel to cheap.
The bad: Upon putting these on I was surprised at how bad the sound quality was. The bass was overpowering and also a bit muddy. Mids and highs were barely there. These are expensive headphones and the sound quality isn't any better than a $100 pair ( I am comparing to my MDR-ZX600 right now ). The comfort isn't too good as well, it had a lot of clamping pressure which didn't annoy me much, but if you have a bigger head these might be annoying. 
Conclusion: Good looking but bad sound quality and bad comfort. If you want good looking headphones with good sound quality as well, I recommend the MDR-ZX600s.