Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

  1. ashinyforehead
    Beats by Dr. Dre Tour
    Written by ashinyforehead
    Published Jul 3, 2011
    Pros - Bass, Style, Tangle-less Cord, Sound Quality
    Cons - A little heavy, Comfort
    Overall, I am enjoying these earphones.  I am certainly not an audiophile, but these sound pretty great to me.  All I wanted from these, was good sound & good bass, but without the expense of not having any mids or highs.  I seriously do not see what all the haters have to say about these.  I'm just taking a guess, but some/most of those hating on these earphones got the fakes.  I may be completely wrong, but thats just my opinion.  If you are not an audiophile & just enjoy listening to music on your freetime, car rides, sleeping/resting, etc, then these are perfectly fine!  Oh, the cost might be a little high, but that was not too much of a deal for me.  These are good! I would recommend these to others.  
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    2. ashinyforehead
      Sorry to bother you once again. But I am considering returning my Dr dre tours. The bass I must say is a little bit too much. I'm considering the Etymotics HF5. It seems very good for its price from its reviews. Do you believe that will be a good choice. I am into bass, but not as much. Like the Klipsch S4s sound pretty nice to me, so will the Hf5s be a lot better than those? I'm 16 so I like more modern music such as Hiphop/rap, pop, R&B. Please get back as quick as possible! Thanks! I want an honest opinion!
      ashinyforehead, Jul 6, 2011
    3. kyuuketsuki
      kyuuketsuki, Jul 9, 2011
    4. Tommy1001
      klipsch reference s4 or turbines
      both good for modern music
      Tommy1001, Jul 18, 2013
  2. jlopes89
    Dr. Dre Tour
    Written by jlopes89
    Published Jun 28, 2011
    Pros - Great construction - sturdy cord
    Cons - too much bass, poor highs
    Bought these to compare with my other IEMs. I have found that one can modify the bass content by changing the tips and I got them to he point where it was less bass but the high freqency performance is somewhat poor considering the price one pays for these. looking to trade now.
  3. zyloc
    Not Worth the Money
    Written by zyloc
    Published May 1, 2011
    Pros - Cable, storage
    Cons - Overpriced for what your given
    I LOVE the cable and design to be honest, with the storage pouch and how easily the cable rolls up into a circle without getting tangled later on. Flimsy/weak build after about 4months my jack was fine but my jack mount was giving up on me ]: . Your basicly just paying for the label, In my opinion I would say just buy a pair of turbines same price/cheaper pending where you buy them, but they sound a lot more worth your money.
    (sorry for bad writing, im use to my blackberry fixing all my mistakes >_> )
  4. Kelu
    A bad idea
    Written by Kelu
    Published Jan 7, 2011
    Pros - The cable is pretty cool and extremely resistant to tangling.
    Cons - Feel odd when in ears, utterly barbaric quality.
    Where to start?  I bought these in-ear headphones from Best Buy a while back.  They lasted me around 3 hours of total time out of the box before the left earphone began to produce crackled sounds and static.  I take incredibly good care of my belongings and my Apple In-Ear Headphones are still working fine after nearly 2 years of continuous use as my primary set of in-ears.  They did isolate sound a bit, but nothing about them made me want to continue using them.  Needless to say I returned them the next day.  Never before have I ever seen a headphone of such poor quality.
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    1. JK1
      Some claim that the $25 JVC Extreme Explosive HA-FX1X sounds almost the same as the Tour. I haven't heard the Tour. I do have the HA-FX1X though.It has very strong bass and an overall bright sound with very detailed midrange and highs.

      JK1, Jan 26, 2012
    2. SlimShadyMJ
      JK1, They sound better than the tours. At least in my experience. Everyone hears differently though.
      SlimShadyMJ, Apr 4, 2013
  5. joongee
    so far so good
    Written by joongee
    Published Jan 7, 2011
    Pros - design, good bass
    Cons - price
    I bought a refurbished one and so far I'm pretty satisfied with good bass and clear highs.