Features:Excellent stereo soundHigh quality microphone ensures clear soundCompatible with PC,...

AWEI ES-900i Headset Earphones Speakers with Mic for Smart Phone - Black

  • Features:Excellent stereo soundHigh quality microphone ensures clear soundCompatible with PC, notebook, desktop, iPod Nano, Mp3, Mp4 player, iphone/ipod, Android Phone etcUsing extraordinary stereo effect-with the moving coil magnet neodymium high-end type to lift up the voice device system, reproduce natural voiceStylish human engineering design and with soft silicon ear gel, ensuring you have comfortable feeling when wearing on metallic earbudsSpecifications:Brand: AWEIProduct Model: ES-900iSensitivity: 110dBImpedance: 16ohms +/- 15%Driver: 11.5mmFrequency Response: 20 to 20000HzEarphone Type: Wired headsetCable Length: 120cm (Flat cable design)Connector: 3.5mm jackSafety Approval: ISO 9001, FCC, ROHS, CEColor: BlackPackage includes:1 * Earphone

Recent Reviews

  1. mrplt
    Written by mrplt
    Published May 23, 2015
    Pros - Build Quality, Price, Lows and Mids
    Cons - Highs, One little build quality concern
    I actually have the ES900m, which doesn't have microphone and control buttons, but the rest is the same. 
    For $6 it's impossible to buy a pair of earphones as good as them. I really believe that the body of the earphones are metal, even if they are not, it's made of a very durable plastic. It's nothing like the entry-level Sony or Philips earphones which are made of cheap plastic.
    Sound quality is extremely good. The lows and mids are unbelievable, while the highs are not as good. But it doesn't bother me, as overall it's still very good.
    I have only one concern about the build quality, it's the connection point between the end of the cord and the jack. As the cable is flat, I'm afraid of breaking the cable and that only one ear will work. And in that case I'll buy another pair of these earphones.
    I strongly recommend them.
  2. Viber
    Amazing bang for the buck
    Written by Viber
    Published Oct 5, 2014
    Pros - Very Cheap for the sound you get, great isolation, Banging Bass, decent mids, good for "dark" sounding music, Flat cable
    Cons - At their current price and after trying several other "Ch-Fi" earphones i'd say none.
    For 6.5$ you can't do much better, very fun sounding earphones and relatively comfortable.
    These sound almost like 30$ AKG on ears headphones.
    Sound very good in Psy Trance, Rap and some acoustical rock but sound only decent with brighter music.
    Comes with a one click remote that can pause the music in one click and moves to the next track in 2 quick clicks (but that doesn't always work) - tested with doubletwist music player.
    August 2016 update: still use them, sound is probably 4/5 stars, you gotta use EQ on the high mids because they are not great (like all cheap earphones). The fact they still work keeps them at 4.5/5.
    1. yalper
      if you buy 2, you will have to pay $13 so why don't you pay $7 more and get pistons
      or you can get kz-ed or huawei phones about $10 and they sound better
      yalper, Oct 5, 2014
    2. Viber
      Well, I use to sell a lot of earphones , a lot of times the 10$ ones can last just as long as the 100$ ones so here you can buy 2 and they might last more than you expect :)
      I think serious Head-fiers would buy this as a backup pair, the pistons cost 3x more and that's a bit too much for that purpose imo.
      I do wonder how the kz-ed and the 10$ original Pistons sound compared to this.
      Viber, Oct 5, 2014
    3. Viber
      Still using these...
      Viber, Jun 19, 2015
  3. banjoanton
    Good headphones for a great price.
    Written by banjoanton
    Published Jan 22, 2014
    Pros - Sound quality, Price, Solid Built.
    Cons - Highs
    Ok, this is my first review and I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible and keep it short. About a week ago, I received this pair of headphones. I've read some extremely good feedback on other sites and I though, why not? I managed to get a pair online that were on sale (0.7 dollars cheaper, how good is that?!). I received them last week, so I've been able to test them for a while, and this is my conclusion: 




    (I would love to put a picture right here, but apparently my account doesn't have permission to do so?) 


    The packing was very good, not only from the seller, but also from Awei. It included the headphones, 3 different size pairs of ear tips (including the one that's already on), a clip on and a small bag. Pretty good for 9 dollars. I can also mention that the quality of the accessories were good.



    (It should be a picture here too, do you see the pattern?)


    My English is not describe-the-headphones-from-china-with-a-bit-odd-design good, so I unfortunately have to skip that. Sorry. 

    The headphones feel very solid. I'm no material master, and the headphones are most likely made in plastic, but they actually don't feel like that. The material feels a bit cold and is not at all easily bent like plastic. It feels like some sort of metal. But then again, I don't know anything about that. The cable is flat and does not tangle easy at all, and when it does, it's very easy to make it straight again. Big plus. 




    These are my first in-ear headphones, so of course they feel a bit uncomfortable in my ears. But I guess that's something that every other in-ear would do too, so nothing to complain about in here.  


    Sound Quality: 

    (Pretend that there are really good looking headphones here)


    And now to the important part, the sound quality. All feedback a read before the purchase actually had a point.The sound quality of these headphones were extremely good for that price. But first, lets get rid of the one con I could find about the sound: I feel like the highs are not to good, or, they are not as good as the mids and lows. It could be disturbing, but easily overlooked with that price. 

    The sound of the headphones is very high. I usually play my music around the volume 50-70% with my Apple earbuds on my iPhone, but with these phones, I'll settle with 30-40%.  I don't see this as a problem at all, I actually think it's better. The sound quality is very pleasing. I can differ all the different instruments and it is just a very clear sound. The lack of highs does not at all bother me when the lows and mids are so good. And yes, they are actually so good. It was a surprise to me, but it's true. They could be compared with some of the more expensive headphones in the mid-low area.




    I'm very happy with the purchase of these headphones. They are a real bargain. I'll probably use them for a while, either until they break, or until a but a new pair. The sound quality is very good for the price and I really recommend them to others. And once again, sorry for the no-pictures problem..



    1. ibizai9100
      All awei models i have had have great SQ for price, but they break within first week......
      ibizai9100, Jan 22, 2014
    2. SlimShadyMJ
      I bought some of their ear tips on eBay for, get this, $0.06 cdn. I like the tips (though there are much better ones out there but not at that price), so I'll definitely try these suckers out in the future. Also, you probably can't post pictures because your new here and haven't made enough posts. I had the same problem.
      SlimShadyMJ, Jan 26, 2014


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