Bang & Olufsen A8 B&O Headphone Earphones Headset

General Information

Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones are designed to fit the individual ear and deliver unsurpassed sound quality. With conventional earphones much of the sound never makes it into the ear. These earphones are specially developed to closely match the contours and curves of the ear so you hear the sounds that would otherwise slip away. Each element can be maneuvered up or down and side-to-side to ensure the perfect fit. In fact, Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones are adjustable in so many ways, and are so comfortable to use, you might end up wondering whether you are actually wearing them or not. Inside, they contain many of the same acoustic competence's found in our larger loudspeakers, just miniaturized. Earphones Adjustable for better sound. Package comes with Bang & Oulfsen A8 Earphones, Carrying Case, Removable Cord, 2 Sets Foam Pads !!!

Latest reviews

Pros: superb sound, immense bass, clear highs
Cons: the way you must fit them in your ears
Its been more than a year I bought two B&O A8, one definitely a fake, and one outstandingly Genuine. At first none of them pleased me. I discarded the fake ones and decidet to give a try to the genuine ones at interval times. They sounded normal, nothing outstanding, until I decided to change the fit in my ears. I tried them many times until the day I put them in my ears very near to them and in a strange tilted towards the front position, and also very near my earhole. The difference and improvement of these earbuds came to my ears as a blessing! They are  ones of the bests I own. The bass is not a boom, it is a BLAST, nice clean blast. The mid and hights are very balanced, and the super highs (like say, a bell ringing) are the most clear highs I have heard until now. They are definitely a very high quality earphones.
I am just giving my personal opinion here, you can make your own decision to buy. These headphones are very comfortable, you don't feel them when you are wearing them, and they don't fall off my ears when I am hearing music at nights. They have a peculiar metalic but very clear timbre. The Yuins are also very clear, and their timbre is somehow like plastic. I don't know if the reader can get the idea, but this is notable to me (I am not an audiophile in the sense of a real one). I like both timbres, metallic and plastic, and the metallic timbre of the B&O is very pleasant to me. The music reproduction is very fast, adapted to all kinds of music I like to hear, which are all genres except rap, but I think they would be fine for it. This is my experience with the B&O and I hope you can also like them if you give them a try. Thanks


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