Aluminum bargain-bin IEM by Awei 16 Ohm 104 db J-cord

Awei K80

  • Aluminum bargain-bin IEM by Awei

    16 Ohm
    104 db

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  1. pro1137
    Chinese Bargain Bin IEM
    Written by pro1137
    Published Feb 15, 2013
    Pros - Price, Aluminum housing, decent stock tips (1 pair, one size), included soft carrying pouch
    Cons - Cable, comfort, sound, nozzle length
    What can I say about these? I saw a lot of people going for the Awei branded items on eBay, so I got one myself. They were surprisingly good and surprisingly bad at the same time. I will explain.


    Housing build - For $2, an aluminum housing is quite exceptional.

    Accessories - While the Awei K80 only comes with one pair of tips, they are surprisingly pretty high quality. Somewhat thick silicone and a sturdy center hole.
    Another wow-factor was that these come with a carrying pouch! It feels made out of pleather or even actual leather, but I can't say for sure. The inside is lined with a soft fabric. 


    The cable is absolutely horrifying. It is a J-cord, but that's not the problem. I've never encountered a cable that was this stiff and plastic-feeling before. It creates so much microphonics during use.

    Nozzle length is pathetic. It barely reaches 3mm into the tip. Tips don't/won't stay on.

    Sound - This is a rather 'medium' area. While the sound honestly isn't bad for $2, the problem consists with the drivers- they aren't matched at all. They don't even sound like they're the same driver on both sides. Even when I try to 'match' them with some L-R adjustments, they still sound very different. 

    I wouldn't say that these are 'bad'. Sound-wise, they leave a lot to be desired because of the drivers, but with the included accessories, I would say $2 is a steal.


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