Auvio HF202

General Information

The performance you need.

Get a front-row concert experience with these full-sized foldable headphones by AUVIO. The powerful 50mm drivers provide great sound quality with deep lows and clear highs. Plus, the padded earcups and headband will make sure you don't get tired of wearing them before you get tired of listening to your music.

Studio quality sound reproduction in a portable headphone
Ergonomic design and comfortable ear cushions provide ultimate comfort for extended wear
Foldable for compact storage and portability
50mm drivers with 20Hz~20kHz frequency response for accurate sound reproduction
Gold-plated 1/8" plug helps improve signal
Includes 1/8" to 1/4" adapter

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality, Appearance, Portability, Cord length, Don't slip around
Cons: Too tight, folding joints may need oil
I purchased these headphones at a local RadioShack on sale for $25 as a backup pair. I was pretty excited to open them up when I got home, as they looked pretty sleek.  The packaging was pretty simple, but it still boasted Auvio's normal light blue color scheme. 
Sound Quality - For a pair of $25 headphones, they sound decent. There is definitely a break-in period though. There was a somewhat hollow sound when I first used these, that is no longer there after a couple weeks of use. The bass is somewhat emphasized. A bit bloated, however. The mids are surprisingly not very recessed at all. Highs are decent. There's not really a 'sparkle' to them, but they're not dark sounding at all.
Overall, the sound quality is average for the price.
Design - These headphones attracted me with their appearance, nonetheless. I must say, they do look pretty darn nice. The plastic used is semi-reflective, which gives it that sleek appearance I mentioned earlier. The cups themselves look pretty nicely made. The cord is basically a perfect length for the average user. Just an estimate, but I think it's about 5 feet long. I've never once tripped on the cord, and it is pretty flexible.
These headphones definitely are some of the best-looking ones I've seen in this price range.
Comfort - This is where the headphones fail. I do have a large head, and I realize many of you may not. However, these headphones are very tight.  I've been told it is just my pair, because my friend owns these as well, and he said mine feel tighter. I will seriously get a headache from wearing these for too long. The cushions are stiff and hard. I have spent a lot of pastime just squeezing the pads, attempting to make them softer, but it only worked slightly. My hair is a better cushion than these things. If I wear my hair over the pads, it does help soften them a LOT. The cups only move slightly, about 3/4 of a centimeter in each direction. 
These headphones are great for people with smaller heads, but if you have a larger one, I advise you to have hair that can help cushion them.
Conclusion - A decent pair of headphones. Pads are awful. Sound is mostly flat, but still adds a considerable amount of coloration. Would only recommend somewhat.


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