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100+ Head-Fier
Has it's ups and downs
Pros: - Overall sense of air
- Detail
- Soundstage
- LDAC support
- Good fit
- Overall still the best sounding BT headphone available in 2020
Cons: - Very poor battery life including a weird charging system
- Pairing issues
- Lackluster lower end, it's fast and tight but lacks weight
- Can sound tiresome, not suitable for higher volume levels, the mids and highs will start to get shouty
- Severely underpowered, runs out of steam at about 50-60% volume, too much gain?
- No analog input
- (Nitpicking) very bright status LED
- No controls on the HP itself!
- Fragile, QC issues
The perfect headphone for vocals, jazz and lighter classical music. Amazing clarity, soundstage and sense of realism.

Not suitable for rock / electronic due to light lower end, shifting the overall sound signature to mid/treble as well due to a serious lack of amp power. Hard rock and metal tracks tend to turn into a mess.
If listen mostly to the before mentioned genres, the cheaper Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless with custom earpads shall provide you with a more powerful and engaging sound.

For me the Ananda BT exactly resembles a pair of Magnepan loudspeakers, with exactly the same pros and cons

Who at Hifiman thought it's a good idea to have to press a separate button each time to enable charging? The HP then also loses it's BT connection, making it useless for the time of charging. Why?

The Ananda BT really needs a V2 revision with bigger battery, more powerful amplifier and most important - better controls and ergonomics.
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Hi, to press a separate button each time to enable charging is very good when you listen with USB connected to mobile phone and don't want to discharge phone battery. For me it is welcome feature.
Good point Migo, haven't thought of that. My Amiron Wireless have a separate 3.5mm jack input for that, the built in amplifier is then skipped.
Yes I know, I've booth Ananda BT and Amiron Wireless too :) But Amiron also works fine with usb connection as a digital headphones so it has all connection options :) analog, BT and usb audio, this is rare.
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