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New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, Bass, and Bass. Interchangeable bass levels. Ok sound quality.
Cons: Can distort sounds at high levels
I have been on the search for the pair of headphones or earphones that are for BASSHEADS not Bassheads bt BASSHEADS!!!!!
I believe I can finally put an end to that search. If your a Bassheads go buy now. If bass is your number one priority these ear buds are prefect. It has 3 but really 4 different bass levels wit the one dot being the lowest and the two dot he next and the 3 dot the next, but if you want even more bass like I did just take the bass plate off. Yes listen to it without a bass plate and it's like you have a subwoofer in your ear canal ok maybe not like that but these can push out a LOT OF BASS and their under 100 bucks they are truly a bang for your buck..
If your looking for bass 5 stars
If your not Looking for bass 3 stars
BB 808
BB 808
So why this only got 1 ★